MAILBAG: Reader Demands YWN Apologize Over Lev Tahor Cult “Motzei Shem Ra”

Women and children walking inside the Lev Tahor compound in Guatemala. Photo taken during a police raid on Monday, November 5, 2018

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The following unedited letter was submitted to YWN:


Yesterday was the first time I heard about Helbrans. I was curious and Googled. I found your site. I began to read the “CONTRACT” which members allegedly sign up to.

As I read I became increasingly more upset at the content. My indignation very quickly turned to anger. Not at Helbrands, but at the author of this evil document, akin to Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Any idiot can see that this is a fabrication by someone who hates this group or has an axe to grind. How reasonable people, as I expect you are, can be taken in, to the extent that you publish this terrible Motzoi shem rah. Who gave it to you ? did you check out it’s veracity?

[PIDYON SHVUYIM?! Is There a Mitzvah To Assist The Imprisoned Lev Tahor Cult Leaders? – Halachic Analysis]

Even if it were true, how can you put such things in the public eye. Surely you know that all Jews are ‘painted with the same brush’. Are you only hurting this group of people or all of us?

You have printed it. Now read it properly and think a bit. Does it make any sense at all? Can you not see what a wicked libel it is? AND YOU have brought it to the public!

[LEV TAHOR HORROR: Tales of Beatings and Torture Emerge From Excommunicated Cult Members]


1) Remove it from your your site with a big apology stating what it really is and that you were duped. It will already have caused major damage, maybe even been used by the courts.
2) A big apology to your victims, along with an offer of compensation.
3) Ask your rov how you can do teshuvah.
4) Report the perpetrators and authors of this evil document to the Rabbonim, and with their permission, to the Police.
5) If the group take you to court for defamation, you may be shut down, face a major fine and maybe more.

[Lev Tahor Cult Leaders Extradited To NY; All Charged With Kidnapping [READ THE FULL INDICTMENT]

6) Learn Sefer Chofetz Chayim with a rebbi.
7) Consider carefully whether Rabbi Helbrands maybe committed suicide when he realised to what lengths his enemies would go, whether true or not. Think about it.

Yours sincerely
Mordechai Bamberger

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Mr Bamberger
    you need to get a life and sop being concerned for lev tahor
    this has gone on for too long and needed to be stopped
    get out of the little hole that you reside in and wake up to the big world out here

    as far as lashan hara
    bring it up at the next Chofetz Chaim weekend convention

  2. I agree with the general thrust of this article and think the coverage and treatment this issue received from YWN and other Jewish outlets has been a big mistake. It is a fact that we get painted with a broad stroke. Problems need to be dealt with klapei pnim with extreme sensitivity to the fact that we are still in galus. Yes, we really are. A news outlet that purports to represent Torah and Jewry must go above and beyond the letter of the law in these matters and its editors need to rid themselves completely of any iota of chemdas hamamon or redifas hakavod which can cause them to sensationalize delicate topics and cause serious harm to klal yisroel. Please take this seriously.

  3. Are you crazy?! who cares what it says in the contract what they did is against the law. The torah says dina dmalchusa dina. if you have issues with the yeshiva world join them in Guatemala don’t give us your garbage Bamberger

  4. Seriously!!!!! you only heard about helbratz yesterday and you already know that its a “shem ra ” and fabrication.
    Did you talk to survivors?
    Did you visit them?
    Did you talk to any family that has family members there?
    Did you talk to the fathers and mothers that have children there for over 20 year?

    Wow! someone that has half a brain can read between the lines and realize who you are and what you want!

  5. And as far as your claim that all Jews are ‘painted with the same brush’, they are not Jews they have a religion that is very close and based on Judaism!!

  6. OK buddy, PROVE IT. prove YWN is completely wrong and made all of this lev tahor stuff up. that is a big thing to make into a conspiracy, so please give some proof.
    Also, just because jews can be “painted with the same brush” does not mean we can’t give a shout out when some people do something wrong. like lev tahor.
    go to Guatemala.

  7. I am a member of the Williamsburg community and I know what I’m talking about
    Throw these guys in jail and throw the keys into the ocean. A jew that can watch other people suffer is definitely m’zera analek’.
    This has been going on for quite a few years. B”H they were caught and who knows if these kids wil ever be normal thanks to these snakes

  8. Obviously they’re a bunch of crackheads, but the lev tahor ‘Contract’ IS akin to the Protocols, and was written as a joke… For example one of them is, The reason the Rebbe lies so much at every given moment is because SHeKeR is Oisiyos KeSHeR, and another is about how only the Rebbe could eat Glida (ice cream belaaz) because to him it tastes like dust etc. Read it for yourselves, it is very funny but obviously fake

  9. Who knows if the name Mordechai Bamberger is a real name. Whoever can write such a letter stands guilty of being a lowlife unlawful deranged pedophile.

