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VIRAL VIDEO: Yaakov Shwekey Performs Song Celebrating President Trump

Jewish music superstar Yaakov Shwekey performed a song praising President Trump last night which has since gained international attention. Video of the song, first published on Monday night by YWN to our 35,000 WhatsApp Group subscribers, went viral in seconds.

The performance was done at Camp Teumim Mesivta in Pennsylvania, to the tune of Shwekey’s “We Are a Miracle”, and had new words changed to “We Love America”.

The new lyrics were written by Yisroel Besser of Mishpacha Magazine, and the song was intended to have been sung this past Sunday at the fundraiser for President Trump in Deal, NJ.

The program on Sunday reportedly ran out of schedule, and the Shwekey performance needed to be cut down.

The lyrics are:

A nation so diverse,
Yet united at its core,
Freedom opportunity
Allowing us to soar,
Its been four great years
Four GREAT years
And you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,
The glory of our history,
Our flag its flying high,
The promise of our future,
We raise our voices high
Its been four great years
Four GREAT years
And you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,
We love America
We love America
May Gd, hear our prayer, sing it loud and clear
Cause we love America,

It doesn’t matter where,
and it doesn’t matter when,
You’ve got this country in your heart
To make it great again,
Give us four more years
Four MORE years
Cause you know don’t you really know
You’ve been heaven-sent, Mr President
To stand strong,

We love America
We love America
May Gd, hear our prayer, sing it loud and clear
Cause we love America,

Every day you fight a battle,
On the news they try to hide,
Your victories, your accomplishments,
The way you lead with pride
But truth is always stronger, so join us as we sing our song…
We love America



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30 Responses

  1. This is a very beautiful tribute. Since he doesn’t list specific accomplishments, I’m curious whether he has in mind the historically strong stock market, the historically high number of former administration officials who are now convicted felons, building the wall on the southern border, the historically high number of cases of antisemitism, the historically high unemployment, the historically high number of deaths per capita from a virus that every other civilized country has better controlled, the historically high number of times the President has congratulated himself for doing a spectacular job. There is just so much there to mention.

  2. wow. amazing. im not just talking about his voice, im talking about the message hes giving over. liberals should be thrown out because they dont care about america, only about their own interests

  3. The level of propaganda, hero-worship, and messianic imagery of an American leader is really unprecedented for our community. A song praising the president, claiming that he’s heaven-sent? During an election year? This is something you would expect in North Korea.

  4. are we so craven that we have to sing songs of praise to Trump??? Trump is the embodiment of much of what we ought to be against!!!

  5. I ordinarily enjoy Shwekey’s music but this fawning adulation plays directly into the sad reality of a national leader whose seemingly endless need for praise requires everyone to grovel in his presence and contort their beliefs and facts to avoid contradicting his blatant lies and misstatements. The worst part is the reinforcement of the evangelical right wing mantra that the Trumkopf was sent by “G-d” to restore American greatness. My hashkafah doesn’t allow me to believe that the Ebeshter could not have found a better shaliach than this lying, vulgar and bullying adulterer.

  6. So beautiful!!! USA is a Medina shel chessed that Hashem gave us as a respite from our tzaros. We must show hakoras hatov to President Trump who has only shown us yidden kindness and did what no other president did…kept his promise about Yerushalyim. Trump 2020…Moshiach sooner!!

  7. I’m not sure the news worthiness of this video is enough to warrant publishing a video with no masks and social distancing. Even if the camp is in a “bubble”, putting out this video creates the real possibility of Chilul Hashem if the video is portrayed that we don’t care for the rules.

  8. The words to this song do not make any sense? Where is there truth in anything Trump says or does? The white supremacists have been celebrating him to.

  9. Look, I voted for Trump, and would never vote for the left wing American torrid values and their representatives. And I understand that you’d want to send Trump a positive and welcoming message. But he released a peace plan this year to divide Yerushalayim and give the East Jerusalem territory to the Palestinians, and put a US Embassy there. Yerushalayim is not for sale. Ever! It is part of our legacy, the land of our ancestors, the site of oleh regel, where our nation flocks during the times of Torah holidays! So supporting Trump without criticism, calling him Heaven-sent, despite these actions shows that we don’t care about our own Torah and Tanach! It sends a message that even if he or other politicians do something terribly wrong to us, or step on our Torah, we will smile and thank them just the same. So maybe you can edit this song a bit…at least remove the words Heaven sent.

