SHOCK VIDEO: Williamsburg Cheder Children Dressed In Auschwitz Uniforms To Protest Israel


The attached video was taken in Williamsburg on Wednesday afternoon.

The children are from the Tashbar Cheder – a school which are from the “Bnei Yoel” extremist faction of Satmar.

The children marched down Kent Avenue holding signs and banners and chanting “Israeli Government Shame On You!”.

But most shocking is the children that were dressed in the striped clothing – the very clothing their grandparents were forced to wear by the Nazis YM”S as they were stacked in barracks while waiting to be sent to the gas chambers.

The school did not return a request for comment to YWN.

(Charles Gross – YWN)


  1. Too bad there i no legal basis to charge the Satmar meshugaim from this yeshiva with child abuse because that is exactly what this is. More importantly, imposing this disgusting behavior on small children is an enormous disrespect to the kadoshim who were niftar in the shoah.

  2. What’s the point of such a march on Kent Avenue other to incite us? If this was for the media or the Israeli government Kent Avenue was a very poor choice of location.

  3. They are correct. In Eretz Yisroel thousands of the frum Yidden,including children, a few years back protested against the Israeli government in the exact same way as here.

  4. yes! they were dressed in the striped clothing – the very clothing their grandparents were forced to wear by the Nazis YM”S as they were stacked in barracks while waiting to be sent to the gas chambers, to show that the spiritual holocaust brought by the zionists, are far worse than the physical damage done by the nazi devils ym”S ( not extremist at all)

  5. A few things are very wrong here.
    1) We have enough enemies saying we are like Nazis to have other Jews doing it.
    2) It is disgusting to see Jews putting the Yellow Star on themselves
    3) the fact that these children could laugh and smile when wearing those outfits makes me pretty sure they don’t understand them. Most of those kids are the great grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors. Shame on their teachers and parents for not teaching them better.

  6. TASHBAR CHEDER: You take Taxpayer Funds for Housing, Welfare and Foodstamps and Then Dpread Hateful Lies to Goyim about other Jews and Spit on Holocaust Survivors by Diminishing the Nazi Death Camps history- THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF YESHIVAS in ISRAEL, and HUNDREDS THOUSANDS of Tidden LEARNING IN ISRAEL YESHIVAS, so Stop your Filthy Lies!

  7. TASHBAR EVIL YESHVA: How Dare You Brainwash innocent Children to Spread Lies and Hate by Marching for you in Propaganda Hate Marches like Islamic Terrorists do?

  8. השקר אין לו רגלים
    Show a half of a picture, deliberately present only your half of the story, and you are clearly not a דרך of Torah, Not any more on of the ways of שבעים פנים לתורה, but just another lost and misguided Jew. – 50% truth = 100% lie.

  9. annoyed ”
    yeshiva world stop reitzing everybody on with your headlines enough is enough why is this neccesarry to post!1!”

    -umm…do you really not see that this looks very, very wrong? Aside from the massive chilul Hashem that this causes! Everyone is so quick to condemn the neturei karta when they make their whole show of kissing arab leaders hands and the like, but this is ok?!
    Im just trying to figure out what kind of good they thought would come out of this. Will the Israeli government have a change of heart since these kleyna kinder marched down “KENT” avenue yelling “shame on you”!

    Please enlighten us with just one reason how this will have a positive impact on anything. Im totally in the dark on this one.

  10. wtvr Do you care to elaborate on what your claim of a “spiritual holocaust brought by the zionists, are far worse than the physical damage done by the nazi devils ym”S “.
    FOR SHAME!!!!

  11. These Abused Children and their Rebbes should all be taken to Israel to see the THOUSANDS YESHIVAS in ISRAEL, where HUNDREDS THOUSANDS Bochrim are Learning Torah and Davening at Shuls Day and Night, then March them to Yad Vashem to See what the Nazi Death Camps were.

  12. While it’s free speech and there’s nothing legally that can be done, I would love see someone create a mock, but very realistic, concentration camp and send these urchins and their “teachers” there for a few months so they could learn how the Nazis actually behaved. Clearly these people have no clue.

