Surfside “Tehillim Girl” Meets President Biden

President Biden meets with Elisheva Cohen, daughter of Dr. Brad Cohen, who is missing along with his brother Dr. Gary Cohen. (Twitter)

President Joe Biden met with Elisheva Cohen, the 12-year-old daughter of Dr. Brad Cohen, who lives in Champlain Towers and is now missing along with his brother, Dr. Gary Cohen, who was visiting him on the night of the collapse.

A photo of Elisheva meeting Biden was released to CNN by her mother, Soriya Cohen. According to an NBC News report, Elisheva’s life was spared since she split her time living with her father and her mother, who lives in a nearby building.

Elisheva’s sad story became known after Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett spoke about his encounter with her in a press conference on Tuesday. He was moved when he found her sitting near the rubble alone on Sunday night, “reading a Jewish prayer,” saying that the encounter “hit me the hardest, it broke my heart.”

Burkett said in a press conference on Thursday that he introduced Elisheva to Biden during his visit to Surfside.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Taking politics out of this tragedy, it was heartwarming to see Biden spend nearly 4 hours speaking privately with virtually all of the immediate family members gathered and waiting for the inevitable news.