BORO PARK: Two Suspects Wanted In String Of Gunpoint Robberies Arrested After Shooting Victim On Ave O


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The two thugs wanted for at least 7 gunpoint robberies in the Boro Park area were arrested early Wednesday morning following an attempted robbery and shooting.

Sources tell YWN that at around midnight the pair tried robbing a victim in the area of 32 Avenue O. For reasons unknown, they fired shots at the victim, striking him in the leg. He was taken to Maimonides Hospital.

The NYPD had placed dozens of extra officers in the area over the past few days, and responded in seconds to the incident. Thankfully, both men were apprehended, and confirmed to be the men responsible for the previous robberies.

As YWN has been reporting, there have been at least 7 prior robberies within the confines of the 66 Precinct, 62 Precinct, and 68 Precinct. In all the incidents, the individuals utilized the “D” train and the “N” train in order to move to/or from each incident location.

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Between 10:00PM, July 31, 2019 and approximately midnight on August 9th 2019, two individuals approached seven males and displayed a firearm and demanded the victims’ property. In each case, the individuals remove cellular phones, cash, and jewelry.

The locations are as follows:

66 Precinct:

1: 12th Avenue and 46th Street
2: Front of 1412 55 Street
3: Front of 150 Ocean Parkway
4: Front of 873 61 Street

68 Precinct:

5: Front of 452 76 street

62 Precinct:

6: Front of 8126 bay 16 street
7: Front of 1681 65 street

The exact charges agaisnt them will be published when they become available to us.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. B”H the 2 dogs were caught. Now let’s hope some liberal judge doesn’t let them off the hook with a little slap on the wrist.

  2. I hope the headline is not racially motivated. You mean the two gentlemen pictured are being ACCUSED of perpetrating a string of gunpoint robberies and a shooting. No court as yet found them guilty. In this country Only the President of the United States is deemed guilty upon accusation – and he remains as such even when later it’s determined that he is innocent.

  3. and people keep believing the total absolute lie coming from de bozo that crime is “at historic lows”? crime is growing because the criminals have been enabled and the cops protect dunkin donuts and park as they please and don’t care since they all live in staten island or long island and despise frum yidden

  4. How would anyone pick them out of a lineup at Police HQ? They all look the same to me. Wide noses, thick lips, pants hanging down around their posteriors, hoodies or backward baseball caps, etc.

  5. @ Arizona. why thats unnecessary, why the heck would you call out a specific segment of a populace? would you like people to do that to Jews? do you think this wont affect anybody in a bad way? does it not say in Pirkei Avos that “al t’hi baz l’chol adam?
    And Yeshiva World, can you explain why you have a post that is very difficult to describe any other way but “racist”?
    You Should Take it down.