OUTRAGEOUS: Jewish CNN Panelist Blames Trump For Pittsburgh Massacre; Says He “Radicalized More People Than ISIS” [VIDEOS]


A CNN panel went off-the-rails after one of the contributors argued that President Donald Trump has “radicalized more people than ISIS.”

Julia Ioffe, a self-identified “American Jew”, was quick to blame Trump for the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre and continued that theme on CNN on Monday:

“I think this president, one of the things that he really launched his presidential run on is talking about Islamic radicalization,” Ioffe said. “And this president has radicalized so many more people than ISIS ever did.”

“That’s just unconscionable for you to say that,” said conservative panelist David Urban.

Ioffe initially stood by her point.

“The way he winks and nods to these groups,” Ioffe said. “The way he says, ‘I know I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m a nationalist.’ The way that he hems and haws when he has to condemn these people and kind of, gritting his teeth, says, ‘Fine, okay, I condemn this.’”

In the immediate hours after the shooting attack Shabbos morning that left 11 Jews dead, Ioffe was quick to blame Trump moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem for the attack:


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Later in the show, Ioffe apologized for her comment.

“I think this has been an emotional and personal painful time for me,” she said. “I think I exaggerated and I apologize for that.”

Ioffe added this on Twitter:

On Monday night, President Donald Trump slammed Ioffe for her outrageous remarks, telling Laura Ingraham that Ioffe “must be some kind of a sick woman.”

Ioffe continued her outrageous statements in another appearance on CNN on Monday night:


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At least America Jews can still criticize her outrageous comments… #Pittsburgh

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  1. Yes, she is a far leftist. No good at all.
    But she sounds similar to trump, who insisted that obama was “the father of isis”. The far left and the far right share more in common than you think.
    Funny how i dont remember YWN ever calling anything that trump said “outrageous”, despite an abundance of lunatic rantings.

  2. This is not outrageous
    Trump is a hatemonger who stirs up the worst white trash to come after Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities

    His cries of Nationalism reeks of Hitlerism in the 30s

    The head of our local Republican party just came out on social media claiming there’s nothing wrong with being a Nationalist and wanting to take back America for white people.

    Al you foolish right wing Hareidim who blindly supported Trump, beware he’s coming for the Jews too.
    Don’t be fooled by his ‘to be jettisoned’ son in law Jared, the sacrificial lamb. Ivanka will go back to her Protestantism and the kids will be goyim with a new goy for a stepfather in a few years.

  3. It is a fact that no one can deny that radicalism is on the rise. As a Trump supporter, I admit that too. However, I will NOT blame Trump. Why not?
    All Trump has done is bring passion and drive to excell in peoples lives. Of course those who want to do good will do more good. Those who want to do evil, will do more evil. He is not to blame.
    Of course it is a dangerous situation – so let’s all go back to where we were?
    I don’t think that is solution.
    We may need stronger resolve and solutions now to root out the evil and contain it.

  4. People like Her Endanger American Jews!! Who made her a jewish spokesperson ! And how doesshe refer to Jerusalem as “over there” its our most cherished city! Did she criticize obama or fahrakhan or linda sarsour or the rioters of gaza!!!!

  5. To beyond our means:
    you have some good points.
    I just wish trump would focus ALL of that passion and drive to bring out the best in as many people as possible.
    That is what a true leader does.
    It is nice to meet a level headed trump supporter.

  6. Foolish Jewess. Shameless kapo.
    Don’t you know how much of the leftie Dems hate you?
    BLM, Occupy Wall St., progressives, Pink Women, Blue Women, CNN itself… the Don Lemon who calls white people a threat.. ( Jews too ), and on and on. You & the other Jewish brownnosers, leckers and sycophants.
    The Schumers, Nadlers, Schiffs , Maxine & her goons , Booker, Holder, Schrillary ad nauseum.
    They hate you, Jewess, your religion and other religious denominations just as the white supremacists…. No difference.

    “…….Al you foolish right wing Hareidim who blindly supported Trump, beware he’s coming for the Jews too…..”

    Nope… You’re foolish, and married to some old Democrat Party of yore that doesn’t exist anymore except in your own mind.
    Trump a hatemonger?? He didn’t boo Jerusalem & G-D … Remember that? That stumbling Dem chairman asked for a second voice vote and the boos got even louder…
    Evidence , please… But not twisting his words out of context.
    How come the African-Americans , the Hispanics, are moving to the GOP?
    What you also fail to understand is that the average non-Jewish hardworking citizen, family man , churchgoer, patriotic American, tax payer, tolerant, resents the lib Jews who are behind abortion, destruction of American values, Jewish Hollywood elites who push perversion , Jewish professors and teachers , writers, who advocate for decay of mores & morals.. The decent non-Jewish person lumps us all together and doesn’t know the difference between our denominations… thereby thing that all of us are in the same boat.
    But the Jewish libs don’t get it.
    Thank G-D for President Trump..
    BLEXIT…. even the African-Americans get it… Will we?
    #Walkaway…. especially before Tuesday..
    Dump Nadler…!!

