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Person Shot Outside Young Israel Of North Miami Beach

A person was shot outside the Young Israel of North Miami Beach, Sunday afternoon.

It happened at around 7:00PM, when a man was shot while walking outside the Shul located at 10th Ave near 171st Street.

Hatzolah of Miami Dade was on the scene and treated the victim, reportedly in his 60’s, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his leg.

He was taken to Aventura Medical Center, and is reportedly in stable condition.

Law-enforcement sources confirm to YWN that the victim was sitting outside Shul waiting for Mincha, when a vehicle drove past and opened fire. Six shots were fired, and 4 struck the victim in his leg.

Police in North Miami Beach Police are on the scene, and possibly looking for a dark colored Camaro or Impala. Additional details on the vehicle police are looking for will be published when security camera footage provides that to law enforcement.

Please say Tehillim for Yosef Noach ben Leah Tzivyah.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

8 Responses

  1. @7PM I was praying at the 117th {Nidche} Johrzeit gathering of the Chief Rabbi ZTKLLH’H @his Kever in Union Field Cemetery, so I guess I was in much safer hands at a much safer location.

  2. Jersy Jew: Whose names??? Do you know who the shooter or shooters are??
    ‘The victim should have a refuah shelemah

  3. NMB (North Miami Beach) has had it’s hardships over the past few decades with crime with a heavy particular demographic population which hasn’t always merged with the frum community so well, but something like this is really shocking and frightening. BH this shooting wasn’t worse and BH the patient is in stable condition. Shuls across the country have been taking understandable measures to protect the congregants INSIDE of the shul buildings, but have we thought of preventative measures for around the outside proximity of properties?

  4. @Gadolhadorah, don’t act like an idiot, “Jersey Jew” Means Yemach sh’mom! to whoever committed this very obvious hate crime. Need more explanation?

  5. Get this ??!!!
    The police can’t make up their mind if the Jewish elderly sitting on the bench waiting for mincha was the victim of RANDOM ACT OF VIOLENCE or the gun man who shot 6 bluets and hit the Jew 4 time was the target?
    It sounds like OBAMA WAY OF THINKING.
    Today the corner and 10th Ave. Was crowded with police from Miami Dade and just now NMB POLICE stationed commend center.
    For those who are not familiar with the area pockets of NMB are part of Miami dade and if a crime happens across the street of these pockets we have to wait for and are switched to Miami Police which could take much longer.
    Regardless there is a special mincha at the YI and everyone should come if in the area.

  6. The police themselves are nice, but we are not a top priority for local (we are the powerless minority) or county (donut holes disregard) officials.

    I can’t think of a single crime in the past decade – from car break mins to robberies to murders – that’s investigated solved and prosecuted in the past ten years, and that includes with Crystal clear CCTV faces on some cases.

    In some cases we’ve provided the addresses where stolen credit cards or phones were used… Zero follow up.

    And that’s not hyperbole, I really can’t think of one single crime thats resulted in an arrest or prosecution.

    The best thing that they ever did was get the word out that we don’t carry valuables on Shabbos. Didn’t help Reb Raskin, but that was the exception.

    Their SOP is to flood the area with cop cars the day after and get on the news and ask for help from the public. I’d lol but it’s sad.

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