The following article was updated on Friday morning with two additional hate crimes:

Not that anyone really cares anymore, since it’s clearly “open-season” on the Jews, but YWN has learned of yet another three hate crimes in honor of Chanukah.

ATTACK NUMBER 6: On Thursday YWN reported of an attack happened on Avenue S and West 6th Street.

Sources tell YWN that the victim is a Jewish woman (of the nearby Sephardic community), who was walking on Avenue S with her child, when a black woman walked up to her and said “We are coming after all you Jews”, and punched the victim in the face. The attacker used expletives that were omitted by YWN.

Thankfully, a fast response from the NYPD’s 62 Precinct resulted in them apprehending this Jew-hater.

But rest assured, she will soon be called “mentally unstable”, and released back into society without paying a price.

ATTACK NUMBER 7: Crown Heights Shomrim tell YWN that at around 1:00AM Friday morning, a black female walked passed three Jewish females, and in an unprovoked incident, slapped the victims.

Crown Heights Shomrim were called and followed the suspect from a safe distance until the NYPD arrived and arrested her at the corner of Kingston Avenue and Crown Street. She was charged with Aggravated Harassment (Hate Crime). As usual, the suspect has a past history of being mentally unstable.

ATTACK NUMBER 8: A black male walked into Chabad Word Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway at around 7:00AM on Friday morning, and stated that he was “going to shoot up the place and kill everyone”. The suspect then fled 770 on foot and was followed down into the Utica Ave station. The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force are investigating both incident. The NYPD’s 71 Precinct and Crown heights Shomrim both have stepped up their patrols.

YWN notes that Crown Heights Shomrim has launched a fundraiser on The Chesed Fund to raise desperately needed money to assist them in their 24-hour response that the community has come to rely on. With antisemitism on the rise and attacks becoming more frequent, your support is needed more than ever. Please click here to make a donation!

In case anyone was wondering, it is NYC Mayor Deblasio – and ONLY him – who is solely responsible for this out of control violence against Jews. So far, all we see is tweets “condemning” and tweets saying that an “attack on Jews is an attack on all New Yorkers”.

The days of blaming these attacks on President Trump and “white supremacists” are long over, as we all know that nearly none of the past 150 hate crimes were “Trump supporters”.

YWN wrote the following on our Instagram page on Wednesday night (after the fifth hate crime): There have literally been hundreds of hate crimes. HUNDREDS. How many arrests were made? And of those few arrests, how many were prosecuted and actually put in jail? How about Mayor Deblasio enlighten his Jewish constituents and tell them the answer, which we already know: ZERO.

It’s time to have the President send the Federal Government into NYC and start charging these anti-semites with federal hate crime charges, and throw them into jail for long sentences.

[THE ATTACKS JUST WONT STOP: Boro Park, Williamsburg, Flatbush, Crown Heights! [VIDEOS OF ATTACKS]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Unfortunately, there is new prison reform in NY. There’s no such thing as bail anymore. Even if perps are arrested, they get a desk appearance ticket and sent right out. And with Riker’s Island closing soon, the streets will be FLOODED with criminals in the near future.
    We live in scary times.

  2. Calm down. It’s only a hate crime when the perpetrator is a white male wearing a MAGA hat and the victim is a black or Muslim. Nothing else matters. The Thought Police created by the impeached Eric Holder already established this fact.

  3. Why does it have to be a Sephardic woman or chasidic man? The rest where Jews but in addition to “Jews”, there are “those chasidim” and “those sephardim”. Maybe if the “real Jews” will work on their anti semitism, it will be reflected to the goyim.

  4. The problem is that we make a big shpeel about it, and this attracts more of these attacks. It becomes like a sport.
    A few decades ago, when I was growing up, things like this happened once in a while. We remained quiet in those days. (So, I got an egg on my hat on Halloween. Shoin, scream police police!? I got a kick or a shove, nu we a re in golus.)
    Say 10 incidents a year in Boro Park. Ok. But now, we scream on national TV and social media, and the haters gleefully want some more ‘fun’.
    Truth be told though, that there is also a political spin behind this, orchestrated by George Sorrows and the leftists anti-Semites, that want people to believe that Trump and alt-right is responsible for this uptick in crime. You can see the left wing media report these ONLY when they can blame it on white ‘nazi’ crime. Even if the crime was by black guys, they media interviews a Yid, then spins it as an alt-right crime. (The left with deBlasio (although he also faces criticism) actually want this to go on, to make Trump look bad.)
    In my opinion, both of these reasons are contributing to this geZaire.
    A few more days left in Chanuka, let’s daven so that we merit to live in peace until Hashem takes us outta here.
    Good Shabbos Chanuka!

