SUNDAY: MTA Bridge and Tunnel Tolls Go Up; Verrazano Bridge To Be Most Expensive in Nation


Several New York City bridges are going to start charging more starting Sunday and one will become the most expensive in the nation.

The Verrazano-Narrow Bridge will rise from $17 to $19, about $12 with an EZ Pass, an increase for a daily commuter of what turns out to be about $100 a year.

Having a New Jersey-issued E-ZPass, unfortunately, will not trigger the discount rate. If you travel the Verrazzano on a regular basis, you will want to sign up for a New York E-ZPass as soon as humanly possible.

More than half a dozen other area bridges will see hikes too. See all the fare hikes here.

The MTA says the hikes are needed to achieve what it calls budgeted revenue targets.

Bus and subway fares will go up, too, but not until late April.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Most expensive? It might be the highest charged at one time (they’re thinking of switching back to tolling in both directions, now that the toll booths are gone), but I think the Chesapeake Bay B-T is $20 for a round-trip, $1 more, (and much less per mile)

  2. Dear jersey jew
    Who ever mentioned a word about 2 ez pass tags in your car??????? Cancel your jersey card and open a new one under a new york address. I am sure you have at least 1 family member or friend in new york to have your tag registered on their address, and he will forward your invoices to you. Whats the big deal? I live in lakewwod, but my ez pass is registered to my parents address, so i can get the new york entitled discounts. Who said something about having 2 tags in 1 car??????????????