NYS Supreme Court Refuses To Issue Temporary Restraining Order For Vaccination Religious Exemptions


Albany County Supreme Court Justice Michael Mackey denied a request on Friday for a temporary restraining order against the implementation of the religious exemption repeal pertaining to vaccinations.
The state adopted the law before it adjourned last month in the face of a measles epidemic.

Goshen civil rights attorney Michael Sussman challenged that law seeking to first have it temporarily halted.

“Justice Mackey reasoned the other courts have upheld the state’s right to order mandatory vaccinations and concluded we had not met or carried the very high burden of demonstrating substantial likelihood of ultimate success on our claims, a burden which the party seeking a TRO must meet,” Sussman said.

The attorney said the justice set a further briefing schedule and “expressed the view that if we can demonstrate the merits of our case before him or another judge, we will have time to do so before September and the extensive irreparable harm children will then suffer.”

Sussman acknowledged the decisions is not what he had hoped for, “but I recognize that getting a TRO against state legislation is very difficult.” He said, though that he hopes “further development of all the issues will cause this or another judge to preliminarily restrain the operation of this statute and I will be working on making that happen.”

(Source: MidHudsonNews.com)


  1. This of course was the absolutely correct decision by the Supreme Court justice. This was a very important piece of legislation and unfortunately very necessary due to the actions of the reshaim who chose to make a public spectacle of their flawed anti-vaccine opinions. And, if anyone has concerns about the impact on religious rights in the country, you know whom to blame – the evil antivaxxers – and no one else!

  2. Stop taking so much money from the State! Our Mosdos are grilling them for every nickel and dime. All the school administrators are connected with one another so they don’t miss out on a single grant. If you take money, you have to comply. It’s a relationship! Unfortunately, many of our “private schools” have become public schools. Let’s call our administration offices and tell them to stop hurting our mosdos. Charge some more tuition and stay away from the Government. Don’t they realize that already or the money is blinding them?

  3. anti vax is not part of our religion anyway…the new age pagans can try to make their case for a religious exemption as part of their thing but the Torah has no part of any of it.