  5. It would be nice to notify the Mayor that every Yid will staunchly refuse to vote for another Democrat for the mayor’s office. He is a true disgrace, and Jews are not the only victims of his ridiculous policies and priorities.

  6. It’s mostly not antisemitism. It’s people reacting to Israeli military violence. If you continue to defend everything the maniacal police and military do in Israel then you are part of the problem.

  7. We all know how wrong it is when new York tabloids label all Jews as “Orthodox Jewish Hasidic Rabbi”. In this vein,it is highly disturbing that the headline was “a sephardi woman”. I don’t know the news editor, but it seems that he in not aware that כולנו בני איש אחד אנחנו. And that this woman was hurt because sh is a new, not because she is a Sephardic.

    An Ashkenazi ohev yisroel

  8. Those of you who move to EY now will still be able to find amble housing in a choice of excellent locations. Naturally all American Jews HAVE to live in Yerusalyim, so they might have to pay a premium for that privilege. But you can find wonderful places in a number of regions that will meet your specific budget. In fact, we would love if you would Join us here in the Shomron!!
    However, if you wait for the mass exodus, you’re liable to end up in a tent or caravan in the Negev (though nothing wrong with that) until the construction industry meets the huge demand.
    So be smart and act now!!!!

  9. FYI The Judge that prosecutes some of these cases and releases them with $250 bail etc. is “one of our own from Boro Park” even called a Hero by some. Doesn’t want to get “too harsh”

  10. Has anybody out there ever heard of HASHEM! the master creator and organizer of all events on this globe & beyond. in this case too, the puncher and the receiver were per Hashem’s instruction, in addition to all the sudden surge of jewish hate crimes across the States. Rather than blaming the mayor, it would be more beneficial to understand the messages Hashem is sending, and to act upon.

  11. MTAB, ignorance, such as yours is a major part of the problem. I doubt these attackers are well educated in the politics of Israel, nor do they even understand the history of the holocaust. IGNORANCE, is the major issue, such as AOC and her crew, who spew hate, and when questioned to give details on her comments, seem like a cornered mouse with no real answer. There nonsense comments, can fuel hate.

    During the Jersey City tragedy, some of the locals where cursing out that Jews were the assailants, and are responsible for all the problems and crime in their neighborhood, REALLY???

    Unless the Jews stand up for there rights, and defend themselves, or stop electing these politicians care, that either stir hate, or all talk but no action, the situation will worsen.

  12. “MTAB December 27, 2019 12:39 am at 12:39 am
    It’s mostly not antisemitism. It’s people reacting to Israeli military violence. If you continue to defend everything the maniacal police and military do in Israel then you are part of the problem.”

    Not sure if you noticed, but there is violence committed daily on a global level by others. Yet nobody seems to react that way on such a scale as to jews because of the actions of the Israeli military.
    May I remind you that attacks against Jews have been perpetrated long before an Israeli military existed.
    And it goes on and on.
    Having said that, I believe your comment and world view are not part of the problem, but the very problem in itself.
    Makes one wonder if you’re at all Jewish, or perhaps an unwelcome visitor from another planet.

  13. We are seeing history repeat itself and instead of Hitler’s Brown Shirts beating up the Jews, we are seeing people of the Negro community doing the same thing. Ironically, just as the Jews in pre 1933 Germany taking a ” blind eye’s view” of what is happening, so true are the Jews in New York City just shrugging off these vicious attacks. Please tell me again how many Jewish People live in New York City? Why aren’t they doing something to protect their fellow co-religionists? What is everyone waiting for…another Holocaust to appear on the horizon. Doing nothing to protect yourself, will hasten that event.

  14. Agree with Truth. HURTS 100%. I don’t remember seeing ‘”Ashkenazi man/woman attacked” in the headlines of the previous five incidents. I am sure the person who wrote this article meant no harm, but it’s a very sad sign.

  15. How many Jews voted for this lousy Mayor not once but twice?

    This is what happens when a far left Progressive gets anywhere near power.

    Take a look at California especially the big cities like LA and SF. That is our future Hashem Yerachem. Be sure to vote in November but not for a Democrat.

  16. Re Truth Hurts. I also found it ODD the it would label some one by their ethnicity. I suppose to make it fair going forward all 90% of attacks on Jews should be labeled ASHKENAZI Jew beaten up..

    It’s ignorance which is taught at school and home, however not intentionally C’V.

