ZAIDY SLAMS INTO ZAIDES BAKE SHOP: Lexus Plows Into Fair Lawn Kosher Bakery [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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An elderly person driving a Lexus plowed straight into a Kosher Bakery in Fair Lawn NJ, Thursday morning.

It happened around 11:00AM at Zaides Kosher bake Shop, located on Fair Lawn Avenue.

Miraculously, the driver and a customer only sustained minor injuries.

The Daily Voice reports that both victims refused medical attention, and that building inspectors were on the scene determining if there was any structural damage.

The co-owner of the bakery, Ann Steinberg, told ABC7 it appeared an older driver who is a regular customer accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake.

She said this has happened before, and as a result, the property owner installed yellow poles outside the business.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. One of the hardest thing in the world is getting an elderly parent to stop driving. There is usually a very big grey area that hard to see.

  2. To Jewish Source I didn’t mean seeing as in eyesight. I meant the overall ability to drive. When an elderly person loses his ” privilege” to drive it usually means the end of their independence. This is very hard realty to come to terms with.

  3. This is very frightening and could have potentially ended far worse. I personally feel that in the zechus of persistent strength of the Torah, Mitzvos, Kashrus, and Chessed of the Steinberg family, injuries and lives were spared.