MAILBAG: An Open Letter To My Fellow Mothers in Flatbush


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‎I never wrote like this before but as a mother of daughters, I feel compelled to speak out.

I got a call last week from a total stranger calling me on behalf of someone named Adina Sash‎ running for city council. I thought to myself ok, I never heard of her but here’s a Jewish candidate, ostensibly one of our own, I’ll just vote for her and move on. Why not?

So I open the local paper on Shabbos like I always do, and to my surprise I see that many of our frum leaders and frum politicians are supporting another candidate, not from our own community. Now I’m not a robot, I don’t just follow blindly and I was confused. I picked up the phone after shabbos and called my friend. She is one of those women that has the finger on the pulse of the neighborhood. I asked her what’s going on here? Who are we supporting for the local election this Tuesday? She immediately said, “I want to ask you one question that may answer your first question.” I said hit me. “Ever heard of Flatbush Girl?”

I said yeh, getting nervous, my girls are always mocking her antics. I think she’s a little wild but maybe I’m old. She replied “‎Adina Sash and Flatbush Girl are the same person!” I froze. I said what? Are you sure? This girl Adina in the paper looked fine to me, nothing like the Flatbush Girl agitator clown she portrays on social media.‎ Come to think of it, there’s no mention of Flatbush Girl in her ad either. Who is she trying to fool I screamed silently? My friend said “you can agree or disagree with anyone on politics but on local issues the Rabbonim and askonim are all saying not to vote for this Adina person. If they are saying vote for someone else, we should pay attention.”‎ I hung up and asked my kids what they thought about Flatbush Girl. I was laughed out of the room. My kids said, “Mommy, nobody takes her seriously we just laugh at her because she does crazy stuff and makes fun of everything and everyone.”

I was shocked to put it mildly. I’m all for laughs and jokes but politics today is serious. We all know how scary the world ‎has become especially for us here in Brooklyn. I’m not sure my kids feel the same way or worry like I do, but then again they are living in a world of bloggers, whatsapp, instagram influencers and satirists like Flatbush Girl who don’t always publicize the best of our frum society. By these people everything is open to criticism, choizek and question. Let’s call it the way it is, these women make my job as a Frum mother trying to raise good girls much much harder. It’s a different world than when we grew up in, but some things like Yiddishkeit are too important to be mocked and open to sarcasm and criticism especially in the Daily News and the New York Post. So forgive me but I find it hard to understand how this same person Adina/ Flatbush Girl now asks us for our vote so she can represent us in the City Council when a lot that she does goes against the heart and soul of the very community she publicly mocks.

So do we vote for her just because she’s Jewish?‎ I’m confused. It seems others are also.‎ In my view we need to ask ourselves, can we mothers support Adina the candidate and reject “Flatbush Girl” the instagram persona who has been trying to influence our daughters and yes our mothers too? Aren’t they one and the same?

Having now seen the vile Flatbush Girl videos flying around WhatsApp this week, my shock and outrage grows. Is this the person we want representing Klal Yisroel in government or anywhere else? I think not.

Despite her recent reinvention as Adina the candidate, I’m now informed the same Adina does not send her children to yeshiva because she doesn’t want to be silenced or controlled by the Yeshivas. I can’t believe such an allegation or such selfishness but people should ask her if that’s true. Simple question Adina, ‎ how can you pretend to care about the struggles we all go thru to send our kids to yeshiva when you publicly flout the very system you proclaim to care about?

With rising hatred against us every day this is not the time for‎ jokes or a moment to waste precious votes. We need to take smart advice and guidance from people we trust that have our community’s best interests at heart. I will not be voting for Adina on Tuesday.‎ Neither should you.

Tzippy Stimler – Brooklyn, NY

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


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  1. I feel this should be taken down. Regardless of the matter, these things should be spoken about with the subject completely anonymous. Otherwise, al pi halacha it is lashon harah. I have no personal opinions about this women, being that I don’t have Instagram, but rowdy and influential behavior doesn’t make a heter for lashon harah. Beyond it all she is a member of Klal Yisrael and a Tzelem Elokim. Please take down this tabloid-esque, gossiping, slander post. Thank you

  2. I myself will not vote for the frum man who is a Democrat councilman in my district in Baltimore. The politics in the state of Maryland especially in Baltimore city (see past three mayors) is disgustingly corrupt. It makes me sick to see him shaking hands and rubbing shoulders with politicians who are against every Torah value. I don’t care about all the freebies the community hopes to get through him….. lie down with dogs you get up with fleas. I’ve seen some Flatbush girl stuff and she seems like foolish woman. I certainly wouldn’t give her my vote. Don’t need rabbonim to tell me that.