  10. It’s always such a קידוש השם to see such Erlicher Yidden sing about how they adore a רשע.

    This must be the reason why Hashem spared us from the מגפה. Oh, wait…

  11. nope… he was heaven sent. unless you believe theres something else besides for Hashem? but then that makes you into an apikores

  12. A lot of smart comments here and a lot of dumb ones too. I think the dumbest was by a person calling himself m. Just because of the fact that he/she mentions the corona deaths here and being so much higher than everywhere else. We’ll just a few facts we need to go over for someone obviously not paying attention. Let’s start with nursing homes. So caumo and others “order” nursing homes to admit Covid positive patients. Confirmed 6500 ppl die as a result. And now we hear that that number is manipulated and is really closer to double that. So roughly 13000 nursing home deaths. Trumps fault?? Sure. Next let’s go to the “no visitors” policy. I hope you’ve never spent any significant time in a hospital with a seriously ill family member. Because I did. I know what goes on at these hospitals in normal times. If your not there watching and prodding and doing things yourself and making sure your relative is being taken care of properly the staff our “heroes” just neglect them and forget to do things. Like feeding or changing fluid bags bringing water or adjust the ventilation. In corona times where staff was overwhelmed you can multiply that factor a few times. Moreover are you aware of the medical culture that permeates our “great” healthcare system that they destroyed everyone’s life in order not to overwhelm?? They don’t believe in life as a virtue in itself. It’s only quality of life that counts. So if a patient is say 80 yrs old and on a ventilator they start telling you how it doesn’t pay to keep him alive. And let’s pull the plug. If there are no visitors and no one knows what really happened I bet you there was plenty of murder going on. Is that trumps fault?? Ok now let’s talk about the fraud in the numbers. I personally know of someone who died on April 2 from congestive heart failure with no corona at all. His death certificate says cause of death corona. And then there’s the probable cause thing. Where hospital officials arbitrarily decide when a person had 4 medical issues including corona and they just decide on their own what his cause of death was. Remember hospitals got $12.5k from the feds for every corona death. So that explains the fraud. So if you wonder why a place like Israel which is the basic size of New Jersey has roughly 600 deaths and nj has 20k deaths well now you know why. Basically it’s all a hoax. Like trump said from the beginning

  13. ANON21 So the fact that there are 13000 new cases daily in Florida and Texas is because of “caumo” is it? Or is it just because it’s “all a hoax”??

    How delusional does a person have to be?

  14. I was responding to the deaths that commenter m brought up. You want to talk about confirmed cases? Sure. You know how much fraud is going on in that area? You mention Florida. Well in Florida it turned out that their numbers were 90% off. That’s right. 90%. And that was a mistake. In fact there was a doctor in Arizona that got suspicious from all his positives so he sent the lab two unused tests. And lo and behold they came back positive. Moreover if you test 65m ppl for everything do you how many diseases will show up in all of us? It means nothing unless you get sick. So yea positive tests and new cases is even a bigger hoax than the deaths. The deaths at least the reality is that these ppl died. The confirmed cases are total lies.

  15. “ANON21 ”
    i agree to you 100 percent.

    “Danp359 ” missing some screws, what shaycus? and its not caumo, its cuomo, and we dont care if trump is a rasha, the main thing is that he is trying to establish decent values in this country, once and for all, not like these leftist idiots who want to defund police and make this place into a communist country, we dont owe anyone anything, we worked for our money and therefore deserve it, if a meshugina wants to rob us from our businesses and take our products he is a criminal and needs to have justice. trump is the most conservative president that i have seen so far and is therefore the best choice since it is closest to ideals of the torah from all the other choices that we have. this is poshut if it needs to be explained then you are definitely missing some basic commen sense.

  16. Throughout history Jews have followed false prophets to their peril. Trump is an immoral leader. He is corrupt, profane, coarse in language, mean in insults, and brings out the worst in people. If Trump is sent from Gd, maybe it’s time to rethink what Gd is and what it means to be a ‘Torah’ Jew. Yes, he moved the embassy to Jerusalem but in reality, this has changed nothing for Israel and the security of Jews worldwide. Remember what has happened to Jews who follow false prophets, you don’t have to be to learned to know. My advice, stick to Torah, stay out of politics. Look at reality, not what’s on any TV, in fact, turn off the TV and study.

  17. Its intresting how the people claming it is a hoax write huge long paragraphs without thinking of how complicated it is to read, and yet we find out it is the same old, boring, typicel, senseless, illogicel and predictable nonsesnse.

    Or in other words the “real, honest, truthfull, and deep reality” that for some reason “no body knows and nobody wants to talk about it” yet “it is based on research, evidence and science”.

  18. בתור יהודים אנחנו חייבים הכרת הטוב לנשיא טרמפ על כל הטוב שעשה לעם ישראל ולמדינת ישראל הן בצד הגשמי הן בצד הביטחוני
    של מדינת ישראל ולכן לדעתי אין בעיה לשיר שיר בשביל הנשיא אפילו שהוא אינו יהודי ואין פה משום לא תחנם בגלל שברור שאין לא
    תחנם בהכרת הטוב כמו שרואים עם משה והמצרים ויש עוד צד להגיד שהוא ימשיך לעשות טוב בגלל זה ולכן אין בעיה רק כעב לי
    we love america לישמוע את המילים בשיר
    שהרי המקום שאנחנו צריכים לאהוב זה ארץ ישראל איפה שיש השרעת השכינה וכתוב שכול הדר בחול זה כמי שאין לו אלוקים ולכן אנחנו צריכים להבין שבחול אנחנו בגלות ובוודאי שלא לאהוב את הגלות ואת חול לכן אני אברך את כולם שיצליחו לעלות לארץ ישראל בקרוב

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