  10. Dear Mr. Bamberger,

    You are accusing Yeshiva World of fabricating this contract, do you have any evidence of that? Do you in fact know that it is an untrue letter? As it seems you are making strong accusations against this website based on a “feeling”.
    I would suggest that it is you that is being MotZei Shem ra and should offer an apology

    I’m going to make an assumption that you are a Lev tahor member trolling the internet writing in support of Lev tahor making believe you are a temimusdike outsider just observing.
    One of the leaders of Lev tahor actually gave a strong indication that this contract was in fact real, a few years ago.

    Either way, I would love to hear what you are basing your accusations on, what evidence do you have that this is just something written by “evil people” looking to destroy Lev tahor. And if you don’t have any evidence and are just assuming, I hope you can offer an apology for MotZei Shem ra.

  11. Problems must be dealt with. We have a serious problem with Rabbanim accepting bribes ….. and therefore allowing serious issues to go on within our frum community, even though others may suffer like the members of Lev Tahor.
    I’m struggling with a something similar and have nowhere to turn to – unless I go viral or to court. If anybody erlech has some suggestion please let me know. I would much rather settle Al Pi Torah.

  12. And thank you to Yeshiva World for publicizing the atrocities in Lev tahor. So many have suffered at the hands of the leaders and Baruch HaShem there is finally and end to this dangerous sadistic cult in site.

  13. Quite unfortunate you have a common jewish name – frankly it’s embarrassing to quite a few people.
    It is lashon hara not moitzei Shem ra, and apparently hearing from people like yourself, it is l’toieles.
    Some food for thought;
    “כל המרחם על האכזרים לסוף נעשה אכזר על רחמנים״ [תנחומא, מצורע
    If you don’t see cruelty in this wicked groups actions I’m חושש your יחוס…
    Also maybe ask your rabbi (one with a mesorah – hint, not self made lev Tahor style) of causing moitzei shem ra to others who share your name before signing publicly on such a fraught topic!

  14. YW I think this should have been brought to light so as to protect others from Klal Yisroel of c”v falling prey to this cult. However, YW editor, this Mr or Rabbi Bambager has an opinion. If you disagree with his opinion you could have decided not to print it, but why make fun of him? Putting links to the other articles in middle of his letter is making a fool out of him. As I said I disagree with him, but who gives you a right to make a mockery of him?

  15. The troll who wrote this immature letter is a classic hypocrite. So many inconsistencies. Just one example, in #4) he suggests that with rishus of the Rabbonim, report YWN to the police. So mesira he has no problem with. Only alleged motzie shem rah about a story he’s only finding out now about, he’s concerned with?

  16. Mr. Bamberger, they are not practicing Judaism so you should be as concerned with the cult as much as you are concerned with free groups.

    It should bother you though, that there are many heimishe families who lose their children and einiklach to this evil cult. These children literally cut off themselves and their children from their families, their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers. How many tears have been shed by these parents! It should also bother you that innocent Jewish children are bought up in a cult and without a Jewish chinuch where they have no problem transgressing halacha. It should bother you the innocent childrens’ emotional, mental and physical abuse.

    I’m not sure from where YWN has those rules that the LT cult members must abide by and if their source is accurate. But you must be blind not to see that there is control and abuse going on in that cult regardless if that contract is real or not.

  17. Hi Iusebrains,
    I personally know multiple people who have witnessed severe beatings and abuse. Many people have heard more than one eyewitness account of the horrible abuse that went on in Lev tahor.

    So, only one person, and that person exaggerating it ten-gold – fakenews.

    But once again, I have been told that you are also From Lev Tahor and have been posting all over defending the abuse. If that is incorrect, I apologize for that.

  18. @IUseBrains:
    Did you write this letter with another Pen name?

    You seriously look like you are high on drugs.
    I think you and this letter writer should throw away your internet and go join this cult.

    Kudos to YWN for the information about this cult.

  19. There is a huge issue for Klal Yisroel here, and Lev Tahor, may it be disbanded soon, is a symptom of it. We have been afflicted with a tragic, dreaded disease with a symptom that allows for extreme “chumrah” to be considered holy, praiseworthy, and accepted. This is so false that it is easy to see that this cult has veered so far away from anything resembling Torah that it is far closer to avodah zarah. If there were any merit to this extremism, it would be endorsed by Gedolei Yisroel. And LT is not.

