KIDDUSH HASHEM: Hasidic Man And Muslim Woman Rush To Aid Elderly Asian Man On Brooklyn Street


The following was submitted to YWN:

“I was passing 6th ave and 46th street in Brooklyn this past Thursday afternoon when I saw a commotion.

Looking closer, I saw a sight not commonly seen. There was a Hasidic looking man and a Muslim woman bent over an elderly Asian man, who seemed to have collapsed on the street.

I did my research, and Jewish man is a Chshuva Marbitz Torah and Magid shiur In a Yeshivah in Brooklyn. When he saw this man collapse he threw off his jacket and ran over to help, getting water and helping out the man. A Muslim woman passing by sat down next to him to offer her assistance as well.

He then stayed there for over a half hour until an ambulance came to transport the man to the hospital.

What a beautiful Kiddush Hashem!”

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. An even much bigger Kiddush Hashem is when two frum Jewish men help a third frum Jewish man.

    Something that occurs multiple times daily.

  2. Sorry but this is not an uncommon event. My daughter helped someone on Church ave last week and I myself helped someone with a group of all kind of people a few weeks ago. I have seen this many times and many frum people as well as non jews go help someone who is in visible need of help. It just doesn’t go viral often.

  3. never understood why when a frum Jew acts like any other normal compassionate person of any other religion would,it is called a KIDUSH HASHEM, helllo- what this Jew and Muslim woman did was expected from every other normal human being,we don’t need Hashem or the Torah to tell us to help a human being in distress

  4. With all the negative coverage that Yidden have been getting lately, this IS truly a Kiddush Hashem. It doesn’t surprise me though. We know that Zera Shel Avraham Avienu are gomleiy chasodim. Nu nu. Yishmael & Yitzchok working side by side to help someone.

  5. joseph do you have a source in halacha, I can try (assuming you rayih likach) and figure out what you are trying to say. You do know that chazal consider the kiddush hashem dovid made for the givonim bigger than if it was done to klal yisroel.

    I do hope you are not talking based on bisoch beney yisroel because that is about witnesses, not who was helped