HATE IN CROWN HEIGHTS: Jewish Boy Assaulted At Gym In Unprovoked Attack [VIDEO]


A Jewish boy was the victim of a hate attack in Crown Heights this week.

CHI reports that the victim was using a piece of exercise equipment at the “Crunch Gym” this past Tuesday, when he was suddenly attacked.

The victim told the NYPD that the suspect, a black male, walked over to him, called him an “(expletive removed) Jew”, and slapped him in the face. He also pulled off the victims headphones, and stepped on them, crushing them into pieces.

No words were exchanged prior to the attack.

The NYPD arrested the man, who also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident.

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  1. seems like the ape left his towel on the machine. probably not a hate crime, as he felt the jew was using his machine, or getting sweaty too close to his towel. nonetheless, his reaction removes him from the category of human and puts him right up there with the simpler life forms such as apes. And thats being generous.
    Also, for those who would say that the jew was wrong for doing that in the first place, that would be technically correct, yet it may be very possible that 1) he didnt notice. Or, 2) that he saw it was left there for a while and [rightfully] assumed that someone had just forgot it there ( as he went to hog up another machine).

  2. So what else is new ? at 77 the only aspect I can say is what is cursed remains cursed…..the foolish Black Man just repeated his history without a thought….perhaps thinking is needed more relevantly than the brainless act of being caught___