MUST WATCH: Fauci, Paul Clash On Virus Origins, Trade Charges Of Lying


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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, angrily confronted Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul on Tuesday in testimony on Capitol Hill, rejecting Paul’s insinuation that the U.S. helped fund research at a Chinese lab that could have sparked the COVID-19 outbreak.

Paul suggested that Fauci had lied before Congress when in May he denied that the National Institutes of Health funded so-called “gain of function” research — the practice of enhancing a virus in a lab to study its potential impact in the real world — at a Wuhan virology lab. U.S. intelligence agencies are currently exploring theories that an accidental leak from that lab could have led to the global pandemic.

“I have not lied before Congress. I have never lied. Certainly not before Congress. Case closed,” Fauci told Paul before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, saying a study the senator mentioned referenced a different sort of virus entirely from the one responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.

“Senator Paul, you do not know what you’re talking about, quite frankly,” Fauci said. “And I want to say that officially. You do not know what you’re talking about.”

He added, “If anybody is lying here, senator, it is you.”

It was the latest in a series of clashes between Paul and Fauci over the origins of the virus that caused the global pandemic.



  1. The Doctor clearly now admits that the research which increased the transmiability of the corona viruses being researched WAS funded by the NIH albeit perhaps indirectly. He is only denying that that those viruses were THE cause of the pandemic?
    No animal with the Sars2V virus has been located.
    Novel viruses WERE being produced in Wuhan through funds from the NIH.
    Researchers at Wuhan came down with Covid-19 before the pandemic spread.
    Can someone plese teach the Doctor how to connect the dots.

  2. So what happens now? Listening to both sides, it is obvious who the liar is: Fauci! Will he be in trouble? No! Because the Democrats are in control.

  3. Rand paul is full of himself. We’ll never get the answer because he didn’t let fauci speak. Paul did insinuate that fauci was responsible for the pandemic, and fauci did respond that it was scientifically impossible. Whether or not fauci lied about gain of function research? Fauci answered that the research done didn’t fit the definition of gain of function, but was not given the opportunity to explain.

  4. Fauci has been a bureaucrat and politician for fifty years. He has not treated any patients in all that time. Paul is an actual doctor. I think he knows better. And he’s definitely more honest. Fauci’s already admitted lying in the past; nobody can point to any lie Paul has ever told. So it’s easy to decide whom to believe here.

  5. What does the little thug, Fauci, actually do that warrants, us worthless taxpayers, paying this creep $417,608.00 every year?!

    In 2020, Dr. Fauci earned $434,000 with estimated earnings of $650,000 since the pandemic hit. Dr. Fauci out-earned all 4.3 million federal employees, including four-star generals and the president.

    So all you Trump haters have no problem paying this rodent with your hard earned money?!

  6. Acting exactly like Biden by that second debate. This shrimp gets slaughtered in the senate. He’s not a doctor he’s a rotten politician and he uses ridiculously unnecessary high vocabulary words to sound smart, because he’s not at all. The worst of publicity hounds, he spent most of his time since the outbreak on tv. Email him that you want an interview for your 2 listeners podcast and you’ll get him on. Something’s really really wrong with the guy as a whole, what is it?…