THURSDAY UPDATE FROM VIRGINIA: Search Continues For Rabbi Reuven Bauman [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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UPDATE 2:40PM: Sources on the scene confirm to YWN that the U.S. Coast Guard is once again assisting in the search. Video posted below (taken moments ago) shows the U.S. Coast Guard chopper overheard scanning the waters and shorelines.

Meanwhile, two boats from the Virginia Beach Police are currently using sonar which is searching underwater to help locate the body.

EARLIER POST FROM 11:30AM: As Klal Yisroel around the globe continues joining together in Tefilla, search and rescue personnel on the scene continue their search for Rabbi Reuven Bauman, who was swept out to sea at a Virgina beach on Tuesday as he heroically saved a student of his.

Rockland Chaveirim, who train regularly for searches, are on the scene and tell YWN that the search was relaunched at 5:00AM on Wednesday morning.

“There are currently 6 boats on the water”, Yossi Margareten, Coordinator of Rockland Chaverim tells YWN.

“Two of the boats are from Baltimore Shomrim and Baltimore Misaskim. 4 boats are occupied with Rockland Chaveirim volunteers. There is a jet ski from Toms River, NJ and at least one chopper is overhead scanning the shorelines. We also have multiple drones deployed.

“We have local community members are assisting with handing out flyers to folks riding bikes and running on the beaches, to be on the lookout.”

Unfortunately, there is bad weather predicted for the area at around 2:00PM, and volunteers might be pulled off the water at that time.

[HELP COPING WITH TRAGEDY: Project Chai Hosting Public Call-In Crisis Support In Response To Norfolk Tragedy]

Due to high temperature, all responding volunteers are encouraged to use sunblock with at least 50 SPF and drink plenty of electrolyte replenishing beverages. Sunblock and water is available at the COMMSAR command center. If you need to rest during your assignment, you can visit the Chaverim of Rockland’s tent on the beach to catch some shade and replenish your water supply. COMMSAR is now in contact with the federal agency holding jurisdiction as well as search and rescue experts on a state level spanning the Mid-Eastern Atlantic States to bring in special resources including dogs trained in HR detection in salt water. The coast guard is now considering resuming their search effort. The tide is now low, and increases the chances of clues being exposed.

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout the day, YWN is updating this developing tragedy on our WhatsApp status. Click this link – or send a message to 1-888-4-YW-NEWS (888-499-6397) – to see our status posts.

As YWN has been reporting, Rabbi Bauman, 35-years-old, was at the beach at False Cape State Park on Tuesday with around 20 campers from a local day camp when a 13-year-old student was caught in a sudden rip current. Rabbi Bauman immediately entered the water to save the boy who was able to make it out of the water. Unfortunately, Rabbi Bauman was swept out to sea and has not been seen since.

Virginia Beach Police using sonar

Rabbi Reuven Bauman is a Rebbi at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Norfolk Virginia.

Emergency personnel from various organizations in the new York area are on the scene, and others are in the process of deploying.

On Tuesday, the Achiezer Organization, Hatzolah Air and other organizations were on the scene searching.

A Charidy campaign has been set up for the family.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. circle, we do not need your second-hand comments. the family will follow their local rabbi, who will seek halakhic advice if required. the rest of us have no reason or right to interfere. that is how halakha is practiced.

  2. Circle, Where did you see that? At this point what *would* be the course of action? I don’t think it’s humanly possible to survive all these days at sea without fresh drinking water (the ocean is non-drinkable salt water). I think the excessive heat and sleep exhaustion would have eventually prevented someone from treading water and staying afloat. There were several Eidim (witnesses) who saw the victim in the water, preventing a scenario of the victim running away and hiding. Unlike a river or a lake, there is no “other side” to swim to and run away. Hundreds of years ago this was more common with Cross-Atlantic Sea Travel, and I’ve read that Gittin were left aside in the event of a husband not returning. So what now?

  3. TGIS:
    “Unlike a river or a lake, there is no “other side” to swim to and run away.”
    Da’as Bh”B Hepuch…

    That is why you should ask a Posek.

    It is the exact scenario of Mayim Shein Lehem Sof. Were we are afraid he might have been washed up far away (via the waves) and is alive.
    Whereas a lake, we can see he did not exit and is Mayim Syesh Sof and is Muttar to marry.

    שולחן ערוך אבן העזר הל’ אישות סי’ יז סל”ד :
    “וכן האשה שהעיד לה אחר שטבע בעלה במים שאין להם סוף ולא עלה ואבד זכרו ונשתכח שמו, הרי זו לא תנשא על עדות זו, כמו שנתבאר. (ואפילו התירוה ב”ד ולא נשאת, לא תנשא) (ריב”ש סי’ שע”ט), ואם נשאת לא תצא. הגה: ודוקא שנשאת על פי חכם או בטעות, שסברה שהיא מותרת, אבל אם נשאת בעבריינות, תצא (תשובת מוהר”ם הביא מרדכי סוף יבמות). וכל זה דוקא במי שהעידו עליו שטבע ממש במים שאין להם סוף,

    “excessive heat and sleep exhaustion would have eventually prevented someone from treading water and staying afloat”
    Yes, some consider the above scenario a case of “Rov” and thus Muttar m’D’Oraisa, therefore, it is :
    ואם נשאת לא תצא

    Please consider the possibility that family and friends of the Rabbi. the campers, the staff, the community, etc. may see these posts during this critical time.

  5. Why aren’t there divers and submarines to search deeper in? Don’t they have a huge budget to help out in such situations?
    They shouldn’t leave a inch not turned over!

  6. When my son was sick, Chai Lifeline used to tell me, where there is life, there is hope. No matter how awful the situation was. And it got pretty awful up util the very very end.

    Until there is a body, every single person should TRACHT GUT VET ZEIN GUT! Hashem can make the biggest of miracles. There is no reason to give up yet. Sending prayers to the family and friends to remain strong and keep waiting for the miracle.

  7. I’m confirming that Rav Reuvein told family not to sit Shiva. That means given the facts, Halacha considers it possibe that he is still alive. This is good news. Halacha determines the physical facts . Now is the time to daven for rachamim and not give up hope. Halacha is not determined by what You think. And if Halacha says he may be alive, he may be alive!

  8. I would suggest that instead of us becoming learned in these halachos that are meant for gedolim, we should rather learn from the rebbe that we should jump in & help & not jump to conclusions!

    He is in my opinion a hero that needs our tefilos

    all rabbonim agree that davening will do more good then blogging boich svaros

  9. yid1- you’re right. The Satmer Rebbe in Divrei Yoel Beshalach says precisely what you are saying that lakeil gomer alai Chazal can decide nature absolutely applies by mayim shein lahem sof- found in in Mesifta’s kaftor vaferach section in end of yevamos. Don’t care if not ‘naturally possible’
    Sourse for no shiva -YD 375-7, Even Haezer 17-5. No kadish or keil malei either