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The Siyum Hashas That Shocked the World

On January 20, 2020, a siyum haShas was held in Metlife Stadium.

Yet this was no ordinary siyum haShas.

In front of a crowd of 100,000 people, Reb Mendy Rosenberg finished Shas. It was a moving event – because Mendy Rosenberg has ALS. He is not able to talk and cannot move his body.

How, then, was Mendy able to complete the seven-year learning cycle?


CSB CARE enables people with ALS to learn and teach Torah through the use of computer eye-tracking systems. The eyes are the only part of the body that people with ALS can move. In the general public, 80 percent of people with ALS eventually give up on using eye-tracking systems. CSB CARE, however, is aiming to achieve a 100 percent success rate with their systems, so that those diagnosed with ALS can continue to be a vital part of the Jewish community.

In 2009, CSB CARE’s first eye-tracking software was created, with the goal of enabling a yungerman to communicate with his family in Yiddish. Today, this yungerman is still communicating with his family and learning with hasmadah.

When there is no one else to turn to, CSB CARE is there, guiding, helping, and providing solutions. They offer vital services that are impossible to attain anywhere else — and they will continue to work relentlessly, ensuring that every person in Klal Yisrael is able to learn Torah, daven, and communicate with others.

CSB CARE goes above and beyond the call of duty – and it’s our duty to help them in turn so they can continue their avodas hakodesh.

When Mendy Rosenberg made his siyum haShas in front of thousands of people, everyone realized that something incredible had just occurred. What many people did not realize, however, was that CSB CARE had invested hundreds of hours into this siyum.

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