WATCH: Group of Chassidim Visit Aharon HaKohen’s Kever in Jordan


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A group of Chassidim, dressed as locals, made the precarious journey to be Mispallel at Aharon HaKohen’s Kever, located on Har HaHar in Petra, Jordan.


  1. To Takes2-2tango: Why leave such a nasty comment. This was a beautiful thing regardless of them being chasidish. When they davened for all of Klal yisroel I’m sure they had in mind litvaks and sefardim too, not just chasidim.

    To 147: There was less risk than the hundreds that go to kever rochel. They went now, as the logistics to arrange are difficult, and this was the best they were able to make work.

  2. why are people making a scene of them wearing the white clothing? Should they wear bekeshes and shtreimels to stick out like a sore thumb in arab territory?

  3. Someone went to the Pnei Menachem ZTL to ask for a bracha for sholom bais and asked whether he should join a group going to Aaron Hakohen kever in Jordan which is a segula for sholom bais. The Rebbe ZTL told him to use the money to take his wife to Teveria for a weekend which is a better segula for sholom bais.

  4. To Yankele…..First, not all chassidim speak yiddish and many speak Ivrit and some have become fluent in Aravit.. Second, it is very difficult to fid a yiddish speaking guide in Petra, especially now during the prime tourist season.

  5. I am sure Aaron haCohen rejoiced at being visited by these Yidden. the times of Mashiach are fast approaching and soon Eretz Yisrael will be from the river to the sea, including Hor haHar.

  6. bh I’m very happy they went not that many people have the zechus to go
    I learn here in EY & iyh I’ll be going soon can’t wait & I don’t care what all you jealous people out there have to say

  7. FYI I have been to the kever. that grave that they are standing around and praying by, is not Aharon HaKohen’s. Aharon HaKohen is buried down the stairs to left which leads in to a small cave.

  8. @Real jewish543 is correct. I went there as well in 2004. At the time we were the first Jews to be there in several years.
    As far as safety, it was a lot safer than I expected. At the time I didnt ride buses in Jerusalem for safety but I trecked to Jordan. I also cant pass for anything but Jewish, while the two guys I was with could easily blend in as being some other ethnic group. While Jordan has a substantial Palestinian population, the area where the Kever is located is predominantly Bedouin. It is also approximately a 3 hour donkey ride from the nearest city Petra. When we were in the kever the Jordanian security guard was in a rush for us to hurry and leave, until he saw my friend wearing tefillin. They say tefillin acts as a shomer and I feel like that day we got to stay a little bit longer because of that