  3. In the last two years Flatbush Girl has blatantly degraded the frum community by tweeting the Daily News and ratting out kosher restaurants who didn’t want to host an open to the public event where there would be alcohol, mixed crowds and questionable entertainment. When the establishments were concerned about the halachic ramifications of hosting an event like this Flatbush girl alerted the Daily News and turned it into an LGBT discrimination suit, bec one of the entertainers is gay. She bullied the establishment into hosting the event where a Jewish woman sang in front of men, but there was nothing anyone could do. The gun was pointed to the heads of this store. When u start up with FG u end up on the cover of the Daily News. FG has videos walking into sefarim stores in Flatbush requesting adult toys of a questionable nature, making the attendant squirm, but that didn’t matter so long as the video got her likes on her Instagram page. She is Jewish but she is not in sync with the attributes that the frum community wants in an elected official. As a matter of a fact, parents should make their children unfollow her lame account and they should follow suit. She is a troublemaker who will stop at nothing to live and make waves in the public eye! Don’t give her a pesdestal!

  4. Hashem runs every local city, state and governments etc… These politicians-rather they are good or wicked-are all simply agents/messengers of Hashem working and doing what Hashem wants to happen to that city or country etc…

    Hashem agents aren’t just Trump, Netanyahu and country rulers etc…. Every person has a mission in this world and is here to serve Hashem. Rather if that means as a child or a servant etc…

    Stop fooling yourself and letting your corrupt human psychological mind (yetzer hara) cool you into thinking these dishonest politicians rule the world.

    turn directly to Hashem for help. Not to middle agents of politicians, rebbes or segulahs etc….



    Adina “Sash” real name is “Adina Shashitzky” but her real name is FLATBUSH GIRL.

    Flatbush girl is a “Chazir Feesel” (pigs legs with deceivingly split hooves) fooling everyone she will be the great defender of the Frum community. Yet on her Instagram page (which this ENTIRE campaign is about – building her brand which promotes businesses in a disgusting not-tznius way) portrays her as anything but Frum.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH has openly testified against the Frum community in the NYC council a few months ago. She is a MOSER.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly embraces transgenders such as Abby Stein of Satmar.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH claims to fight anti-Semitism, yet attempted to take a photo with Jew-hater Linda Sarsour.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly questions Halacha.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly questioned “those rabbis who decided to make a dumb nidcha by Tisha B’av, and the fast should be cancelled if it falls out on Shabbos”.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly encouraged the eating of Basar v’chalav (a cheeseburger) on social media live for tens of thousands to watch live.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly requested young girls post on instagram when they got their first period.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly questioned the way our mikva system works, and the “stupid mikva ladies”.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH openly belittles rabbonim.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH says she will be the great defender of Yeshivos, yet she doesn’t send her own children to Yeshivas.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH has destroyed and perverted the minds of THOUSANDS of impressionable young girls with the utter filth on her Instagram account.

    FLATBUSH GIRL – ADINA SASH Claims to work with the community boards about zoning, but she has NEVER ONCE been to a Community Board meeting.



  7. Achh this woman has no CLASS , never found this kind of woman in someone who grew up in a refined home In Toronto or the west side you know why? Because they were raised classy [fork and knife napkin. On the lap European upbringing] to many of these unclassy people populate our communities causing massive traffic especially in Lakewood where low income housing attracts these ucchie mentchen get lost all of you ucch al I’ll you do i and take up space

  8. if your kids are into the flatbushgirl, talk with them, not at them. They should understand what she is really trying to do with funny attention grabbing videos. But if you tell them “you better get that stuff off now!” then she will have their minds just as she wants. She is trying to get kids to rebel against their families.

  9. We need to send a message to all her would be imitators
    it’s not just about her

    Mock everything that is of value on social media and 6 months afterwards turn around ‘am one of you and come support me’

  10. Quote #1: “I thought to myself ok, I never heard of her but here’s a Jewish candidate, ostensibly one of our own, I’ll just vote for her and move on”

    Quote # 2: “Now I’m not a robot, I don’t just follow blindly ”

    Well, let’s talk about contradictory messages…

  11. Flatbush Moma and her husband were in the polling location this morning.
    The ambience was like the weather –
    Cold. She is shelping her poor son today –
    At least another day out of charter school.
    May Hashem have rachmonus on the
    Sashitzkys and help them back
    On the correct path.


