Monticello: Jewish Man Assaulted While Walking To Shul Friday Night


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A Jewish man was viciously assaulted while walking to Shul in Monticello, Friday night.

Law enforcement sources tell YWN that the victim was walking to the Shul in the area of Park Avenue near Edward Avenue when he was approached by a black man riding a bicycle. The suspect began asking the victim for money, to which he replied that it is Shabbos and he is not carrying anything – including a wallet or any money. The suspect kept on asking for money and the next thing the victim remembers is walking into Shul, all bloody, without his “Shtreimel”, his glasses and shoes all missing.

Despite his obvious injuries, the victim told people in Shul he was fine and refused to call Hatzolah or Police.

At around midnight, the victim was not feeling well, and called Hatzolah. He was taken to Catskill Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for facial trauma, including a broken nose.

Monticello Police have taken a report and are investigating the incident.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why in heavens name are Yidden afraid of making a report? Do you not realize that you hurt everyone in the process?? If everyone would file a report when incidents happen there would definitely be more money made available from the Government to protect all Jewish Sites and anything Jewish because the numbers would show that there is a need!!!

  2. and refused to call Hatzolah or Police. Moral:- Always call Hatzolo and the police; Most important reason:- To nip this scoundrel in the bud, before he ever strikes again, and potential next victim could be much more seriously injured or Heaven forbid deposed of from this world.

  3. Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    It is important to call police right away even on Shabbos, due to the fact that this animal is going to hurt someone else , maybe even during the next hour.
    Baruch HaShem you survived. Maybe the next person will not survive.
    Please call the police right away.

  4. Good luck finding a black man in Monticello! Especially since they waited hours, G-D knows why? It’s not NYC either, there’s likely no CCTV, only a bunch of crackheads that want to stay here alone all year.

  5. Men, you must wake up. You did not call Police or Hatzolah how would you have felt, if after doing this it happened to a woman. She could have been bringing something to one if the neighbors and this happened. Please, please call Police if something happens. Do not wait