    The evil resho’im of LT have been scampering around the world to find somewhere they can do their thing without getting arrested. They tried several countries, and have a few convictions for serious crimes on their record. So this sympathizer of avodah zarah, abuse, and gilui arayos wants us to begin believing him? Who is he? We have amassed a wealth of information about the 3 aveiros chamuros of LT. The burden of proof is on him, not YWN or any other news outlet. As for me, I daven for the demise of this evil cult three times a day.

  20. Not one poster mentioned that these two children were taken on Shabbos, by car!
    That in and of itself is where the buck must stop. Everything else is secondary!

  21. shtubes1 – Your blatant ignorance and accusation-hurtling are staggering. When someone publishes an uncorroborated letter that supposedly evidences malfeasance or malicious practices by a certain group or their leaders, they are the ones who should bring verification that their evidence is genuine; not those who question the validity of this document. How much more so when those who publish it are purportedly a news site, shouldn’t they be verifying everything they publish? Compound that with the reality that this site is obviously – whether rightly or wrongly – biased against that group, and we have very legitimate reasons to request proof of any alleged claims published therein against these people, before making an unbiased and clearheaded decision regarding the matter at hand.

  22. Mordchai. How interesting you only stumbled across it yesterday and you already know the facts interesting . Do me a solid take your head out of the toilet and then speek

  23. All THE ARTICLES ON the YWN website RE: Lev Tahor ARE lashon hara.
    YWN is obligated to say what the authorities did in respect of arresting Jews, but there is no obligation to repeat lashon hara, it becomes an avera. Instead use the words “unsubstantiated charges” !
    If Jewish children or adults are saved on Shabbos from chilonim, then that takes precedence over Shabbos, as it is saving life.
    As for the supposed “manifesto” whether real or fabricated, it does not say that Hashem has been superseded, nor does it name a particular person by name, nor does it say to pray to a particular person, nor to burn offerings to a particular person, it is instead concerned with civil order, just as Moshe Rabbenu had “discipline” problems with us Yidden in the midbar, so any group is possibly susceptible to disrespectful or unintended conduct etc. This “manifesto”, if at all real, could be easily interpreted in this obvious way. Each person’s Rebbe is treated with the utmost respect, that is the main thrust of the argument.

    In the official criminal charges there is wrongly written “NEWS REPORTS” of Lev Tahor subjecting children to ‘physical, sexual and emotional abuse.’”
    That IS A LIE as that is an unsubstantiated rumour! AS THE WORDS ” NEWS REPORTS” clearly indicates, so there is yet another ground upon which to drop charges and RELEASE THE MEN.
    The Canadian authorities could find NOTHING wrong. What Canada did in perusing L T was religious Jewish persecution also known as Antisemitism!

  24. FreddyFish: Why do you drag the Bambergers from Baltimore into this thread?? The published letter does not mention any connection to Baltimore nor does it indicate they are involved in any way with LT. There is a frequent tendency here that when YWN covers a painful issue involving Yidden, some seem to immediately invoke a whole variety of lashon harah arguments as to why it shouldn’t be published. The tzibur is always better off when they are well informed and provided with accurate and objective information.

  25. ready now, the children were staying in a frum home before being kidnapped by the Lev Tahor cult leaders. Unless you consider of course, as all of Lev Tahor members do, all frum people, besides for you cultists, to be chilonim…(of course your opinion renders us all true chilonim, lol)

    And of course, you make up your own “halacha”, you do not follow halacha set forth by the Torah and Rabbonim because you LEV TAHOR CULTISTS ARE NOT ORTHODOX JEWS. You are trying to justify chillul Shabbos but chillul Shabbos is only justified when saving someone’s life physically, there’s absolutely no justification for being mechalel Shabbos when stealing kids from their mother, whether she was frum or frei.

    That the children were with chilonim is an absolute lie, you Lev tohar cultist liar that you are.

    You defend this manifesto without completely coming out and saying that it’s true. You seem to be a complete member and troll of Lev Tohar, ( and as effective as a Russian troll) so the fact that you are defending it seems that this contract is indeed real. Obviously, you are a totally crazy, confused person, and likely a Baal teshuva who doesn’t understand what Yiddishkeit means. A person who signs a contract that he and his descendents are meshibed forever to humans is obviously insane and it’s against the Torah. We are only meshibed to Hashem. This “civil order” ( wow, this has such a cultist vibe) as you call it, is a surrending of ones self. You are just too stupid to see it as it is. And how dare you compare yourselves to Moshe and bnei Yisroel in the midbar, you can’t comprehend their levels, you are just retards and mechalilie Shem Hashem by creating a new religion and masquerading as Jews.

