Officials: Temple Mumps Outbreak Swells To 67 Likely Cases


Philadelphia health officials say they’ve now believe 67 people have contracted mumps at Temple University.

City Department of Health spokesman James Garrow said Tuesday the total number of probable cases stands at 67 — up from 54 cases a day before. WCAU-TV reports health officials confirmed 12 cases through laboratory testing while 55 others were listed as probable.

Probable diagnoses are used in cases where a person in the community shows mumps-like symptoms.

Health officials recommend students who may be infected limit contact with others for at least five days and seek medical care.

Mumps is a viral infection that involves swelled glands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is the best way for people to protect themselves against it.



  1. Not good, but you can’t blame this on “those orthodox backward jews”.
    So you see, that even the so called “enlightened” intellectual community has neurotic anti-vaxxers.

  2. The main reasons why mumps is very serious was left out. Mumps causes meningitis in 10-15 % of cases. It can cause permanent deafness. And in post-pubertal as adolescents and adults it often causes testicular or ovarian swelling.

    I personally caught mumps at 20 years old. (My parents most likely missed one of my vaccines as they were on the fence about vaccines). The accompanying testicular swelling left me almost completely sterile. Luckily after going to a few clinics and a few ivf cycles i have to kids. But if things were slightly worse i would not be able to have kids.

    Don’t play with fire vaccinate your kids!

    You put seatbelts on your kids even though in some accidents people are killed by them. Same for vaccines even if they may have occasional negative effects the benefits far outweigh the risks