TEHILLIM – Young Child Pulled Out Of Swimming Pool In Jackson NJ


A two-year-old child was pulled out of a pool in Jackson, NJ, on Wednesday morning.

Lakewood Hatzolah was on the scene at the incident at around 9:30AM, and found the child in cardiac arrest.

After working on the child, Hatzolah Paramedics regained a pulse.

The child was being rushed to the hospital.

Please say tehillim for Chaim Refael ben Batya.

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  1. PLEASE……Fence in your pools. Install alarms – those loud, piercing ones – on the fence AND in the pool so if anything heavier than a leaf falls in you will know. It’s basic common sense – but then again, so is beach/water safety & that seems to be missing as well. All these terrible accidents were avoidable. All these grieving families is heartbreaking.

    devny – it’s all a joke to you?