    As ALL our great Rabbonim from each and every segment of klal Yisroel and the entire klal Yisroel, in this day and age, would never marry off our children at 12,13, and 14 years of age, you are trampling on Daas Yehudi, on the accepted minhug of our times, and therefore you are practicing child abuse. Making girls pregnant at 13 years of age is disgusting and cruel.

    You Lev Tahor cultists are all pedophiles.You are all evil, accept for those innocents ensnared in this cult through no fault of their own.

  26. philosopher, you have created a new universe called ‘philosopher thinks’. The children were kidnapped by the mom, remember, suspected of being transferred into domain influenced by chilonim or other unimaginable scenario.

    That ‘manifesto’ may very well be untrue and is also lashon hara, even though it may be interpreted very easily as being a civil agreement for ‘no discord or rudeness’. There was no signing of the ‘supposed’ manifesto mentioned, even if it ever existed.
    If you were on Moshe Rabbenu’s level I would listen to your advice on marriage and everything else too, but you are not on his level.

    In Pirke Avos the marriage age for men was 18 years, so possibly younger for women.
    At 12 years and one day a Jewish woman was allowed to marry.
    At some times in our Jewish history, Jewish men did not marry until 30 years of age.
    You, philo, cannot judge, no you can’t.

    So get your facts straight, shut your pi, do tshuvah, get rid of your ayin ra.

  27. Iusebrains – you don’t have to believe me, cool with that

    Goygetter – You are correct, you do have every right to request verification of that document. But the writer here accused this website of MotZei Shem ra and seems to me stated unequivocally that the letter is false. That’s quite a lot of confidence for someone who just discovered Lev tahor yesterday and already knows so much about them and has so much to say about defending them and accusing others of defamation and MotZei Shem ra. It’s interesting.
    So I’d ask both sides, Mr Bamberger should verify how he knows it’s fake (which is different then questioning the validity of the letter) and it would also be appropriate to QUESTION those publishing the letter the validity of it.

    And a simple question for all those defending Lev Tahor – Are you any of actually part of Lev tahor? Or are you sincerely outsiders unbiasedly defending them as you feel they are being wronged?

  28. If not for mom’s protests against Yoely Roth’s cult, many Williamsburg boys would have also ended in some Guatemala with Y.R. Burech Hashem for that!

    #2 note here, Mr Bamberger are you also the person who sent recorder robotic calls in Monsey that if someone has measles they should not go to doctor or its bitul torah? Fe!


  30. I guess we just learned Joseph’s true identity. Unless Mr. Bamberger is a pseudonym for Frankfurter.

    Makes sense, no? The Wurzberger Rav was a Rov in Frankfurt that opposed Rav Hirsch’s policy of separation between Reform and Orthodox Jews. Just like Mr. Bamberger opposes YWN’s policy of separation between LT and Orthodox Jews. To top it all off, the name of the Wurzberger Rav was Bamberger.

  31. Gadol hadorah because rabbi Mordechai Bamberger from Baltimore asked me to please put in the disclaimer that he didn’t write this article!!!!!!!!!

  32. seriously!?!? this letter was something i dids not expect toi find!!! when a person is kofer/ hurts a fellow jew you miust be careful and publicize him so we can be careful!!!
    does this mordechai not think that the crook on the street abusing the kids on the block should be exposed so parents may watch out? this is quite similar.
    yes we on our part gotta be sensitive as a fellow jew but we must publicize and waren everyone, besides this might be the only way to fight and stop them-hopefully the news like this got to the people in power to stop it and convinced them to want to help.

  33. It’s no secret that the members of THE LEV TAHOR CULT have computers and InternetsMART Phones etc. in order to be able to respond positively to any accusations against them. They are lying and covering-up for the mess they are in, in order to defend their 36 year old leader “NACHMAN THE GANGSTER” Yemach Shemo.

    I wish all of Klall Yisroel would get together and do EVERYTHING possible to save the children who are being brain-washed and tortured on a daily and hourly bases.



  34. It’s no secret that the members of THE LEV TAHOR CULT have computers and Internet SMART Phones etc. in order to be able to respond positively to any accusations against them. They are lying and covering-up for the mess they are in, in order to defend their 36 year old leader “NACHMAN THE GANGSTER” Yemach Shemo.

    I wish all of Klall Yisroel would get together and do EVERYTHING possible to save the children who are being brain-washed and tortured on a daily and hourly bases.



  35. Lev tahor leaders have access to the internet to follow the news. They say that in the big documentary…

    This is obviously one of theirs and so are many comments.

