ARRESTED: NYPD Suspects Homeless Man Started Kings Plaza Inferno; 132 Mercedes Destroyed [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


The NYPD arrested the person seen in the attached photograph, 23-year-old Avon Stephens, for questioning in connection to the massive blaze in Kings Plaza parking garage on Monday morning.

Reports say he is a homeless individual who often slept in the garage, and may have held a grudge after mall security banned him from the premises. He was seen on surveillance camera in the vicinity of the location around the time of the incident.

Officials released images of the man shortly before 5 p.m. and police officials announced he was in custody around 7:20 p.m.

Officials had said earlier there were more than 120 vehicles being stored in the structure by local car dealerships.

The NY Post reports reports 132 of the 137 vehicles destroyed in the blaze belonged to one dealer, Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn , including many high-end models.

Police tell YWN that on Monday morning at at approximately 8:30 AM, 911 received multiple calls reporting the fire at the parking garage of 5100 Kings Plaza (Kings Plaza Mall). Upon arrival, it was discovered that numerous vehicles had caught fire on the second floor of the garage.

The vehicles burned on the second and third floors of the parking garage in Marine Park.

The FDNY says 21 people were injured as the fire raged. All but three of them were firefighters. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening.

It took nearly three hours to get the fire under control. The mall was closed for the day.


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