Motzei Yom Kippur News Round Up From Israel


A Magen David Adom Spokesperson stated that the organization responded to 2,491 emergency calls over Yom Kippur in Israel. A United Hatzalah Spokesperson stated that they responded to more than 3,000 emergency calls in Israel and Ukraine over the holiday.

Magen David Adom said that of the calls that they responded to, some 1,852 people were taken to the hospital on their ambulances another 110 were taken to the hospital on United Hatzalah ambulances, many of which were operated by Muslim volunteers of the organization.

Among the emergency calls there were 268 cases of fainting, dehydration and feeling ill due to the fast. 256 people were injured in accidents involving bicycles, scooters, and skateboards. One 13-year-old boy from Ashkelon was in serious condition after he suffered a head injury while riding a scooter.

2 young boys died and 22 other people were injured in motor vehicle accidents. The first fatal accident took place when an 8-year-old boy was riding his bicycle near Derech Namir in Tel Aviv when he was hit by a car. The driver was detained by the police and taken for questioning. The second fatal accident took place when a 10-year-old boy was riding his bicycle on Highway 443 near the Ben Shemen Youth Village when he was hit by a motorcycle.

24 people were injured in acts of violence that took place across the country including a Muslim man who was shot int he town of Jaljuliya. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

140 women in labor or active births were transported to hospitals across the country. MDA  personnel assisted in three births, one in Beit Jann, one in Jerusalem and one in Rehovot.

One MDA ambulance was stoned on Highway 75 near the Shomrim Interchange.

A 4-year-old was rescued by Avreichim in Shul who saw that he had tied a plastic zip tie around his own neck. The incident took place during tefillos in the town of Beitar Illit. Avreichim from the shul attempted to cut the zip tie from the boy’s neck to no avail until one brought a box-cutter and succeeded at cutting the zip tie. The boy sustained cuts to his neck but his life was saved. United Hatzalah EMT Eliezer Roth told reporters after the holiday: “When I arrived at the shul I saw the boy bleeding from his neck. I was told that one of the mispallelim cut the zip tie from the boy’s neck with a box-cutter. I treated him for his wounds before he was transported to the hospital.”

Sha’are Tzedek reported that their teams helped deliver 72 babies over Yom Kippur. Hadassah Ein Kerem reported 40 births, Barzilai Hospital reported 12, and Ha-Emek Hospital reported 22.

Fire and Rescue Services reported that they put out a fire in a residential building on David Yellin Street in Jerusalem. The fire occurred in a building that was being used as a dormitory for a local Yeshiva. Fire fighters also prevented an explosion in an apartment building on Shachal Street in the Givat Mordechai neighborhood of Jerusalem after a gas leak was reported. Using specialized equipment, the fire crew located the source of the gas leak, which was a gas line left open inside an apartment. The Fire crews evacuated the building and closed the gas line before breaching the apartment to deal with the leak.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)