Lipa Sends YWN Exclusive Clip of His New Album


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lipa_cover.jpg(Click HERE to listen to an exclusive preview) Lipa Schmeltzer’s new album titled “A Poshiter Yid”, will be in stores a day or two after Shavuos, and will surely be a smashing hit. Lipa tells YWN that there are 14 tracks on the album, which include compositions by: Gideon Levine, Pinky Weber, Motty Ilowitz, Rabbi Hillel Paley, Yossi Green, Meshulem Greenberger, Moshe Laks Chily Posen, and of course Lipa.

Lipa will be giving a video interview to YWN just after Yom Tov as well – which is guaranteed to be quite entertaining!


  1. To me it doesnt sound like Lipa has changed his style of music. Its as modern as ever with a disco style beat. Looking forward to hear it though!!!

  2. Noitallmr,
    Same style music to be sure, for the most part, but I had thought the Rabbonim asked him to tone down his CONCERTS, not necessarily his style of music as it relates to CD’s.

    I could be wrong.

    Either way, he is talented, but his music is “not my taste.”

  3. #4& #5- Stop poking fun. He is a good person who’s done some mistakes in the past and is trying to improve. Why ridicule someone who wants to do what’s right. Did you ever try to work on YOURSELVES? It’s not easy and he’s supposed to be admired for it. Especially that his nesayon was public news. No one expects him to make a 360 degree turn at once. He started wiht something big, and I’m sure he’s still trying to get better.

  4. you guy’s hear one clip which is obviously lipa’s own composition yet have an opinion of the whole CD with out even having heard it
    why not give the guy a fighting chance
    i agree it isnt my style of yeshivish music like regesh or boruch levin but i intend to go out and purchase his new CD to show my support for someone who listened to our gedolim and daas torah and took a lose and risked his whole parnosa/career
    someone who bowed to daas torah deserves for all who support our gedolim and daas torah [btw this isnt daas torah just common sense] to go out and purchase lipas new CD
    if you dont want to listen to it donate it to “chai lifeline” as they have a library of cd’s it loans out to sick children either in hospitals or at home
    lipa you realize (by now) that you have many yeshiva boys who follow your career and look up to you. by listening to daas torah of our gedolim shlita. you were mekadesh shaym shomayim befarhesya in such a public fashion
    lipa im mekana your olam haboa for the tremendous kidush hashem you have made
    keep up the good work may hashem bentch you with much brocho,hatzlocho and parnosa beherchova
    and continue to use your talants to be misamayach yidden A BE MELEIBT!

  5. wow #9! You couldnt have said it any better! I agree with every word you wrote and im sure anyone with a little Sechel agrees glad to see that there are still some pple out there that dont make fun of TESHUVA!! He is truly an amazing guy for what he gave up.
    btw-You’re right about buying the cd. good way to show him support.


  7. Re no.9 “risked his whole parnosa/career”

    Dont make me laugh…this apparent teshuvah was the greatest thing even moneywise that he ever did!!!! i dont think he thought for a second that he with lose his career.

    Re: Lawman

    He clearly said at a number of interviews that he’s changing his whole style of music and this cd looks like an apparent contradiction???!!!!

  8. #8: I assume that you meant a 180 degree turn. A 360 degree turn, would have hime continuing on the same mehalech as before.

  9. This is the style for todays music and its not goyish at all, if you give this to listen to a goy they wouldent like it. i love lipa’s music style.
    LIPA keep up the good work. I will always be your fan.

  10. If you guys got the album, you’ll see that it seemd he’s making fun of the Gedolim (back of inside says “BIG” in caps a bunch of times, and he has the picture of a kol keireh ripped down) Also, did anybody else see the interview he had with the Jerusalem Post? It seems he was unrepentent, and he just cancelled the concert so he wouldn’t lose $ in the long run. I’m very dissapointed after having been so impressed with his supposed turn around
    Anybody care to clarify any of this for me please?