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RECALL ALERT – Organic Cholov Yisroel Milk & Yogurt Sold Around New York

Several dairy products sold in Brooklyn and Orange County have been recalled due to improper pasteurization. Proper pasteurization heats milk in order to effectively eliminate all pathogenic bacteria, such as Listeria and Salmonella.

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball said Tuesday that that the products being recalled include Pasteurized Whole Organic Milk, Whole Organic Milk Greek Yogurt and Whole Organic Milk Leben produced by Pelleh Farms Inc.

All of the products were sold under the name Bethel Creamery.

Ball said the Whole Milk was packaged in a 64-fluid ounce, plastic container with dates of: USE BY NOV 29 through USE BY DEC 07 2018. The Greek Yogurt was packaged in 5.3 oz. plastic cups and the Leben was sold in 6 oz. plastic cups. The Greek Yogurt and Leben dates are: USE BY DEC 14 and 15 2018.

Routine inspection by the New York State Department of Agriculture found that the products were improperly pasteurized. Proper pasteurization is the process that heats the milk to eliminate bacteria such as listeria and salmonella.

So far, no illnesses have been reported in connection to the recalled products.

Anyone with questions about the dairy products can call (845) 583-6059 for more information.

Source: ABC7NY


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  1. If the cows are healthy, there is no need to pasteurize the milk. When I was a kid we’d go to a farmer in the country and buy milk straight from his cows. We never heated up the milk and no one ever got sick from the milk. It is much healthier to drink unpasteurized milk.

  2. “Milk that is not pasteurized is healthier”
    1. Wrong. It causes bacterial illness. Selling raw milk is prohibited in most states, and in interstate commerce.
    2. The recalled milk wasn’t unpasteurized, it was improperly pasteurized, which can be worse, since the milk may be heated enough to allow more bacteria to grow but not high enough to kill them.

    “as long as it comes from a clean facility like Bethel kosher dairy”
    Wrong. The bacteria come from the cow, not the facility.

  3. To all our loyal customers and well wishers,
    We would like to clarify the cause that resulted in a state recall of Bethel Creamery milk and yogurt products.
    The recall resulted from a minor regulatory deviation regarding the air space temperature above the milk during the pasteurization process. This did not affect in any way the wholesomeness or quality of our products.
    This deviation only affected products produced between November/19 to November/22 and has since been completely resolved.
    We continue striving to bring our customers the highest quality dairy products available on the kosher market.

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