    I believe that the editors of YW should await moderation before they post their stories.
    Other wise all is good and Hashem should keep ALL Jews safe.

  17. I am an ex-Israeli Jew. I lived in Israel to age 27, and I studied about anti-Semitism from elementary school to high-school. I have several academic degrees. For several decades I’ve been living in North America. Finally I see the truth with my own eyes. The cause of anti-Semitism is the corrupt Jewish political class. People like Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal and too many more are not only corrupt but also treasonous – and they project and blame their own corruption and treason on Trump. Trump, the man who has done more for Israel and the Jews than any Democrat ever did. Even I, a Jew, feel the revulsion against the Jews in the political class. A worse holocaust might be coming to North America than the Nazi one. And you, YWN, who’ve been dumping on Trump for several years, you suddenly now discover that actually Trump is the one to save you?! Hypocrites that you are. Shame on you, two-faced Jews. You are suddenly ‘Nebechs’. Live by the teachings of the Torah and the Talmud. Be honest. Be truthful. Be consistent. (Lo medaber tahapuchot). Repent. Ask Trump for forgiveness. The Jewish political class causes the hate and then ALL THE JEWS BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES. Reject the corrupt Jewish political class. Denounce them for what they are – corrupt traitors. We are living through a repeat of 1918-1933 during which the German Jewish political class stirred the hate with their communist socialism. They were shot an killed in Bavaria and elsewhere. Be patriots! Don’t be parasites.

  18. Our bobbies & zaidies, many of whom were survivors of the holocaust (and are a slowly vanishing living testament) told us for years that history will repeat itself if we become apathetic.

    Sadly, the streets of NY are resembling what they described the streets of pre-war Europe were like.

    The answer clearly isn’t tweeting about it…

  19. thank you YWN for reporting this, nowadays with no bail all these criminals are part of catch and release and then CLAIM mental illness, but ONLY targeting Jews no other group, they have a mental illness to Jews apparently but rest assured our beloved first lady chirlane McCray is working on this diligently through her failed thrive nyc initiative to the tune of 1 BILLION DOLLARS!

  20. re: Truth_Hurts. I think it is relevant to know that it was a sephardic Jew – that indicates that they are targeting any Jews they can find, not merely Chassidic ones who are more obviously Jewish. Also, there is a special bias/hatred in the non-Jewish world toward Chassidim specifically. This shows that the problem is even more widespread.

    Further, there are absolutely zero negative connotations with being Sefardi, and being noted as one is a matter of fact and neutral. The negative assumptions you are concerned about are possibly coming from your own implicit bias against Sefardim.

  21. DeBlasio gets all the Jewish support he needs by slow-walking the city report on the inadequate education going on at some yeshivas. I am not sure what he could do to cut down on these anti-Semitic assaults. More certainty of prison in the minds of the perpetrators would help, but that’s a job for the DA’s and judges, who are elected, not appointed by the mayor.

  22. MTAB, as far as you are concerned the attacks are the result of the fact that Jews poison the wells and slain Xtian babies on Passover. Take you filthy Jew-hating garbage to sites like The Daily Stormer.

  23. dont worry all these self proclaimed jewish leaders will stand outside with deblassio and murphy and have chanukah menorah lighting, and pictures with so called askanim, as long as the funding comes in for their programs, they would worship an eigel,

  24. > Truth_Hurts

    chizuk1 is correct. To make this clearer, a Sefardi would probably not be “White” like an Ashekenaz, and what it is saying is that the Black person attacked a non-White person. In other words, it is not Black-on-White hatred that is the reason for the attack, but Black-against-Jew hatred.

  25. Chizuk1 said: “I think it is relevant to know that it was a sephardic Jew – that indicates that they are targeting any Jews they can find, not merely Chassidic ones who are more obviously Jewish”

    I disagree. If that was true, an attack on a non-chasidic ashkenazi jew would be reported as “ashkenazi man\woman attacked”, and I haven’t seen any of those. The main reason sephardic jews are singled out in the US is ignorance taught at homes and yeshivas. As I said before, I am sure no harm was intended by the headline here, but it’s a sad reflection of a serious problem.

  26. I’ve always wondered, why all these “mentally unstable” criminals are out to harm others? It used to be the “mentally unstable” folk harmed themselves and were given mental health help and therapy. Why are these “mentally unstable” folks in this day and age harming innocent strangers? The system and culture we live in enables them to get away with claiming they have mental issuesl!!!! Yes, they do, it’s called hate, anti-Semitism and no regard for fellow man/woman!