WATCH: Multiple Expensive Vehicles Stolen In Deal NJ


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Over the past few night, the Deal, NJ, community has been hit by a rash of vehicle thefts.

In the attached video, the viewer can see a male suspect in a black mask with a grey hoodie and white gloves. He is seen taking a Porsche SUV.

Other vehicles stolen included a Range Rover an an Audi.

Police are asking anyone with information to please contact them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. ???? The door was unlocked to the car.
    The family was home calmly watching.
    The thief turned on the headlights in the driveway before even trying to start the car?
    Looks strange

  2. I know of a case in Brooklyn where a housekeeper used the keys from inside the house to unlock the car and then it’s just push to start.

  3. Key FOB was in the car or too close to the car…. for those who have this practice… FYI many insurance companies have started excluding coverage for situations where a car is stolen with it’s keys such as; left running to warm up, or keys left in car. So yea…. lock your doors and remove your keys.

  4. These cars do not require ignition keys. The electronic key sits in your pocket and as you approach the car the lock automatically unlocks and all you need to do is push the start button. Obviously he had a remote that matched or perhaps was a factory service key.