LISTEN TO IT: Trump Calls Bloomberg “A TOTAL RACIST”, Then Deletes The Tweet Minutes Later


A clip of Mike Bloomberg’s 2015 talk at the Aspen Institute in which he defended stop and frisk and putting “all the cops” in minority neighborhoods has resurfaced on social media.

The former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman spoke candidly about his self-described “controversial” views and policy to bring down the murder rate.

He also claimed that the way to stop young people from bringing guns out onto the street is to “throw them up against a wall and frisk ’em.”

And Bloomberg said you could take a description of murderers and their victims “Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops” because they all “fit one M.O.”

The apparent audio of the five-year-old event, which Bloomberg blocked from public release at the time, was released by podcaster Benjamin Dixon.

President Trump tweeted the audio clip of Bloomberg writing “WOW, BLOOMBERG IS A TOTAL RACIST”. Around 20 minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Battle of the wealthy egoists. While i can’t stand Bloomberg, he did accomplish some things for NYC of a fiscal nature. In other ways, he wrecked the city with regulations that are ridiculous, with impact still ongoing. I do hope he disgraces himself on his way to the election with epic losses. Trump is irritating, and his negative campaigning grates on the nerves. But he accomplishes more than many presidents before him,put together. A bit more silence would do him well.

  2. Deleted minutes later? That tells us how often Ivanka checks his twitter feed. She will go down in history, along with Warren Harding’s wife, as the behind-the-scenes person who saved the country from a mentally-compromised president. Most people caring for a relative with dementia are obscure. She is on the frontlines of preserving our national sanity.

  3. rt:

    You persist to sing the Democrat MSM narrative about Trump and racism. I ask you to provide some documentation to support that. Until I see something reliable, I consider that position and those who mouth it total hooey.

  4. An interesting study. People who don’t know anything about Trump, or who haven’t watched a single speech, rally, read a single book, watched a single tv show (like when he defended the Jewish contestants on the Apprentice from the other racist contestants) are calling him racist. In other words, people who know nothing about Trump can tell me what makes him racist.
    On the other hand, Trump knows Bloomberg personally, and this article is saying that Trump thinks Bloomberg is a racist. People who don’t know anything about Bloomberg, never seen him speech, doesn’t read his books, etc, will defend Bloomberg.

    Whom should I believe? Those who don’t know, or those that do?

  5. Isn’t Trump the one shunning political correctness in order to say the truth? Bloomberg did the same and it’s impressive that he had the guts. Why the hypocrisy?

  6. Trump’s attack on Bloomberg here is based on stop and frisk. Trump SUPPORTS stop and frisk! That’s probably why the coward deleted the tweet, because it’s so easily demonstrable.