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FOUND! Rockland Chaveirim Search For Yeshiva Bochur Missing In NJ Park

Bichasdei Hashem, a Yeshiva Bochur missing for a few hours in a wooded area was found after an intense search by Rockland Chaveirim and assisted by Mahwa Police. Missing was a 16-year-old Yeshiva Boy in a 500 acre state park in Northern NJ.

Dozens of Chaveirim members trained for night searches in all types of terrain assisted in the search as well as Shomrim volunteers from NYC and Chaveirim from Kiryas Joel.

The boy was on a trip with his NYC based Mesivta when he went missing.

The boy was B”H found in good health, and reunited with his Yeshiva and family.

Chaveirim thanked the Mahwa Police Department which greatly assisted in finding the missing, as well as Police Chaplain Rabbi Joel Friedman.

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  1. Sorry, Not Chaveirim found the boy.
    It was COMMSAR, A heimeshe search and rescue team from Rockland who found the boy.

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