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MAILBAG: Hypocrite Deblasio Should Resign Now – But REOPEN NY FIRST!

NYC Mayor Deblasio is a total failure and a pathetic joke.

He has allowed the city to descended into total chaos.

Half of the most expensive Manhattan storefronts are boarded up with plywood. The looters were released from jail in 3 hours with zero bail thanks to Albany’s wonderful “bail reform” laws. We have NYPD heroes being shot, stabbed, beaten to a pulp, run over by vehicles.

He singled out the entire Jewish community with a tweet sent to his millions of followers over social distancing, but wouldn’t dare do the same to the other communities – specifically those rioting.

His Sheriff Department is running around Boro Park and Williamsburg handing out summonses to businesses that are opened in defiance of the Governor’s Executive Order.

The NYPD is busy chasing Hasidic children using the swing set in a Williamsburg park. He has not done the same for any other people using the parks all over the city.

He is adamant about people wearing masks, when he himself was not wearing one today – as he was surrounded by tens of thousands of protesters.

The NYPD has turned their backs on him. His biggest financial supporters have turned their backs on him. And now, at the protest – his own fellow socialist liberal protesters have done the same.

And why can tens of thousands of people gather at a protest, when 100 can’t gather in a Shul or at a wedding or a funeral?!

Just do us a favor before you resign: REOPEN NY NOW!

Tens of thousands protest without social distancing

David Sokol – Brooklyn

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

14 Responses

  1. cant blame the guy, next time dont vote for him rabboisai, try republican, guliani was much better and everyone that had normal values loved him

  2. deblasio the meshugina needs to be thrown out of office, theres a petition going around online, everyone should sign it and get him out of here once and for all

  3. he is not the total fault for this Bailout Law thats his friend Como,
    they have a very tuff time with this situation, BUT sure FIX this Bailout Law or g-d forbid gonna be Civil War

  4. where are all our Askonim who told us we need to vote for this guy
    will not name names but we know who they are as they are the first to be in the pictures
    telling you how much money they brought for the yeshivas (where tuition never goes down)
    the political l groups of one!
    the big “mole machers”
    all silent now
    scared their money train might dry up
    the people are going crazy people need to open their stores
    not a word from the Askonim no full page ads
    no fjcc breakfasts with bagels
    total silence
    worthless organizations

  5. You get what you vote for.
    I’m confident the Yidden will vote for the next democrat as well.
    We used to be a smart people.

  6. Curtis Sliwa who hates DeBlasio says removing him is a very bad idea – the replacement would be Jummane Wiiilams, the current Public Advocate, and he already expressed his opinion that there should NO CURFEW at all. Imagine what NYC all 5 boros would look like!!!

  7. Yep Turn your back. These sickos have no morals. No I don’t mean the protesters I refer to the leftist liberal like Brad Lander who is calling for reduction in NYPD funding. Who is angered that there was a curfew. Who thinks the police were wrong for driving into protesters who were trying to lynch them. There is now a movement among the protesters called 8:46. The time the cop had his knee on his neck. That time 8:46 is already infamous as the time the first plane flew into the world trade center.

  8. hu bacha, why do you think he would resign if only enough people sign a petition? Why would he care how many people signed? He has his job and the only one who can fire him is Cuomo.

  9. No mayor in NYC history has been as responsive to the demands of the charedi orthodox leadership as Bill De Blasio. He has channeled funding to orthodox communities, in particular religious pre-K preschools. Most politicians would never have done that. He looked the other way on the secular education in yeshivot and regarding metzitzah be peh.

    With the ungrateful trashing that we are giving him it is unlikely that there will be any future mayors who care about what charedi leaders demand.

    Oh and if he resigns he will be replaced by Public Advocate Jumanne Williams, a big supporter of the vile anti-Semite Linda Sarsour.

  10. ah yid,

    Reducing NYPD funding is as stupid as any of the many stupid things Trump has done. It shows that there is no difference in the IQ between the nutty far left and the nutty far right. It turns out that De Blasio has actually increased funding for NYPD, increasing the size of the sworn officer corps, partly to make up for the draconian cuts instituted by Mike Bloomberg. We are still well below the peak staffing levels we had at the beginning of the Bloomberg Administration, though.

    However, it is likely that there will be massive cuts to NYPD anyway because the city is rapidly running through the $10 billion rainy day fund that De Blasio had built up. There is no money. How much would you pay in higher property taxes to prevent this? The federal government won’t even adequately reimburse the city for COVID-19 impact, and our federal taxes get funneled to incompetently run states like Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky which has the most underfunded state pensions in the nation. McConnell of course doesn’t care.

    We are in for some tough times ahead. And while De Blasio has not distinguished himself, nobody has any better ideas.

  11. “FIX this Bailout Law”

    You mean the bail reform law. A fix was applied as of early April and it indeed has resulted in changes. Rates of robbery and felonious assaults, which had been increasing, are now plummeting. However, burglary and auto theft continue at rates that are a spectacular increase over last years levels — . These crimes are done by professional criminals and to immediately release suspects means that they are back in business the next day.

    There is a problem here though: The US Constitution. We have a right to be released after arrest pending trial. And if we can’t afford bail it has to be reduced. The only exceptions are if you are a flight risk or an immediate danger to yourself or to others, and damage or theft of property doesn’t seem to qualify.

  12. “Curtis Sliwa who hates DeBlasio says removing him is a very bad idea ”

    Curtis Sliwa is a worse fraudster than Trump. Sliwa actually faked crimes in order to make his organization look good. Like Trump, he should have been sent away for years. De Blasio is merely an incompetent racist.

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