SAVING MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE: She Almost Died. Please Help Us Afford Rehab!


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Dear Klal Yisroel.

I am hoping that you can assist us in saving the life of my daughter.

She is 22 years old, and unfortunately, she is addicted to heroin. Thanks to Hatzalah, she was saved from an overdose by administering NARCAN.

She is in a rehab facility and we need to come up with serious funds so she can continue her treatment and save her life.

Sadly, I don’t have the means to continue to pay for her rehab. We need to come up with $25,000 very fast.

I am begging you to please help me save the life of my daughter!

Thank you so much



  1. This hit home especially hard. Today, ערב שבת נחמו, my 22 year old sister was נפטרת from overdosing on heroine. Please consider donating so that we don’t have to lost another בת ישראל or anyone else. This should be לע”נ מיכל טופז בת יהושע אהרון.

  2. We lost a son to a drug overdose many years ago. He had been in one of the best rehab centers in the country. After completing the program, he slipped back into addiction and subsequently died. That rehab center cost many thousands of dollars, all to no avail. For some people rehab is out of the question. It sounds cold and callous, but there’s little point in throwing good money out after bad. A basic cost-benefit analysis should be undertaken.

  3. Arizona – I disscused addiction many times in the YWN CR. Rehab is a nice luxury, but not a necessity!
    The the way to stop addiction is 3-fold. #1. – No more old friends, get new ones. 2. Join NA. 3. You need Suboxone, not Methadone! There are a lot of Methadone clinics.

  4. Addiction is terrible, loosing a child or a sister to it is terrible. On paper it sounds so easy just to leave old friends go to NA and work the steps but it’s not. I know of a good rehab in Israel that helped tons of ppl. Yes it costs alot of money but its no luxury. Its a place that builds up addicts. Maybe if the mods won’t care I can leave an email address. Just let me know

  5. jmj613 – The defintion of luxury is something needed, but it’s unaffordable, and there are other options.
    How long are you an inpatient in your great facility? And then what? You’re cured? Do they use Methadone?

  6. After 6 month as impatient there is the possibility to be in a halfway house. The purpose of any halfway house is the step by step adaption to reality. The real test of an addict in recovery is in real life but coping by using the tools learned in rehab and in the meetings. Can’t answer about methadone. But I can tell you i have seen many drug addicts going through it and living a life in recovery.

  7. I don’t understand what some of you are saying. Do you really mean not to spend the money – even a tremendous amount- if it’s only a chance to help?
    That’s a poor understanding of the true value and purpose of money.

  8. Its not. But as mentioned what you suggest is not always working. There are addicts who need impatient programs in order to make it. That’s why I very much understand the mother’s appeal. And I wish her and her daughter the hatzlacha and syate deshmaye so much needed to over all the nisyanot

  9. jmj613 – I’ll repeate – If s/o can afford inpatient – then fine. If not, do those 3 things to stop the addiction.
    It’s like some people can afford Pesach Hotels, some can’t. But in the end – e/o makes Pesach. Making Pesach is Not the easiest thing in the world!
    If s/o has a little money, but not enough for inpatient, you can hire a shrink – for a one on one, as opposed to going to NA.

  10. It seems you speak out of experience. But I do too. I’m involved with addicts all the time. I see ppl where shrink and working steps is enough and ppl where rehab is necessary. There is no machlokes in metziut here. I just understand the mothers appeal and where she is with her daughter right now.

  11. @health if your speaking from experience then you should know better not to say those things here.. chas vshalom even 1 person takes that advice and it doesnt work…..there is no professional who will say skip rehab if you can raise the money for it then you do it that is the ideal everything else is making up for that….

  12. Realisticguy – You should call yourself Dreamworld guy. Maybe you should read my posts again – you obviously didn’t understand them. Rehab doesn’t always work either! See Arizona’s Post!

  13. No rehab doesn’t always work but its worth the shot. Not every costly surgery works still we try and ppl donate so I don’t see why yidden who are rachmunim bnei rachmunim and gomlei chassidim should not donate to this case.

  14. @arizona, I’m sorry for your loss. But you should realize your money wasn’t wasted. “After completing the program, he slipped back into addiction and subsequently died.” That sounds like while he was in rehab he was doing fine.
    so rehab added on extra time to his life. May you and your family have only happy things.

  15. @health…again rehab may not always work but it is the preferred and first treatment recommended by every professional out there…which obviously means that you are not a professional so please stop giving advice on this topic. there are many ways to treat a broken arm….but a doctor will say put on a cast first..

  16. UNRealisticguy – “please stop giving advice on this topic”

    What’s wrong with this advice?
    “Rehab is a nice luxury, but not a necessity! The defintion of luxury is something needed, but it’s unaffordable, and there are other options.”

    “which obviously means that you are not a professional”

    My opinions are based on my medical knowledge & experience. And who are you to question my COMMENTS on YWN?!?