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A FIRST FOR LAKEWOOD? Satmar Stages Anti-Zionist Protest On Busy Road; Children Dressed In Sack-Cloth [PHOTOS]

What may be a first for the Ir Hatorah of Lakewood, the new Satmar Williamsburg Community in Lakewood has staged an anti-Zionist protest.

The protest was held on Cross Street, just west of Route 9 (River Avenue), where Satmar is in the process of building a few hundred homes.

As is the case in many Satmar protests, children were dressed in sackcloth and held anti-Israel signs. No children were dressed in Auschwitz uniforms in this protest.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)

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  1. Very Good! Teach them when they are young, otherwise they will be tolerant for the big apikorsus that goes on. You have to love a yid but not love his apikorsus.

  2. These kids get brainwashed that the first and foremost essence of their religion is to hate the Zionists.
    Is that really more important to kids then the dangers of the Internet, Pritzus, Child safety, Shmiras Shabbos, or maybe give them some extra lessons in DERECH ERETZ especially to people from outside their camp?
    Its a disaster.

  3. Such a shame that these children’s chinuch has prioritized the anti-Zionist message. Even Reb Yoelish ZT”L did not make this more important than taryag mitzvos.

  4. RighteousJudgement,
    and of course “apikorsus” is any time they disagree with you… Next comes being מבזה Rav Steinman or Rav Elyashiv etc. (as I hear from them ALL the time..), but not much self correction there, although there’s room for plenty…

    And of course creating a state with UN permission is still “מרידה באומות”, even-though many many gedolim disagreed, but blatant חילול השם and open abuse of the US taxpayer, and elected officials, which we’re in Golus by, is not at all…

  5. Satmar does some amazing things. But it also does some vile wretched things. If only they could figure out the difference.

  6. and besides, this thing of “the state is forbidden…” – what exactly are they protesting now? do they really think it should be handed to Jorden? or the UN? Do they actually teach a coherent message to these kids, or they just condition them to yell and scream?…

  7. Actually daas Torah r ahron didn’t allow chasidim in the town of Lakewood. He threw them all out and never let them in. So get your facts straight

  8. and BTW – I’m very familiar with the writings of Rav Yoilish Zatza”l, which were written and said 70 years ago, ואכמ”ל, but today they are totally not with the program.

  9. How very sad, all those kids being used as tools. How old are they? 6 or 7? I’d be very surprised if they spoke and read English.

  10. Please, if you want to come to our town and do your thing, then do it. Dont come here amd start preaching your philosphy. Protest the traffic

  11. If that’s what they want to do they should go back to Williamsburg. Don’t bring your Chilul HaShem to my community.

  12. Anyone else notice the red sticker in the last photo on the glass window? LOL. They just moved in and ALREADY have violations and evictions?

    Why are the “reshoyim” in every town and city picking on Satmar? Such reshoyim. Monsey. Monroe. Bloomingburg. NYC. Now in Lakewood.


  13. A person’s right to air grievances without fear of retribution or censorship is fundamental to democracy in the United States. Free expression of one’s beliefs is encoded in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which generally protects free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. Protesting — the time-honored practice of publicly speaking out against perceived injustices and urging action — is a form of assembly and thus protected by the Constitution.

  14. The Vilna Goan in His commentary on Megillas Esther writes on the pasuk That speaks about wearing sackcloth when kllal yisroel was faced the the threat of extinction R”L that only the gedolim and imortant people wore sackcloth it’s not becoming of something the masses should do. I’m assuming the Goan means because its showing off how holy you are and smacks of Gaava and here we have little children wearing sackcloth for something they have no clue about.

  15. These cowards would never serve in the IDF. So why bother with the signs? Poor Lakewood, now you have to deal with these lowlives. My suggestion: stop it now, or your town will never be the same & it will be downhill all the way. They won’t stop, this is just the beginning of them taking over. Good luck!

  16. Before you get all mad, stop and think, this was an afternoon day camp activity at their development where they live, this wasn’t as this headline is trying to portray a ”Staged Anti-Zionist Protest On Busy Road”

    We all know what Satmar believes about Zionism, Satmar protesting the state of Israel is not new to anyone, and if they decide to make an activity for their children with something they believe in, who cares? don’t take so serious kids day camp activities, I know some of the people there, they would never make a real protest in Lakewood, they are really good people, they would never intentionally hurt anyone

  17. Why, why, why?!
    Why is it important to post such news? Does it bring achdus, ahavas chinum or anything close to it?
    No, I am by far not a Satmar chosid, nor do I consider myself frumer then anyone reading these posts, but come on! One can assume that perhaps it brings revenue (from ads) since some people enjoy reading these posts or anything controversial.
    Whether or not what they are doing is correct or not, let’s face it, posting it will not change their opinion on the matter and not stop them from doing so, but sharing photos of these acts and have commentaries (which are very often not ideal “friendly” talk) does not do any good.

