ANOTHER NYPD SUICIDE: Veteran Detective Kills Himself – HOURS After Chief Does The Same


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A frantic search for a missing NYPD Detective has ended with a grim find.

Authorities were on a frantic search to find Detective Joseph Calabrese, after his car was found abandoned near Plumb Beach in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, his body was found near the water. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was last seen early Thursday morning at Maimonides Medical Center at around 2:00AM after visiting his wife who had undergone a small surgical procedure. She was expected to be released on Thursday morning.

Calabrese, 58,  was assigned to the Brooklyn South Homicide Squad, after coworkers became concerned after he never arrived for work.

His suicide has left his friends, family and coworkers in shock.

The Department is in shock as this suicide comes just hours after NYPD Chief Steven Silks shot and killed himself –  just days before his scheduled retirement.



  1. Two top cops die by ‘self inflicted gunshot wounds’…….sounds very suspicious……Are they sure there wasn’t foul play making it look like suicide?

  2. Reb Dons I second your opinion. By all probability an inside job
    Did they have any insider information which may have come out to the public??

  3. I commented the following taken from another news source in the Chief Steven Silks suicide article on YWN.

    “The suicide comes after News 4 recently highlighted growing concerns among members of law enforcement regarding officers taking their own lives. In 2017, 140 police men and women took their own lives, with a higher per capita rate than the civilian population.
    An I-Team survey of cops across the country found 78 percent experienced critical stress on the job, with 68 percent saying that stress triggered unresolved emotional issues.
    Sixteen percent responded that they had thoughts of suicide. Despite those numbers nine out of 10 officers said there is a stigma attached to seeking help.”

  4. Reb Dons: Sure does sound very suspicious.
    Maybe they were about to publish a massive study proving the link between vaccines and autism — and were knocked off by Big Pharma.
    (Not saying they were, but maybe. Who knows? Has anybody checked? Maybe people are too afraid or have been paid off by Merck. Again, not saying they were, but, really, who knows? Yes, very, very suspicious that no one has been looking into this angle.)