Rockland Chavieirm Rescues Frum Boy Injured While Riding ATV In Kakiat Park


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A boy who had gone ATV riding with his father was injured and needed to be rescued, Sunday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that the Ramapo Police Department reached out to Rockland Chaveirim to assist in rescuing the boy, who suffered an injury while riding in Kakiat Park.

The boy was transported to the hospital with traumatic injuries.

His exact condition was still unknown.

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  1. “Tonight Paige, Lance and King performed missing hiker operations after an ATV incident at the request of Ramapo PD in the Kakiat/Harriman Park Area. This was in conjunction with The RC Sheriff’s Office ATV, Ramapo PD, NYS Park Police, and several Ramapo EMS Units. Time was essential as there was an incoming lightening and rain storm

    The Mounted Unit made initial contact at approximately 1200 feet elevation. The assent was made up treacherous loose rocky terrain. You can see on the maps below the elevation was extremely steep. Initially the Mounted Unit escorted the father and son down and turned them over to other assisting agencies.

    These are the operations that the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit trains for. We are glad that the ATVers and all the involved personnel made it back safely.

    #RCSO #RPD #NYSPP #RamapoEMS #BetweenTheEars #LostHiker #UpTheMountain #FoundSafely #TrainAsWeWork”