  13. Why is this so shocking? Did you not refer to them as an “extremist faction of Satmar”. Of course extremists will naturally do something “extreme”. That’s the very definition of “extremist”.

  14. I have said this before and obviously it must be repeated. For Yeshiva World – that is read by non-Jews and irreligious Jews as well – to give credence and credibility to this kind of behavior is a chillul Hashem. By all means report Jewish news – but make it positive = and I sincerely hope that the editors of Yeshiva World do NOT condone this type of behavior – it is a shandah!

  15. the children don’t understand anything they just do what the adults tell them to do. and they grow up to be adults who do not understand much.

    Once the zionists were anti-religious. Today there are no real zionists as in the late 1800’s and the beginning of the 1900’s. Today the Israeli government is neither anti-religious nor pro-religious. and Israeli Torah observance is GROWING! B”H!

    So Satmar seems to be living in the past and continues with their stupidity. What can we do?

  16. So? They wear old style European clothes every day. This is just a different style. Once a year they go haute couture and dress from the 1940s instead of the 1800s.

  17. I feel especially sorry for those here who would justify dysfunctional rabbonim from this yeshiva abusing children handed over to their care. If you find glee in using children like some mindless puppets to mock the memory of the kedoshim who were niftar in the shoah, then I feel sorry for you. There are legitimate vehicles to express disagreement with the government policies in EY….abusing you children is NOT a legitimate vehicle of protest. Its bad enough these kids will be denied basic education and life skills…the costumes and signs here will hopefully result in the parents of these kids suffering the same pain they impose on survivors of the shoah who sadly may see these photos.

  18. A story from the Holocaust I once painfully heard—- a Nazi with his gun stopped a mother with two of her young children and told her “choose which child I will shoot in the head, and the other will continue on with you!”.

    I can’t think of anything worse in this world than that. And for so many to think Nazi, Adolf Hitler, and Auschwitz are comparable to Israel, the IDF, or Zionism not only sickens me but makes me plead to Hashem in my davening that he should not bring the Geula Shleima anytime soon, as we are not deserving of the third Beis Hamikdash at this time unfortunately.

    I know many Israelis, many of whom do not keep shabbos, kosher, davening, or many basic mitzvos. I have friends in the IDF who tell me that it’s a nonreligious environment but accommodations can and ARE made if requested (same deal with the US Armed Forces). But to compare that population, ideology, politically leanings, or hashkafa to the actions of Nazi in the above story has no words. That mother wasn’t given any choice like the choices & opportunities my friends are afforded in the IDF.

  19. I begin by stating I would never want my children to partake in such a
    demonstration. I don’t believe that should be left to children. On that note I will add that the Israeli government / police is not what they should be either. Lets just leave it at that for now………………

  20. They should sit down on Bedford Ave and block traffic in protest as their broyhetd do in Yerushalayim. See how the residents like it and the police reaction. Only then can they demonstrate about how such protestors are treated in Israel.

  21. I think that any adam gadol would likely say we should not display our dirty laundry in public for the gentiles to see. Whatever disagreements we have among ourselves should stay solely among us.
    It is, however, worth remembering Chazal’s statement that גדול המחטיאו יותר מן ההורגו. The huge secular population in Israel is mostly the result of their parents and grandparents being coerced to abandon Yiddishkeit when they arrived in Israel 60-70 years ago. The fact that a few frum Yidden (Chareidim) were spared spiritual ruination doesn’t earn them any yasher ko’ach. Back in those days, there was no such thing as freedom of religion, allowing parents to decide what type of school they wanted to send their children. The state forcibly sent them to secular schools, youth organizations, and wrecked their Yiddishkeit. Baruch Hashem, today they have to pretend to be democratic, enlightened, etc. and scenes of forcible anti-religious coercion that they perpetrated in the past wouldn’t look so good nowadays on the evening news. But, without a doubt the govt. would still be doing it today if they felt they could get away with it.

