AFTER TWO DAYS Facebook Finally Pulls Despicable Video Of Man Ridiculing Chasidic Boy’s Haircut

Facebook user 'Quai James'

A video posted by a man in Brooklyn in which he appears to mock a Chasidic Jewish boy over his haircut, has been taken down — after two days and millions and millions of views later.

The video was posted by Facebook user “Quai James” and also posted on Snapchat on Saturday morning with the caption “Had to really let my son know how i felt about the whole Jewish Haircut… Pray for the lil homie.”

The video cannot be published by YWN, but following are excerpts of the horrific verbal beatdown this innocent child received at the mercy of this animal.

“I’d be crying if I looked like that, too, bro,” the man tells the boy, whose eyes start to fill with tears.

That’s (expletives removed) what they be doing to you.”

“You probably had the full wash and set – they should be fired if they ain’t cut your (expletive removed)……though, bro, it’s your life.”

Screenshot -Facebook

It was removed from Snapchat after 24 hours. It was shared on Twitter over 1 million times before it was removed. It has hundreds of thousands of likes on Twitter as well. Facebook left it up for more than two days – despite thousands filing abuse complaints about the video.

Some who reported it on Facebook said they received a reply that the video did not violate their standards.

A Facebook rep later told the New York Post that the video did violate their bullying policy.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Facebook should be banned they are under fire. The problem with people today is that facebook has more control on people more than congress and the president so they’ll never get banned!!

  2. So why did it take so long for them to take it down? Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish and he delays removing hate-speech when related to anti-Semitism.

  3. “That nose looks like someone sat on your face, bro’ and fat lips make you look more like a baboon than a human. You can’t help those, I suppose. But what’s with the rag on your skull? Does your mama wash the floor with your head, figuring that it might as well be used for *something*?”

    I wonder what would happen if someone said that to him? I wonder how long it would stay online if it were posted on Facebook?

  4. Freddyfish,

    Refuah shleima.

    I certainly hope you don’t talk and treat your children like that or that you don’t have children.

  5. bena2005 – “cringeworthy” is based on ones perception of what looks good to them and what doesn’t. I suppose that women walking around in the street half-naked doesn’t earn the “cringeworthy” designation in your mind yet a young child that looks like his pure and holy ancestry does. The kid looks beautiful to those that appreciate spiritual beauty and those that don’t (you and the upstanding man that posted the video) are free to cringe all they want.