WATCH THIS: Dr Zelenko Has Message For 99% Of People: “YOU GOTTA RELAX”;


The leading physician in Kiryas Yoel, Dr. Zelenko, released a public video a short while ago, where he reported some good news.

He says the drug he has been giving coronavirus patients is seeing good results, with no one hospitalized or ending up on a respirator. The drug was announced by President Trump last week called “Hydroxychloroquine” to be used to treat COVID-19 victims.

He does have a message for young and healthy people that have symptoms of coronavirus:

YOU GOTTA RELAX. 99% of you will be fine. Just wait, don’t have panic. Stay away from old people. You will be fine. As long as there is no shortness of breath, you will be fine. You don’t need any treatment.”

“The only people that need treatment are those that have shortness of breath, or those that are in the high-risk category (over the age of 60, people that are immuno-compromised, people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, etc.”

“So please, it’s a very nervous time for everyone. There is no room for for young people to get nervous or cause hysteria, you will all be fine.”

“I wish everyone a Refuah Shilaima”.

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