Tricks about candid photography you should know


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Photography is an art that is not gifted to every person, however, with determination, interest, practice and better technique, any person can be able to get professional photographs. All the things that you just have to consider the most for taking the best pictures, especially candid photographs are adopting the best techniques and tricks. So, here we are going to tell you about some of the tricks that will make you able to take professional candid photographs with your same camera:

  1. Use Ambient Light

One of the key factors that offer a great edge to any picture is the use of ambient light as compared to the flashlight. Most of the time it happens that people use flashlights to take pictures. These flashlights diminished the originality of the view that you have to capture. It starts showcasing some additional effects in the image that completely changes the look and feel of that whole scene that you wanted to capture. In this case, it is important that you should use ambient lights instead of flashlights. Try to capture images in the original lightening that will offer to natural feel instead of using a flashlight or any kind of photo app, like to edit photos.

  1. Change Autofocus Mode

Most of the cameras have two kinds of autofocus modes that you can use for different purposes. The first autofocus mode is known as Single-point AF or One-Shot AF. It simply offers the focus of the lens on wherever you have placed the autofocus point. This is used by most of the photographers. The second autofocus mode is called Continuous AF-C or AI Servo AF which continuously keep focusing on the object even if the object is moving. It is rare to be used but only that time when you have to take high-action shots. So, choose any of those as per your need. Most of the time it happens that people use the opposite autofocus modes that are not offered for that scenario. In that case, they cannot make the shot better, even if the view is outstanding. So, it is important that you should figure out which autofocus mode you find right at the moment and then capture an image in that mode so that there remains no need of using any photo app like retouchme to edit photos.

  1. Take Lots of Photos

Most of the time it happens that people take only one or two pictures of any view and move to the other one. They don’t really consider to take more than one or two images of any view by considering that this will waste their memory. They just perform this task and move to the photo apps like retouchme or any other and try to edit photos by applying some kind of filter on them.

Well, no doubt pictures taken from high-quality camera requires too much space to be stored but if you take lots of photos instead of taking only one or two images of the same view, then you will definitely get the best picture among those lots of images that will worth your memory. That one image could be quite amazing that you will not feel any need to use any photo app, like retouchme to edit photos. In fact, it will be quite amazing that you can never get such an image through any kind of photo app, including retouchme.

  1. Never Put the Camera Down

Most of the time it happens that photographers put the camera down after taking a bunch of images. This thing is not much effective or useful for candid photography. When you put the camera down after taking some picture and move forward for the next view, then you can waste a lot of time to capture the next view you find. It is quite possible to happen that very after few minutes of putting your camera down, you find the best view to take the picture of, but in the time when you will approach the camera, set the focus and capture the image, the whole moment gone. It is quite possible and obvious to happen. So, it is important that when you are up to for candid photography, never put your camera down because it can miss your best shot.

  1. Shoot in Burst Mode 

Always try to soot in the burst mode. As you know that taking a lot of pictures of the same view can take a lot of time, and in that duration, there is a huge chance that you miss the moment. In this case, you should shoot in burst mode. In that mode, the camera will continuously take shots for multiple frames per second and it will only stop when you will lift your finger up from the shutter button. 


So, consider all the above-described tips and make sure to use all of them if you want to be the best in candid photography.