  36. Wouldn’t be surprised if this Bamberger is really a pseudonym for Frankfurter of Ami (rag) magazine,who not long ago whitewashed these horrible monsters

  37. Hey, all you evil supporters of LT:

    You are all up in arms about lashon horah, which is not even applicable here, as per the Chofetz Chaim. But you are dismissing עבודה זרה, גילוי עריות, שפיכת דמים, שקר, גזל, חילול שבת, and a long list of מידות מגונות. The sheer audacity of calling their cult Jewish is a בזיון that is a severe version of חילול השם. I wish this group a complete demise, with the perpetrators behind bars away from the public for the rest of their lives, the victims a speedy recovery, and all of Klal Yisroel the ישועה of being protected from these wolves in sheep’s clothing. It is said in the names of various tzaddikim – notably Reb Naftoli of Ropschitz Z”L that פרום is roshei teivos for פיהל רשעות וויניג מצות – much evil – empty of mitzvos. I didn’t judge when I saw the burkas, but I had reason why to examine more carefully. It is abundantly clear that this cult is a cancerous growth that must be excised. We need to learn what causes tumors like this and prevent them from starting.

  38. @GadolHadorah It is good @Freddyfish said that, I know 2 people from Baltimore by that name, and it is good to know neither of them wrote this (although I doubted they did in the first place). To all the people Talking about Motzei Shem Ra/ Lashon Hara: There are multiple accounts of people being beaten. If your children are taken to WILLIAMSBURG of all places, and you organize for someone to sneak them out of the country on shabbos, you obviously don’t care about halacha. Even assuming that they were in danger of being in a not frum environment (IN WILLIAMSBURG!!!), no one says you can violate shabbos, esp. dioraisah, to kidnap them back. We know it to be a fact (not from YWN) that they have been chased from country to country, they don’t allow any outside contact, and they apparently kidnap people who leave. This strongly indicates a cult. I have yet to see any reason to believe they are not. To the people worried about “being painted with a wide brush” this is not something to sweep under the rug.

  39. First of all, no doubt that the name of the author of this letter is Bamberger, no question it’s a fake name.
    It’s obviously one of the poor souls trapped in the web of the cult.

    What is very obvious, that this write “never ever heard of LT or Helbrans” up until yesterday… all of a sudden when randomly “googling” he bumped into the YWn article, and right away came up with a “wealth of research” and made up the assumption that ‘it’s all lie’ and right away took the effort to write a long letter accusing YWN [which has deep knowledge of the Lev Tahor cult reporting on them quite a while] with liying…
    How silly, does this writer think we’re all stupid? Does he think we’ll accept one word of a phony faker who has only “yesterday heard the first time about this cult”, and all of a sudden bragging and cursing on all people who do know what’s – unfortunately – going on in the living hell called Lev Tahor for more than 20 years?
    Don’t insult our intelligence! Sell your baloney to your cronies in the woods of Guatemala!

  40. Sensationalism and lashon hara go hand in hand.

    Unfortunately these articles have afected the way i look at chasidim and im sure non observant think less of frum after reading the sensationalizim.

    The above letter is silly.
    yeshivaworld should be carefull with the words they use, and the general negativity readers feel about other yidden after reading an article

  41. These evil reshai’m arurim are hiding behind “motzie shem ra” “loshon hora”. It is a mitzva to advise someone when there is danger ahead, when there is someone with a weapon ahead, that’s what needs to be done. These are wicked monsters relishing in other peoples suffering. Do not take the bait what they’re spreading.

  42. Maaron, just because you can’t differentiate between meshuguim and the rest of Chassidisihe doesn’t make it right to sweep issues inder the rug.

    I am Chassidish myself and I cannot understand where Chassidim as a whole come into the picture. Yes there are some naive ex-Chassidim who have joined the cult and there are those who support(ed) it, but they are a few tens of crazies out of hundreds of thousands of Chassidim. There are also many Baal Teshuva who joined the Lev Tahor cult, have your opinions of baalie teshuva been colored by those joining the cult? It’s ridiculous to judge hundreds of thousands of people based on a few individuals.

  43. Lots of direct evidence from ex members including the mother of the children (who is the daughter of the founder) suggests much of i tis true. At the very least Canada found the children who never too off socks had feet black with fungus.

    No one would blame all jews for this.Instead we would respect them further for rooting out in a public manner unacceptable practices.

  44. Although the cult of Lev Tahor doesn’t reflect on Chassidim in general nor on Satmer in particular, I do want to call out the Yiddish speaking newspapers who are completely ignoring this issue. You are doing your readers a disservice because although it doesn’t effect Satmer as a whole, it does effect individual families who have lost or are in danger of losing their sons and their families.