  22. – LeahLeh …. Chillaxx
    – All those pointing out that YWN should not be posting this, are 100% right. It does no good. Pure Loshon Hora. Just annoying so many people (who are not going to change their mind anyway).
    I am willing to bet the the “so-called” Mechanch who arranged this is extremely ignorant, and his grandparents probably weren’t in Auschwitz. (Or they were there, but ha has no idea what hey went thru). If he would have had any idea what went on there he couldn’t make kids wear this.
    This just proves that WE NEED TO TEACH ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST in our chadurim! (the Rebbis first, please).

  23. 1) The seforim (and I don’t refer to recent or to chasidisheh seforim, but to those early sources which dealt with this) say that the “enemy” in the last stage of galus Edom will be Jews much as it was the MisYavnim who posed the real threat during Galus Yavan, not the Yavonim. Ergo, it is Jews who are today’s kateiger.)
    2) I YWN would post about how the Israel government is the only free country and the ONLY country besides North Korea, I believe, who drafts women, nobody would complain. But since it is Satmar Chassidim, well that’s a different story.
    3) Since when is a child being trained in the mesorah of their parents abuse. Isn’t that chinuch?

  24. a few points;
    as afar as abuse for these kids its just a meaningless fun activity that they knew their fathers and uncles did like a colorwar march and a reason to get out of class
    YESHIVA WORLD is at fault for peddeling this painful images to fellow yiddin that otherwise would never know…the hebrew word for pedeling is ” rochul like rechilus”
    these schools love the publicity
    lastly thank hahsem that we have freedom of expression in america even ifits used the wrong way

  25. If THIS isn’t trivializing the Holocaust, what is? Where is the Satmar Rebbe in this?

    I’m so sickened. Parents: your children are dancing on your murdered relatives’ graves – wherever they may be. Do you think they are proud of their progeny?

  26. I dont mind the whole “Isrrrrrrrraily Goverrrrrnment shem on yu” chanting but i must say i am deeply offended by the portrayal and support of using the internet by their publicizing of a website on their protest signage. I think thats the worst part of this story.

  27. So many tzaros in the jewish world. Satmar obviously must be immune to all this living in their dark shelter…
    This is the chinuch you give our dear kids? What will the next generation grow up to be like? I sure hope that any parent (with kids in these racist mosdos) with brains in their head will re-think the future of their kids education to non biased education.

  28. Yet other seforim say that the final galus will be far worse than all previous galusin, and that it will be a galus/churban of the neshama not of the guf.

    The proof it will be the worse galus, is that most of the readers likely just breathed a sigh of relief when they read that the galus will not be on our physical bodies.

    Oy, R”L.

  29. Why is everything child abuse nowadays ?? I honestly think it’s is just pure nonsense and American shtus(don’t get me wrong ,I do believe there is child abuse in particular cases), however this is just a way to teach their children to counter attack the ideological misconception of what a real tzioni means that is unfortunately affecting all of us due to the worldwide fame the the State of Israel has gained as a jewish state, which is not necessarily true because if it wasn’t because of those religious ones the State by now would be a whole mixed culture of intermarried Russian goyim Arabs and secular Jews speaking hebrew which eventually it would turn into another goyshe nation with the pass of the years which is a very big spiritual holocaust, really that is the agenda of the secular Zionists leaders but it is pretty hard for them to get rid of the frum ones together with the whole Judaism due international PR, there is a very big monopoly of secularism in the high rank politicians which gives those frum ones willing to change this reality a very small chance to have success in doing so, well I think we just need moshiach now and keep focused in pure Judaism untill his coming.

  30. Yes, it’s terribly sad. It’s sad that generations of Jews have been tricked into a sad substitute of Judaism as nationalism, instead of religion, by the zionists and their rebel (against Hashem, his will, his Torah, and his Moshiach) state. The 6 million kedoishim have tragically lost their lives in this world. The neshamas being lost to Emunas Hashem and brought up with pride in the states strength, are lost eternally. Where is the shock?