  12. i am sure she means well and wants to help the community she is part of
    the problem with her is that she is a “mesayeh ldvar averiah”
    she gives a voice and platform to people from our community who rl have chosen a lifestyle which is against hashem and the torah
    the concept of bechira allows people to make choices and people do all the time behind closed doors
    but to make videos and promote these people is ASSUR!!!!
    we can not have someone like that represent us

  13. Totally agree with this letter. Written very down to earth and understandable to everyone. rather a goy, where we will tread carefully, than her.

  14. “I see that many of our frum leaders and frum politicians are supporting another candidate, not from our own community. Now I’m not a robot, I don’t just follow blindly and I was confused. ”

    “My friend said “you can agree or disagree with anyone on politics but on local issues the Rabbonim and askonim are all saying not to vote for this Adina person. If they are saying vote for someone else, we should pay attention.””

    “So do we vote for her just because she’s Jewish?‎ I’m confused. It seems others are also.‎ ”

    “Is this the person we want representing Klal Yisroel in government or anywhere else? I think not.”

    Good to know that after much deliberation Ms. Stimler came to the same conclusion as the rabbonim and ends off with ” I will not be voting for Adina on Tuesday.‎ Neither should you.”
    In other words, you don;t have to listen to the rabbonim, but listen to her.

  15. I find it ironic that you don’t have a problem with your children watching Flatbush Girl to begin with.

    Why are parents allowing their teenagers to have access to this garbage to begin with?

  16. This post should be removed. The hypocrasy of this post just amazes me. Here your preaching Yiddishkeit, Halacha, etc – yet you were Over MANY MANY MANY halachos of LOSHAN HARA! This is YOUR OPINION – you don’t want to vote for her – DONT – but to publicize this I want to know what RAV gave you the heter to do so and I want to know from Yeshiva World what Rav gave you the Heter to publicize this article on your website as well.

  17. When every single rabbi, whether politically inclined or totally not, urges their kehilla members to vote for someone other than the “religious” candidate. It is not for no reason! She is dangerous and in fact a known moser. The laws of lashing hara are pretty clear when it comes to someone who blatantly undermines the Torah particularly in a public manner!

  18. no its not lashon hara
    the answer to hiding everything is not lashon hara the answer to when you want to sweep something under the rug is allways lashan hora
    got some news for you sometimes its a mitzvah to talk lashon hara
    check it up in sefer chofetz chaim
    she is a bad influence on our daughters and definitley not someone that should be representing us
    and its not my opinion but daas torah

  19. ” I’m now informed the same Adina does not send her children to yeshiva because she doesn’t want to be silenced or controlled by the Yeshivas”

    In other words, she will oppose yeshivos… with enemies like this…

    This in itself (if true), should be a major alert.

    Now can someone verify if this is really true?

  20. I have been following the race closely and there have been no open Rabbinic endorsements made, other than the Rabbi who befriended proud anti semitic and holocaust denying Pat Buchanan.

  21. Joseph,

    This Rabbi who constantly bashes Adina was a friend of this Holocaust Denier. A Holocaust Denier is not only someone said the Holocaust never happened. A Denier is one who also denies the extent of the Holocaust. From Buchanan’s Wikipedia page is the following.
    “Buchanan wrote that it was impossible for 850,000 Jews to be killed by diesel exhaust fed into the gas chamber at Treblinka in a column for the New York Post in 1990.[22] Buchanan once argued Treblinka “was not a death camp but a transit camp used as a ‘pass-through point’ for prisoners”. In fact, some 900,000 Jews had died at Treblinka.[23]”

  22. Farah won. No need to continue to contribute to this Pravda like publication. TYW loves censorship. It’s totally fake news and worthless garbage.

  23. Bh the correct candidate won. Hopefully
    We heard the last of Flatbush Flopper.
    I’m sure a Yeshiva will take the Sash children with open arms. Mr Sash has it
    In with the institution on Coney Island Ave. Let’s turn a new page now – normalcy!!!!

  24. Dad ah yes again with the “everybody who does not agree with me must be hitler” debating tactic
    Sorry, that shtick only works on facebook/twitter

  25. Joseph:
    Pat Buchanan’s Holocaust denial is well known in the Jewish world. In case you assumed his innocence based on the fact that conservative media outlets still host him like he’s a normal person or an expert, yeah, it’s crazy, but it is what it is. Probably one of the most shameful things they do.

    Anyways, who is “Flatbush Girl?” Is she like a female version of the old “Frum Satire” guy who was just sort of sadly and pathetically mixed up and sick minded, but managed to attract thousands of readers seeking to confirm their own anti-yiddishkeit views?

  26. If Flatbush Dad is related to Flatbush Flopper- he should go to a Flatbush parenting course. Toooo many yidisher
    Nashomas are falling “ off course” due to this misguided neshoma.
    Let’s get back on track – Our children are
    The future of koala yisroel.