    Although most Chassidim understand that Lev Tahor members are sick individuals, there are always naive indiviuals who think this group is on a higher medreige because they are not into materialism like we unfortunately are. So Yiddish newspapers have the obligation to let the truth be known and not desist from writing about Lev Tahor because they are scared they’ll be guilty of Loshen hora which is not applicable to a cult. I understand that the editors of these papers are confused about the group and don’t understand what cults are and how they operate but instead of ignoring the issue they should drop their naivete in cult matters and become educated and let their readers know what’s going on.

  45. IUseBrains (actually brainless and heartless):

    You wrote: “Dear “Tree9”,

    Can you please list your group of “ex-members””

    Chas veshalom. I would never, ever release to anyone that sympathizes with this cult of resho’im a single name. Your clan of thugs has zero chezkas kashrus, and have proven to be abusive, kidnappers, and violators of so many issurim that are cardinal aveiros in Torah. I would sooner hope that the identities of you and the other sympathizers here get exposed so that you can be investigated and hopefully identified as co-conspirators. The public of frum Yidden needs to know who you are so we can stay away from you. And law enforcement needs to know who you are so they can arrest you to join with your holy brothers behind bars. In the meantime, you are less entitled to the secrecy and anonymity that these ex-members are.

    I continue to be mispallel that every supporter of this chilul Hashem LT movement is apprehended, and put away for the protection of Klal Yisroel.

  46. Grateful to YWN for bringing LT to our attention
    However the article’s seemed to me not totally objective if it’s untrue please forgive me

  47. No issur of Loshon Hora when done in the right way and for the right reasons.
    So thank you YWN for doing the job that you do.
    However issurim of sinah and nibul peh etc still apply.

  48. philosopher; Lev Tahor is NOT a cult.
    But you philosopher are a cult unto yourself, speculating without proof, like a vicious animal.

  49. IUseBrains, hello, knock, knock, anybody home? Ex-members ran away from your cult they,they certainly don’t want to be in the spotlight of your cult.

    Please let us know why you say the children were taken to chilonim when they stayed by a frum family. Let everyone know what Lev Tahor thinks of all other Jews including those Satmer individuals who support them. Let everyone know why Lev Tahor members can’t eat from even the most strictest hashagachas and by the frumest families. Let everyone know why you Lev Tahor members excluded yourselves from living between the most frumest communities before you ran away from Canada.

    Let everyone know why you cut yourself off from the rest of klal Yisroel.

  50. Iusebrains
    List of ex members
    Chana gelb
    Adina ermaf
    Naftali Rosen
    Moshe klapstien
    Eric g kronerman
    Leah Rubinstien
    Tehilah gold

    And those are just the ones who have given sworn depositions

  51. Now we really know that person behind screen name Iusebrains is a member of LT…just another bit of hypocrisy on their part,so holy women completely covered etc. But internet is allowed…

  52. “concerrned mom” : you are missing something, a I see it, the supposed list of ex LT starts 3rd line down, see it, 3rd line down, under the second line which says “List of ex members”. So of course “concerned mom”, you “know it all,vacuous, lying ,you inciter, you do not know anything.
    The supposed list of ex LT is just more lashon hara.

  53. ready:

    Are you prepared for investigators to seek your ip address and find you? I’m not connected to law enforcement at all, but if I was, I would be looking for you. At this point, you have the burden of proof. I personally hope that all supporters of this evil cult get arrested as aiding and abetting serious crime, and get to spend the rest of their days where they cannot harm any more people. And this is my tefillos every single day, at least three times.

  54. In fact, I know a lot more than YWN is reporting, and the little YWN is publicing is only the small tip of the iceberg, I know first hand insides of terrible child abuse and domestic abuse, physical and emotional, harsh punishment to adults as well as to small children, like burning nails of 5 year olds cuz of the big sin that they were playing or came to close to a 3 -4 year old girl etc, and much more, malkos for old and young is routine there, locking up bocherim or yungeleit in a closet for days or weeks in solitary confimenment, you can’t use your imagination, cuz it’s beyond human understanding. Tose are not allegations, unfortunately it’s fact.
    Ironically, the leader [who is now supposedly/ allegedly dead] did never obey his own rules, he did not practice was he was preaching and demanding from his slaves. he ate colorful meals, living a lavish lifestyle with expensive furniture etc.
    He did not practice the Jewish religion, nor does anything of this cult have anything to do with Judaism or Torah or chassidus, This is a CULT, creating his own religion, with own rules, sadly he took excerpts from the Torahand Jewish law to base his religion upon, in order to be able to attract followers who were regular Jews before becoming cult robots / icons.

