WATCH: Arsonist Who SET HIMSELF ON FIRE Attempting To Burn Down Synagogue Will Be Held In Hospital


A London court on Friday ordered a man to be hospitalized indefinitely after he attempted to burn down the 18th-century Exeter Synagogue on Tisha B’Av last year.

Tristan Morgan, 51, was caught on surveillance cameras pouring a fire accelerant into the synagogue building and setting it alight in July 2018.

Morgan, whom one prosecutor described as having “deep-rooted anti-Semitic belief,” was sectioned under the Mental Health Act at London’s Old Bailey on Friday, after the court heard that he was having a psychotic episode during the time of the attack.

Prosecutor Richardson said Morgan, a folk singer, made songs “exhorting others to violence” against the Jewish community and contained lyrics that “reveled in the degenerate views of Nazi Germany and white supremacists.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. A little puff-back and some sparks on his cap ain’t exactly setting himself on fire. Good thing for his psychosis, too, because he would have likely had the care of Jewish physicians, which would have made him escalate from psychotic to utterly apoplectic. As the Britishers might say, rather not terribly nice for the old chap.

  2. Incredible footage of Midos Hadin at work. It is so perfect when a narrow jet fire shoots out of the wall and hits him squarely in the face – and no where else! I watched that part three times.

    You can’t miss the hand of Hashem and Middah Kneged MIddah at work here.

    We should take mussar and appreciate the Erech Appaim and Rachmanus that Hashem has on us, all of the times that we DON’T get punished so instantly.

  3. um, of course its Yad Hashem but dont give me your Nes Niglah stuff yet, it shot out of the WINDOW because thats where he broke it