  7. CTLawyer

    I have generally found your opinions to be grounded in reason and logic, even if I disagreed with them.

    However, on what do you base your assertion that Jared will be “jettisoned” ?

  8. > chareidi amiti October 31, 2018 8:37 am at 8:37 am

    > But she sounds similar to trump, who insisted that obama was “the father of isis”.

    Obama had originally been openly challenged about his lack of response to the then-nascent ISIS and he retorted that these guys are nothing. Obama is – at the very least – responsible for not doing what he should have even afetr he had been openly challenged.

  9. I don’t know how to get the time stamp on her Saturday comment so I don’t know exactly when it was written, but it seems most likely there was no information about the perpetrator available at the time. So just how does anyone comment on the motive of a perpetrator who is anonymous? It seems implicit from the embassy comment that she suspected a Muslim perpetrator – which makes her an Islamophobe.

  10. The rhethoric of Ioffee is wrong but keep in mind that during the campaign she received vicious and obnoxious anti Semitic emails, hate mail and threats because of her piece on Melania. When Trump was asked to condemn the anti Semitic vitriol being directed at her – which included Nazi and gas chamber imagery – Trump responded by saying I have nothing to say. Ioffee suffered racial abuse because of Trump’s supporters and Trump had nothing to say about it. That fact alone should give the many Jewish Trump supporters reason to pause before they rush to defend him.

  11. Refering to a woman as a “shameless kapo” because you disagree with her demonstrates far more about your spiritual standing, and with the state of what medications of yours need to be urgently refilled , than it does about the merits of either argument.

  12. “….Trump is a hatemonger who stirs up the worst white trash to come after Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities….”

    Anti-Israel harassers & BDS activists ( white trash ??) torturing Jewish students in universities pre-dates Trump.
    Dems & ilk trying to violently destroy the president & Constitutions, also white trash?
    Ok, I’ll give you this :
    Leftie white trash shooting Republicans and hitting one Congressman. Who hatemongered him?
    I’m not a lawyer so what I see is what I write.
    Not trying to convince anybody that this here computer is a houndog.
    I guess hate coming out of CNN and MSLSD is not mongering.
    Everyone notice how they can blab whatever they want and get away with it… Never lose their jobs.
    Hilly… What’d ya say about being uncivil to GOP?… Nah, that’s not hatemongering….
    Dump Nadler..!!

  13. Typical predictable reaction of leftists liberal morons who comment on this site: Project your own faults to your enemies and blame them for the disgusting actions committed by your side. They can not just accept negative story exposing leftists craziness and hypocrisy without pinning it on Trump.

  14. “…..Refering to a woman as a “shameless kapo” because you disagree with her demonstrates far more about your spiritual standing, and with the state of what medications of yours need to be urgently refilled , than it does about the merits of either argument…..”

    Well…. I never said I’m a” chareidi amiti”…. Going by your nickname, it’s obvious that you’re a mumche in matters of spirituality. Consequently, you’re also the Daas Torah on meds, and your urgent advise is understandable.
    Actually CE, you sound kinda calm this morning as opposed to your usual…. and here I’ll quote you…” lunatic rantings ”
    But I won’t mention meds.

  15. When there were moral standards
    Hewn into the Bedrock it helped people keep in check their angst

    Once they were removed because no one’s directly inflicting any pain on anyone else hey”it’s consensual”
    this was bound to happen
    and it would have happened No matter who is president

  16. Too much hateful rhetoric on both sides and it feeds on itself. The Tumpkopf has this visceral need to “punch back” against every moishe, yankel, surahlah, who criticizes him on CNN and MSNBC using his limited vocabulary of vulgarity and demeaning hyperbole. Dems hurt themselves by pushing the “hate trump/resistantce” agenda. Both sides should shut up and focus on reality but they seem incapable of doing so and each wants to have the last word.

  17. A peak in wikipedia shows that in December 2016 she tweeted an implication that Trump had an affair with his own daughter. Perhaps the filth in her own mind draws filth to her like a magnet.

  18. georgeg, just like i said: You can see what is inside liberal heads by paying attention to what they are accusing their opponents. They usually project their own faults to others. Her filthy accusation of Trump was probably based on her own fantasies.


    Did you ever try to go to any college campus identified as a Jew or Pro Israel. While there is definitely hate on the far right, but those are not even close to the hate of the left. The haters on the right are fringe of a fringe group, while the left is becoming more and more part of the far left side. BDS and Pro-Terrorist groups are considered normal activities on these campuses.

  20. Our president has yet to condemn and hold the Republican party accountable for the neo Nazis, white supremacists, and holocaust deniers that they are supporting in midterms and are running as members of their party.

  21. Gadolhadorah, really, Trump shouldn’t punch back when he’s continually being punched?! That’s one quality I admire from him, he’s strong against so many leftist bullies.