Tools to Grow a Global Business in 2021

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  • Nearly 80% of U.S. businesses are back to trading normally according to a CallRail survey.

  • 94% of businesses are looking to adopt an international marketing strategy. 

  • Travel restrictions, and border closures are putting businesses in a space to be innovative and creative. 

After a challenging financial year for businesses around the world, a recent survey published by CallRail, a strategic marketing platform revealed that nearly 80% of businesses in the U.S. are back to operating normally. These figures come after more than a year of hard local restrictions, and travel bans were put in place since March 2020. The survey published by CallRail sheds light on the importance of how businesses, of any size, have been impacted by the pandemic, and how innovations in software, tech, and marketing can help organisations remain relevant even in unprecedented circumstances. 

Although most U.S-based businesses are looking to make full recovery, more than 94% of them looking to improve global marketing strategies to reach an international buying market. A lot of businesses, especially small to medium-sized enterprises are now swiftly jumping the bandwagon, to become part of the economic playing field that has for years been dominated by multinational brands. 

Here’s a look at some of the current market trends, and some interesting business tools available for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Google Analytics 

By far one of the most popular tools for any business, Google Analytics helps to measure your goals. More so, it allows business owners the ability to understand where online traffic is coming from, which can help to create audience-specific marketing strategies. Additionally, it performs as a data capturing tool, creating reports unique to your business and clients. 


Selling online is becoming increasingly challenging with big corporations dominating the web. Luckily, JungleScout is an online platform that helps teach you how to sell products on Amazon and online. There is a host of great educational material, and it comes with assisted affiliate marketing tools. 


Remote working has become the new norm for many enterprises. Slack is one of many business tools that helps to bring international businesses and remote workers together in one organized platform. Slack is an interactive teams platform that puts professionals in control of projects, leads and monitoring employee performance. The tool comes with private and group chat rooms, messaging boards, and project management tools. 


If you’re still relatively new to the field of marketing, it’s good to know that HootSuite is here to help. HootSuite is a social media management platform that offers a standard package for free. More so, paying customers can have access to a plethora of great marketing tools for any type of social media platform. It gives you insight into how successful posts and marketing campaigns are doing, which call-to-actions work best for what posts, and how you can grow your online audience. 


Docracy is relatively new to the world of business, but it’s become one of the most popular open-source platforms for a business’ legal documents. Store, access, sign, and share any type of legal document that helps your business function. From operating agreements, employee contracts, registered agent agreements, or any other legal document. It’s a great tool that keeps your business information secure and centralized. 

To finish 

These and other tools are simply a fraction of the digital software tools that help grow your business to reach a global market. It’s become easier, safer, and a lot more convenient for business owners to conduct business globally while overseeing daily operations at home. Focus on where there are shortcomings within your structure, and how these tools can resolve issues, while also pushing the business to become an internationally recognized enterprise.