TEHILLIM – Jewish Man Critical After Car Crushes Him While Changing Tire On NYS Thruway


A Jewish man is in critical condition after his own vehicle fell on top of him, early Friday morning.

It happened just after 2:00AM on the NY State Thruway, when the young man was travelling with his wife and children from Montreal to New York. His car suffered a flat tire at around mile-marker 33 (between Kiryas Joel and Monsey), and he began changing the tire on the side of the road. For reasons unknown, the car jack slipped, and the vehicle fell on top of him, pinning him under the vehicle.

Hatzolah from Kiryas Joel, Rockland (Monsey) and Catskills all responded. Rockland Chaveirim was called as well, who was on the scene in minutes. Chaveirim and Hatzolah members were able to lift the vehicle, with the assistance of a passing truck driver and another Jewish driver.

The man was found unresponsive, and a chopper was requested to airlift him to a trauma center. A Medevac arrived and landed on the highway, and the victim was flown to Westchester Hospital, where he is listen in critical condition.

Sources tell YWN that the victim suffered chest and shoulder injuries, and remains sedated in the hospital.

Please say Tehillim for Nachman ben Hinda Sara Zisel.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I usually don’t like people posting stupid comments when there is a tragedy happens, but.
    we need to put pressure on our elected officials to fix the roads, i get flats all the time , or mess up the alignment, there is no reason for the neglect on the roads, this is exactly what taxes are for.

  2. His wife and children were there that’s a painful story. may God bless him with a full recovery so he could spend many more healthy years (120)together with his beautiful family.

  3. He should have a quick Refuah Shliemah.
    I don’t know that this is the issue in this case, but for anyone changing a tire, it is extremely important to first apply the parking brake/emergency brake/hand brake so the car does not roll off the jack.

  4. Better to carry a couple of scrap pieces of 2×4 to block the wheels so the car won’t roll. Don’t rely on the parking brake alone, they may not always work especially in an older car

  5. So sorry to hear about this terrible tragedy, may he have a refuah shleima. As a coordinator/volunteer of the largest organization (16000 volunteers) that provides roadside assistance please allow me give a few tips to avoid these kind of tragedies. Whenever changing a tire on a highway always wear a reflective vest and turn on your hazards. If possible try to find a level ground and a wide shoulder. If the flat is on the side of the car facing the highway do not attempt to change the tire alone, call the police to block the lane. Always place the spare tire under the car until the flat tire is off then put the flat tire under the car and remove the spare, this way the tire will catch the car if it falls. Loosen the lug nuts a little and apply the hand brakes before lifting the car. Make sure to put the jack in the correct place where the metal is exposed, there is usualy a sticker on the jack or information in the car manual (if it still exists). Keep all children or anyone not assisting behind the gaurdrail.

  6. a taxi driver outside my house had his car fall off his junkie scissor jack (i was able to stick a low profile trolley jack under and lift the car for him)
    never rely on the jack that comes with the car bring a jack stand
    and avoid going under a car if possible