5 Ways to Save Time and Money Using the Internet


Today’s world is more connected than it has ever been. The internet has introduced endless opportunities – and one of the most significant is our ability to undertake certain activities and follow particular processes in a far quicker manner than we ever could before. There are a huge number of ways in which you can save both time and money by going online. Here are just a few.

Order Shopping and Groceries

Not only can you now save a huge amount of time by doing most of your shopping over the internet and getting your favorite products delivered to your door, but you can also shop around and find the best deals in mere minutes. Discounts and bulk-buying options are right at your fingertips, enabling you to win back hours each week. To save even more time, you can order takeout to your door via a simple online transaction.

Complete Forms and Other Documents

Whether you’re renewing your insurance, applying for a new passport or getting a gym membership, most organizations will now accept an electronic signature in place of your physical mark. Gone are the days of heading to a real-life location and filling out your details on a piece of paper. It’s not even necessary to print a form out at home any more – and it is surprising how much time, money and stress this can save. An additional benefit of the use of online documentation is the resulting reduction of waste and the saving of paper.

Request Medication

It can take a long time to get a doctor’s appointment and, depending where you are based, these matters can get pretty costly. Many practices now support electronic prescription services, which means that you can ask for more meds when you need them without undergoing a time-consuming and stressful process. With 33 US states now permitting the use of medical marijuana, you can even apply for this resource online with minimal fuss. If you’re a resident of one of these states such as Oklahoma, you can start the application for your OK medical marijuana card simply by visiting the website and filling in a few details.

Undertake Research

Everyone knows that you can use search engines to find out almost anything you need to know – but there are more research resources available online than you might realize. Whole libraries full of publications have now been digitized and are available to the public – some are for free, some accessible via a membership. You can study for a qualification or undertake research for an article, paper or novel without spending a penny on resources or setting foot in a library or bookshop.

Manage Your Commitments and Duties

You can use the internet to pay bills, book home repairs and apply to send your kids to a certain school or summer camp, but it’s not just your domestic duties that can be simplified and expedited in this way. If you run your own business, you can use particular platforms to manage workflow, keep on top of your calendar, take and make online payments and book repairs, upgrades and renewals – all in one place. Many of these pieces of online software are automated, meaning you may be able to save significant sums that, in the past, would go to a PA, secretary or accountant. At the same time, you can also relieve a little stress and win back a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on administration.