Nachas Health And Family Network – Day of Remembrance


hol1.jpgIn a time of rising Anti-Semitism and large-scale Holocaust denial, Nachas Health and Family Network is proud to announce their annual Holocaust Remembrance event to be held on May 29 at 10:30 a.m. at the Young Israel of Beth El, located at 4802-15th Avenue in Brooklyn. Over 1,000 Holocaust survivors and their families are expected to attend, making it one of the largest gatherings of Holocaust survivors in recent memory.

“We can’t express how pleased we are with the response we’ve gotten,” Rabbi Pinchus Horowitz, Director of Nachas Health and Family Network said. “We hope that this tribute to the survivors will inspire them to continue providing inspiration for our lives.”

The event is a culmination of a partnership between Nachas Health and Family Network and the Lazar Consulting Group. In 2005, The Lazar Consulting Group helped Nachas Health and Family Network secure a 1.2 million dollar competitive grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to provide support services to aging Holocaust survivors and their older adult children. Since then, Nachas Health and Family Network has steadily provided assessment, screening and support services for hundreds of Holocaust survivors across the New York area.

“My parents survived Auschwitz, and my mother just turned 100 in January. We need to ensure that the Holocaust never fades from our thoughts and memories.” Joe Lazar, who will emcee the Holocaust Remembrance event, said. “Sadly, we don’t know if we’ll ever be able to gather 1,000 Holocaust survivors again. It is our responsibility, as the second generation, to keep this memory alive.”

William Thompson Jr., New York City Comptroller, will deliver the keynote address and Rebbitzen Esther Jungreis, noted author and Holocaust survivor, will be the special guest speaker. The prayer Kel Malei will be sung by noted cantor Benzion Miller.

In addition to honoring the Holocaust survivors themselves, the event will honor Denmark, the Dominican Republic, Japan and Spain for their efforts aiding Jews during the war. The countries’ respective consul generals will be on hand to receive their awards.

A number of community leaders and elected officials will be in attendance at the event.

The event is sponsored by the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, Maimonides Medical Center, Marks Law Firm, the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center, and Astoria Federal Savings.


  1. The 29th of May is when the Hungarian Jews were deported to Aushwitz.
    The event’s also honoring other nations, whereas Yom Hashoah is a collective day of mourning.
    The more events like this we can have the better. Never forget!