EPIC FOOTAGE: Jewish Man Warns Drivers About Police Sting On Ave J In Flatbush


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NYPD Traffic Agents were out in force in Flatbush on Tuesday afternoon. They were stationed with a four-man team, waiting to issue summonses to anyone blocking the intersection at Avenue J and East 12 Street.

One man decided to warn drivers about the officers, holding up a large sign.

See the attached video and photo!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Nice try, YWN. He was warning people to not block the box, not that there was some sort of secret NYPD trap. It’s plainly obvious the cops are there.

  2. Kol hakovod!
    1. Helping yidden keep the law.
    2. Saving yidden from losing hard earned money for fines.
    3. Giving up his time to help others.
    4. A true tzaddik doing: chessed, ahavas yisroel, tzeddaka, ozor taazor, lo saamod al dam rayecha…
    5. Hi taaty! I am so proud of you!!!

  3. Many years ago I stood at that corner and warned drivers not to make a left turn as there was a cop pulling over drivers for doing that. The cops gave me a ticket for “obstruction of justice”. Totally bogus and he obviously knew that because when I went to court to fight it I was told the case was dismissed before it even reached the judge.

  4. Same thing happens on Fridays before shabbos or rush hour on Ave N and east 9th street just before CI. Also has some people warning about traffic agents waiting to give $115 tickets. Yasher Koach to these askanin.

  5. Those are meter maids waiting to issue tickets, not police officers. If the driver simply doesn’t wait for the meter maid to issue the summons when they ask the driver to pull over, the meter maid won’t be able to ticket.

  6. Great way to keep intersections clear — post traffic agents disguised as frum Jews with signs warning that police are ticketing drivers who block the intersection. Halachah requires us to obey civil law (that is not contrary to other Halachah). This is a great way to help out.

  7. He is doing nothing more than standing in a dangerous spot holding a small sign. There is a much larger sign at the intersection which reads KEEP INTERSECTION CLEAR. Everyone who travels that road knows that stopping in the intersection is an offence. As for Rebbitzen Goldenpickanicerscreenname
    1. Helping yidden keep the law – Yidden can do that easily on their own if they want to.
    2. Saving yidden from losing hard earned money for fines – you pay a fine if you commit an offence. Just don’t do that to save money.
    3. Giving up his time to help others- wasting hsi time.
    4. A true tzaddik doing: chessed, ahavas yisroel, tzeddaka, ozor taazor, lo saamod al dam rayecha… Yes, Taaty
    5. Hi taaty! I am so proud of you!!! – what for an elderly man standing in the road in a dangerous spot. Take him home.

  8. Amazing. Four lowlifes, one on each corner, and the intersection would be clogged.
    One man can keep it clear.

    You tell me, are those in uniform, out to enforce the law, or out to make a pile of cash for the city??

    (or to put it in plain English. It’s pretty clear that if their point was to keep the intersection clear and help traffic, one agent would suffice. As you see one civilian can get the job done.
    But no. They could care less about the law or the traffic. It’s about making cash. So instead of helping, they will stand unobtrusively on the corner, wait till you get stuck in the intersection, then make traffic worse, by holding you there till they write out the ticket. As you can see from the photo and videos, there is no place to pull over while the crooks write out the ticket.
    All the commentators who don’t understand, obviously don’t live in Brooklyn. This is not law enforcement. It’s revenue enhancement. And to the genius who said just don’t stop for them, I know someone who tried that once.
    The ticket guy called on his radio,” officer down ”
    Claimed the person hit him with their car as they drove off. Got arrested, and spent the night in jail. Had to get a lawyer and had a very serious court case with possibility of real jail time. Not an advisable move. If you do get caught, just take the ticket. It hurts it’s a lot of money, but running off will not end pretty. And by the way, your talking about trying to move off, on avenue j? Where it’s 2-3 lights per block? Why do you think they are there in the first place?!? Where exactly are you “driving off “to??

  9. @Rebbitzen Golden…
    “4. A true tzaddik …. ozor taazor …”
    ok now ur not a real rebetzin. theres no such words in the holy tana”ch!
    but your user name is ok.

  10. I don’t get it . People who break the law by blocking intersections and inconveniencing countless others are the victims and shouldn’t get fined?
    The man with the sign is a hero to the drivers who would otherwise be blocked, not the drivers who would have been ticketed.

  11. Drivers that block the box should get a summons. There is no reason to block the intersection. When the light is changing they should stay out of the box. This is what we have so much traffic in that area, besides the fact that is very dangerous for people crossing the street when the box is blocked.

  12. Wow has the word “Epic” been downgraded. Once it was beating large armies with a single sword, now it’s just holding a sign…