  18. hml: I’ve got news for you 90% of Lakewood would never serve in the IDF either. For that matter at least 50% of Lakewood feels pretty much the same way as Satmar regarding zionism, they are just not into the protesting part. Why are you calling them lowlives? Leave them alone, they are peaceful people who are following their rebbe’s shita. They are not breaking the law and not bothering anyone. I am not Satmar but I know many Satmar people. They are good fine people. Maybe some nuts there, but hey, there are nuts everywhere. And anyone here who thinks they understand the Satmar Ruv z”l’s shita and feels he would disagree to these demonstrations, learn first Vayoel Moshe and Al HaGeulah V’al HaTemura and you will see that what Satmar Chasidim do today is exactly what he held.

  19. chatzkal,etc.,
    As Ultra Charedim take on the language of rights, they should be careful what they wish for: Rights are not just a slogan, but a quid pro quo which would mean CHaredim engaging in the give-and-take of a national discussion about Israeli democratic system and/or any other.

    the liberal thinkers that follow Milton, starting with Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and later John Stuart Mill, grew increasingly wary of the presumption of common values. Though the pull of positive liberties is always present – the aspiration of joining together to create a shared cultural identity – the dangers that they impose lead liberal thinkers to advocate negative liberty, and a public sphere freed from any value. I have my personal space – whether my apartment, my shul, my blog – for the expression of my private beliefs and aspirations.
    As a consequence, the public sphere itself is increasingly emptied of content, especially religious content, becoming a place of ‘commerce’ – with the mall as the paradigmatic (though impoverished) public space of our time.

    . Rights, then, are not just an abstract concept to invoke when it suits me, something to stick on a placard at a rally: They have a particular history, and are part, today, of a specific political culture.
    If you want to invoke such rights, you will find it hard advocating separation of genders on public buses like the 402 Bnei Brak-Jerusalem line; of demanding civic control over marriage and divorce; of insisting upon religious control of public spaces, like the Western Wall.

  20. Perfect activity for pre-Shabbos Chazon.

    As a war looms over the Gaza/Israel horizon, tefillos & Limud Hatorah plus chasadim are essential.

  21. 30 comments before me. Most against this “protest” some for it. I just want to point out that between the two Satmars just this year, over 1000 children had their chumash sudah Kein yirbu. So get used to this it’s not changing.

  22. Baruch Hashem! May they be matzliach in growing by leaps and bounds vaiter. Satmar is the fastest growing Jewish demographic. They’ve spread their wings out not only to Lakewood, but to upstate New York, California, Florida, Europe — London, Antwerp, Belgium and of course Eretz Yisroel where they are now huge.

    May they continue to bring this very strong Torah hashkafa all over the world publicly, strongly, everywhere.

  23. A critique of chassidism is the rebbe is treated as a king and the sons automatically are rhe next kings. They drive in limousines and at events have thousands of people crowded around them as if they are deitys. By litvish we respect multiple gedolim of all kinds. If indeed one says to fanatically protest the existence of a coutry where millions yidden live and masses are frum and learn torah and its enemies lust to destry them – its Wrong!!! Achdus!! Yidden of all shevatim united around hashem! Sinas yisroel acheinu is wrong! Do not let this become boro park and counter the chilul hashem with an achdus kal yisroel zeh lazeh rally!!

  24. ah yid “30 comments before me. Most against this “protest” some for it. I just want to point out that between the two Satmars just this year, over 1000 children had their chumash sudah Kein yirbu. So get used to this it’s not changing.”

    Yes a Chumash that teaches Ahavas Yisroel. I dont think youll find a single source in the Chimash where fighting a brother is seen in a positive way.

  25. Reb Yoel keeps waiting to go into עולם הבא but the חטא הרבים תלוי בו keeps dragging him back down.

  26. AZOI.IS commented above, quote

    Actually you need to go learn some Chumash, there are a lot of places where the Torah teaches us how to deal when you see a fellow jew doing things Neged HaTorah, just a few weeks ago end of Parshat Balak, the story with Zimri Ben Soli, go learn a little bit

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