THE JEWS ALWAYS FLIP: That’s What New Book Claims Trump Said After Michael Cohen Made Deal


In a new book by Michael Wolff, the controversial author and journalist claims President Donald Trump accused Jewish people of flipping loyalty, especially in reference to his former Jewish associates.

‘The Jews always flip,’ Trump said, according to Wolff’s upcoming book Siege: Trump Under Fire.

According to the excerpt from the book, which was obtained by The Guardian a week before its publication date, Trump made this remark after his associates made deals to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, Trump Organization accountant Allen Weisselberg and American Media CEO David Pecker all made cooperating plea deals with Mueller’s team – they are also all Jewish.

Wolff’s first book – “Fire and Fury” – was highly scrutinized by fact-checkers, and the author admitted he included stories that he believed were not true. The follow-up book is also facing the same sort of doubts, even before its publication.

In the new book, Wolf also claims that Robert Mueller drew up an obstruction of justice indictment against President Trump – but a spokesman for Mueller says the claim is wildly inaccurate.

According to the Guardian’s Edward Helmore, Wolff reports that Mueller’s office planned to charge the president with “influencing, obstructing or impeding a pending proceeding,” “tampering with a witness, victim or informant” and “retaliating against a witness, victim or informant” but eventually decided to “shelve” it. While The Guardian reporter says he viewed the document, Mueller’s office denies that it even exists.

“The documents described do not exist,” Mueller spokesman Peter Carr told Fox News.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Michael Wolff ??
    I judge Donald Trump by his actions not by what little “Michael Wolff” says in his little book.
    Libs have lost it .
    Any yid voting Democrat needs their head examined .

  2. Bob Mueller’s office called Wolfe out on a lie just yesterday. That should be made clear in the headline as not doing so gives the impression that he’s a somewhat trustworthy source. Irresponsible reporting.

  3. Michael Wolff is discredited and self-admitted lier. His lies were even too much for the Fake News Media when he was kicked out of the MSNBC live show after suggesting that Trump had illicit affair with US UN ambassador Nikki Haley. I can not imagine anybody would waist their money on his books.

  4. Let’s not forget, this is the same Michael Wolff, who in his first book it was proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he made things up including quotes!

  5. MosheInGolus, poster #5, whether your comments are on the money or not isn’t my point! But please spell your words correctly!
    Liar, not lier.
    The waist you used is the body’s midsection. You meant waste! You’ve got to be more cautious!

  6. What a “journalist” known for partisan views says about his enemies should never be taken serious. Did we take Julius Streicher serious and consider if his anti-semitic statements were true?

    If someone such aws Wolff said something nice about Trump that would be news. Similarly, if someone such as Stephen Bannon said something nice about the left-wing Democrats, that would be news. But a professional advocate posing as a journalist saying nasty things about his enemies, confidant that American libel laws protect total falsehoods about public figures, is not news.

  7. Trump would never say something antisemitic. He only
    said he wants short men in yarmulkes counting his money,
    told the RJC you dont like me because I dont need your money,
    said neo nazi’s are fine people,
    took days to distance himself from David Duke
    Refused to condemn the antisemitic vitriol directed at julia ioffee
    Refused to condemn Steve King
    Ran ad ad depicting Hillary Clinton with a star of David and wads of cash.
    And ran a campaign video demonizing Jewish gloabalists.

    Anyway Trump cant be an antisemite because he is not a Democrat and everyone knows that only Democrats are antisemites

  8. CK, stop lying.

    Trump said he wants short men in yarmulkes counting his money. How is that antisemitic? It’s pro-semitic.

    No, he did not say neonazis are fine people. That is a VICIOUS LIE AND SLANDER for which you will burn in gehenom.

    He didn’t take any time to distance himself from Duke, once he remembered or was reminded who that was.

    No, he didn’t condemn the cr*p Ioffee and others were getting, but he didn’t “refuse” to, he just didn’t do it, presumably because he saw no reason to get involved. What did it have to do with him?

    Steve King is not an antisemite, and not a white supremacist, and I see no reason why Trump should condemn him.

    The ad with Clinton had a sheriff’s star, not a magen david. A magen david is two superimposed deltas. This did not have that and had nothing to do with Jews. The ad simply pointed to Clinton’s corruption, which is perfectly true.

    George Soros is a vicious awful person and it is 100% right to attack him; he’s already a demon so there’s no need to “demonize” him. That his mother was Jewish is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t make it antisemitic to attack him. And Tom Steyer isn’t even Jewish by birth, so how can an attack on him even possibly be antisemitic?

    But you’re right about one thing: nowadays not all Democrats are antisemites but all antisemites are Democrats. There used to be Republican antisemites too, but they’re no longer welcome in the GOP, while the Democratic Party celebrates and adores them.