  55. @ready now, @IUseBrains

    If you are taking this letter and all the comments so personal, you MUST be part of this disgusting cult called Lev Tahor. Not sure how you can even carry such a name!!

  56. Ok ready now, don’t worry, rest assured that we get that you are a current and not ex-member of Lev Tahor…we understand that the ex-members listed starts from the third line …

    But thanks for illuminating us the kind of individuals Lev Tahor members are. It’s not a a problem if you stay in Guatemala, in fact it would be kind of complex if the cult is absolved and the brainwashed adults need to be placed somewhere… but the problem is that your innocent children are suffering and you are producing these innocent children a dime a dozen starting from when your girls are 12 years old…they never get a chance to be live like normal frum children. And those who want to break free have very few options available, if any at all, and are bound in chains their entire lives . This entire parsha continous to grow and spiral out of control…

  57. Unless iusebrains and ready now are just playing devils advocate and having fun you sure seem to be from the heads of this cult…. Not sure why yeshiva world doesn’t report you.

  58. “Zissy”,

    Surprosingly there are no videos of torture, so how do i know that what you are saying is true.
    How come the victims themselves are not blogging here, Ahem!!!

  59. @Zissy so sad and so true everything you are saying !! This horrific cult has absolutely NOTHING to do with Yiddishkeit or Chasidus. Let’s all pray that the cult is finally put to its morbid end! The poor victims …. the poor children !!

  60. NeedsBrains:
    Practical advice: You should really check into your sense of logic. Until you don’t – just refrain from commenting.
    As the few examples below indicate:

    “Surprosingly there are no videos of torture, so how do i know that what you are saying is true.”

    Hmm do you REALLY think Lev (? Bli Lev) Tohar will just allow one to stand and record all that?! They do not even allow any tech ANYWHERE within their premises, let alone record them in action!

    “How come the victims themselves are not blogging here, Ahem!!!”

    You really think each and every Jew knows or blogs on YWN?! And if they do – do you really think they will just advertise themselves.?
    Rather, many of these victims are not even capable of any normal activities, thanks to supporters like YOU!

  61. Loose brains, well, u don’t appear to match up to your name, I wish you would use your brains, but the good news is that the majority population is indeed using their brains, and are convinced of what’s going on behind the iron walls of the Lev Tahor cult.
    In the past 28 years, many LT cult members left the clan, and settled back into normal Jewish life, where Torah reigns, where chesed and mitzvos bain adam lamokom as bain adam lachaveiro are vital, and all this violent activity is a thing of the past to them.
    Those ex LT cult memebers, and people who have / had family or close ones trapped there, are live witnesses of all torture and violations beyond imagination happened/happening there.
    Gladly, the world is not hefeker, Hashem is now slapping them all up, starting from the sadistic head and founder, down to his cohorts who are struggling to keep the dying cult alive, the cult is finally collapsing, the tortured kids and abused adults will shortly see the light of the sun, and be able to lead a clean, normal and stable life, a life of Torah & mitzvos.

  62. Of course there are no videos of abuse! First of all, the adult members who joined are obviously wackos who are not interested in showing this kind of abuse, they are either the perpertrators of this abuse or “l’shem shomayim” accepting the abuse.

    Those few individuals, teens and young adults who can still think on their own at this point, despite being brainwashed their entire lives, cannot exactly get electronic equipment when they don’t have a dollar to their name, besides which they live in some farflung region in Guatemala where it’s not easy to purchase electronics in any case. And cult members are under surveillance, they cannot get off grounds freely. Even when they lived in Canada in some remote area, the members had no money and no means to buy video cameras. And besides, even for more independent individuals who understand that they are being abused, their brains are still messed up, they don’t think along the lines of buying and setting up surveillance equipment.

    The members of this cult were not, and certainly are not, individuals who carry smartphones with cameras.

    The people who are visitors, reporters, journalist and government’s workers are obviously not being presented the entire picture.

    As far as I can recall, no cult ever had visual proof of their abuse, it was only hearsay, the shifty behavior of the leaders and members and reports from ex-members. The reason for that is because cults are very devious, they make sure to keep things hidden, as most abusers and controlers keep their behavior hidden from public and most victims don’t speak if they have no recourse only to rely on their abusers.

    The question is how can we know for sure that abuse is going on?