  27. There are so many problems with this letter, and more with the comments, the LEAST of which is that the woman writing it specifically states that she is not a robot and that she doesn’t just follow blindly, but she picked up the phone to call a friend and asked her who should “WE” vote for.

    You VOTE for the person on whose platform you stand. You do not vote for someone because the rest of the community (who largely are blindly voting for someone because they were told to) votes for them.

    Additionally, this entire fiasco, from the asinine letter all the way down to most of the comments, are filling with nasty vitriolic hateful speech towards another jew, and in today’s already hate filled world, is completely and totally unnecessary. We have become our own worst enemies.

  28. F Dad,
    rabbi L made a
    mistake with endorsement over 20 years ago
    Nu nu may your good deeds be like his mistakes

  29. We all have friends and family who are sadly leaving the proper derech. The proper thing to do is shower then with warmth and showing them we care about them. This women is obviously going through a difficult time why doesn’t someone try to help her instead of just bashing her!

  30. She is forced to send her children to public charter schools because our own community’s and Rabbonim have failed us because Tution is simply too high.

  31. Someone who openly mocks the frum communities values and ran on a platform to fight for the frum communities values. Of course she couldnt possibly win. even if her grandmother, mother in law, husband and neighbors all endorsed her.

  32. “I picked up the phone after shabbos and called my friend. She is one of those women that has the finger on the pulse of the neighborhood.”

    Just say “she’s a yenteh” and save yourself some keystrokes.

  33. Flatbush girl is not tzinus at all, very liberal (one of her good friends is a “transgender” off the derech former Rabbi who is a descendant of the בעל שם טוב) and a חילול השם. She is also a bit mental.

  34. You all need to stop and wonder sometimew what makes a person who was brought up in the Yeshiva world do this?
    Stop bashing and start internally looking at yourselves and at what you do. What do you get up and claim is halacha that is really Chumra? Why do you think you are a better person? Why did you let the MITZVAH of V’havta L’reiacha K’mocha get away and why is there sooooo much Sinas Chinum. All my questions is what creates a person to do this – when they feel that they are looked down upon, when we stress chumras versus Halacha – when there is soo much knocking of fellow Jews all around us. All the spouting off here with soo much hate is the CAUSE for women and men like her to become successful. The nastiness here that resonates through our schools, camps, social live, gives them a voice where that is heard by many of our children. Our kids are not perfect, they are humans, and if we they don’t feel accepted by our actions, they will turn to people like this and listen to them..;.. So instead of BASHING them – start looking at what you are doing and CHANGE THAT – start reaching out to people like her and accept her for who she is and understand why she is this way.

  35. If the letter writer is concerned about the message of “flatbush girl”, this is not an election issue. it is an all year issue.

  36. i don’t expect this comment to reach the light of day. TYW needs to analyze every post for hours before releasing because C”V, they would not want to offend they Kalay Kodesh. To destroy Flatbush Girl, sure, but it would be a terrible avloh to look at one of their kelay kodesh the wrong way. But I will give it a try.

    The letter the 2 councilman issued in support of Farah contained the names of about 40 men yet 0 women. Put aside the anti semitic tweets and the merciless bashing of Flatbush Girl by some Rabbi who loves Holocaust denying Buchanan and always getting a free pass for doing so. Are women that inconsequential? We are not talking about shul where a mechitza is required or photos of women that might arouse. We are talking about simple names. There are no women leaders?

  37. The above letter looks very polished, and if I had to guess is a political letter instead of a “Oh I just found out.” It starts out in a way that is marketing to the “not into politics Yidishe mothers” trying to be one of them, but as you read through it is obvious that this “Tzippy Stimler” is a political operative and not someone new to the job. (As an aside, there is no Tzippy Stimler in the various phone books, which means either her number is registered under her husband, or she is fictional).

    I find the above very dishonest, regardless of the political nature of those running.
    Sheker as a means to an ends tarnishes reality and truth, and often turns into a slope where you become worse than your opponent.

    If I am correct about this letter and its authorship, then you, “Tzippy Stimler” should be very ashamed of yourself.

  38. Forget about Tzippy. I would like to know who her yenta neighbor with “her finger on the pulse” is. 🙂

    Just to be clear, I am not FG’s dad. I am only a dad who lives in Flatbush. But if that Buchanan loving Rabbi wants to slam me, gezuntaheit.

  39. She is a disgusting human being. By the way, you are allowed to speak out against mosrim in public, which is what flatbush girl is, a moser…