Shooting in Heart of Jewish Community in Flatbush – Suspects Fled in Vehicle


Police are investigating a shooting in Flatbush (Midwood) on Monday night.

The shooting happened at around 8:40PM on Locust Avenue and East 15 Street.

Witnesses report hearing at least 5 shots being fired, in what appears to be a drive-by-shooting.

Sources confirm to YWN that the victim was sitting in his car with 2 others when the shots were fired at him. The victim drove himself to Community Hospital. He is being examined to determine if he was in fact shot or grazed, or injured by glass.

According to the latest information, it appears this involves drugs.

The Ohr Yitzchok Yeshiva was placed on lock-down for a few moments, but police say there is no reason for lock-down.

The suspect(s) fled in the vehicle they arrived in.

Additional information will be published by YWN when it becomes available to us.

The FJCC released the following statement:

“Police report that this was an isolated criminal incident involving drugs. It was not targeted toward the Jewish community, and there is no heightened risk to residents or institutions in the area. The NYPD has an active, ongoing investigation and will keep the community informed as the investigation develops. The Flatbush Jewish community appreciates the leadership of Inspector James Polumbo, Commander of the 70th Precinct and his dedicated officers for providing an enhanced police presence assigned to the area as the investigation proceeds. We are grateful as well for their constant vigilance in keeping our community safe.”


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(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. How many of these police are actually working and how many are gawkers that enjoy the drama and their flashing lights? I recognize that several officers might be needed to scout the area and insure it is safe, and perhaps others to protect the area while the investigation goes on. I can even accept a few others to direct traffic if that is needed. But I am appalled that any report that reaches media has an army of police on site, where their services to fight crime elsewhere might be needed.