    We can’t know exactly what’s going on but we can scratch the surface by observing the following ways the leaders try to hide what’s going on beneath the surface:

    1. The requirement to cut off from non-cult family members

    2. Living in remote areas and cutting off contact with other communities

    3. Not letting their members come and go as they please, they only travel in groups and when their leaders deem it necessary. You will not have a “Lev Tahor” buchar learning in a yeshiva in Eretz Yisroel, or any other yeshiva for that matter…you will not see a Lev Tahor businesman traveling to New York…the only members that can travel and live independently from that group are people like AY Rosner who took care of financial and “technical” issues that could not be done within the Lev Tahor community.

    In short, the Lev Tov cult is a policed community because they are hiding things beneath the surface.

    12 year old girls getting married to 40 year olds, preventing members from leaving, chillul Shabbos…these are just things we see above the surface.

  63. Philosopher, you wrote “The question is how can we know for sure that abuse is going on? We can’t know exactly what’s going on but we can: SPECULATE AND GUESS< PUT OUT LASHON HARA< SIN AND SIN SOME MORE< WHY NOT< IT FEELS GOOD?!
    Thank you philosopher, now we know what is on your mind.
    “The little I know”, you are prejudging the case against L T, you realize that the mother took the kids from their usual place of residence, don’t you?
    You too are an inciter, look to yourself first. There is nothing wrong with supporting the innocent.

  64. Oih!!!!! tatte in himel do we need moshiach stop fighting and making pirud what does it affect you anyways the rabbanim will deal with it and I plead with ywn to stop doing just about whatever gives them the most views same with the machlokes in e”y that our gedolim have told us to not let get to us e”i the novominsker rebbe by the last agudah convention what good does it do , let ywn be klal yisroels makom for nerws of simchos etc. not of evil gossip and lets daven together as one for hashem to bring moshiach bekarav beyomeinu!!!

  65. ready now,

    Yes, what’s on my mind?

    Fact: 12 year old girls getting married and having kids with 40 year olds = abuse. Teens, 15 year old boys and girls in their early teens getting married to men at any age, even to preteen boys , is abuse. It’s a hefker velt there

    Fact: Jewish people masquerading as frum being mechalel Shabbos, not learning basic sefarim that frum people learn and veering away from mesorah to the point that it’s becoming another religion= chillul Hashem

    Fact: a mother tries to get away with her children from extremism, abuse, self inflication, etc. and the marriage of her daughter to a man she opposes had to going through gehenim to do that. It’s an abusive and controlling cult that doesn’t let parents have a say in basic matters pertaining to their children

    Fact: this is not speculation, it’s a fact, there’s a reason why Lev Tahor cut themselves off frum klal Yisroel

    Fact: Ex-members tell of the abuse going on in Lev Tahor

    These are all facts that are terrible in itself but it’s there’s way more that we don’t see because it’s hidden. This cult, like all others, certainly will not publisize the real face of their cult.

  66. Arealyireishomayim, talking about the Lev Tahor cult is not loshen hora. The cult members are mechalel Shabbos and cause their children to be mechalel Shabbos. They practice their own religion and are meshibed to their leaders in all ways like ovdei avoda zora.

    The reason why it’s important to make everyone aware who they really are is to prevent naive people from joining the cult or from supporting the cult in any way.

  67. The things we DO SEE about Lev Tahor is disgusting.

    I simply listed various reasons why we cannot really see what goes on in the cult of Lev Tahor and the things we do know about the cult is just on the surface, there’s much more going on that we don’t see.

  68. The things we DO SEE about Lev Tahor is disgusting.

    I simply listed logical reasons why we cannot really see what goes on in the cult of Lev Tahor and the things we do know about the cult is just on the surface, there’s much more going on that we don’t see.

  69. Philosopher, you are simply SPECULATING fueled by the a disgruntled ex memeber of Lev Tahor.
    You are so naive that you cannot see that a complete chiloni CANNOT make a proper assessment, and if you factor in the fact that he is indeed a real chiloni you would understand this straight away!

    Wake up philosopher, these people Lev Tahor have a united mission to whole heartedly serve Hashem and are doing so with all their might, something you cannot stand!

    Philosopher, you wrote “The question is how can we know for sure that abuse is going on? We can’t know exactly what’s going on but we can: SPECULATE AND GUESS< PUT OUT LASHON HARA< SIN AND SIN SOME MORE< WHY NOT< IT FEELS GOOD?!

    Thank you philosopher, now we know what is on your mind.

    Further they have made no mistakes in kesuba, none at all.

    “The little I know”, you are also prejudging the case against L T, you realize that the mother took the kids from their usual place of residence, don’t you?

    That is kidnapping!

    You too are an inciter, look to yourself first. There is nothing wrong with supporting the innocent.

    Do not prejudice the case against Lev Tahor!
    It is also contempt of court!