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SHOCKING: Shmuli Silverberg Z”L Was Shot INSIDE Denver Yeshiva – WHERE IS THE FBI?

Klal Yisroel is still reeling from the shocking murder of Shmuli Silverberg Z”L, a Yeshiva Bochur at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver. YWN reported that the incident was a drive-by shooting. We were repeatedly assured by local authorities that this was the case. A “crime spree” that ended with this senseless murder.

But according to highly-credible sources, as well as multiple social media reports surfacing online, this is not what happened. This was not some “drive by shooting” where an innocent victim took a bullet.

Denver Police held a press conference on Wednesday, where they said nothing of the following facts:

  • The shooters entered the Yeshiva building.
  • The shooters opened fire at a principal, who was able to get out of the way and was unharmed.
  • The shooters shot and killed Shmuli inside the Yeshiva.

If these reports are true, this was no “drive-by shooting” or a random “crime spree”.

In fact, a high-level NYPD Official tells YWN that if this shooting was in any Yeshiva or Shul anywhere in New York City, this would automatically be labeled as a hate / bias crime. Additionally, the FBI would have long been notified and had joined the investigation.

As a mouthpiece for hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews around the United States, YWN respectfully is asking why the FBI is not involved? Why are we not being given the real story? Do we need armed gunmen on the loose thinking that they have just gotten away with a shooting inside a Yeshiva – and think that they can do it again?

An Orthodox Jewish student was shot INSIDE a Jewish institution in the United States of America. How is this not the lead story on every single major national news network?


YWN notes that the Yeshiva must be commended for their actions in the minutes following the attack. All the boys were taken to a safe place where they were kept for hours, until police gave the “all clear.” They immediately contacted Project Chai of Chai Lifeline to arrange therapists to offer guidance ans assistance to those who suffered trauma.

Their concern has revolved 100% around the Bochrim and their safety, and for that they should be commended.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. How is this not a leading story on every national network?
    Simple. Because this precious young boy didn’t die of a fentanyl overdose at the same time he was stopped by a cop. And, he’s white.
    Please, don’t play naive. We all know why this isn’t, and will not be, a leading national news story.

  2. YWN respectfully is asking why the FBI is not involved?

    Because privileged WHITE male, Chris Wray, is too busy pushing the DNC talking points narrative, that WHITE supremacy is THEE greatest threat facing this Nation. He’s too busy working hand in hand with US General Mark Milley to enforce CRT in all branches of our military. Blacks in South Chicago are petrified to leave their taxpayer funded City housing, for fear that a WHITE supremacist Republican male is lurking around the corner.
    So, no. The corrupt inept FBI can’t get bogged down with some Jewish kid being murdered because he’s a Yid. The only time the FBI gets involved with Yidden is when they raid some mosad to make sure they’re using government money to buy computers.

  3. thank you ywn for taking responsibility in informing the public, however do this 100 percent sincerely and not to market yourself as ” the mouthpiece for hundreds of thousands” last time someone showed me website views, you only had 60,000 visits a day, but definitely you are the “mouthpiece” part.

  4. השם יקום דמו
    May Hashem avenge the blood of this holy holy person! Elul korbonos R’L!

    The evil bnei eisav that run this country now always always cover up islamics and black brutality and violence, to the contrary, the blacks and islamics are protected and noone can say anything against them.

    We are on our own in this country now. There is no justice, we are being fed lies by MSM and truth has become scarce. While the idea of shomrim had its place, at this point we can no longer pretend that the lawlessness and violence condoned by the evil demoncrats will not affect our communities.

    The shomrim operate as observers, reporters to 911 and security camera checkers. What we need is people that will engage the perps as needed, people that carry and trained for combat.
    This is something that civilians living in yesha had to do. And we will need lawyers to defend them if needed.

  5. Press release:
    Crime Spree Suspects Arrested

    Denver Police to Provide Update

    DENVER – Thursday, August 19, 2021 – Today, at 2:30 p.m., Denver Police Chief Paul M. Pazen and Commander of Major Crimes Matt Clark will provide an update in the arrest of four suspects related to the Metro Denver crime spree, which included the shooting of one man and the murder of another man.


    Members of the Denver Police Department


    Denver Police to provide update in the recent string of crimes in Denver


    2:30 p.m., Thursday, August 19, 2021


    Denver Police Crime Laboratory

    1371 Cherokee Street

    Late last night, August 18, 2021, the Denver Police Department took into custody four suspects in the Metro Denver crime spree that began Tuesday evening. The following individuals are being held for investigation of Burglary, First Degree Burglary, Felony Menacing, First Degree Auto Theft, First Degree Assault, and First Degree Murder

    Isaiah Freeman 2-23-2003
    Seth Larhode 6-1-2000
    Aden Sides 5-22-2003
    Noah Loepp-Hall 1-7-2002

    Denver Police identified the remaining suspect and are working to locate him. His identity will be announced once he is in custody.

    At this time in the investigation, it appears that the victims were targeted at random. Therefore, the homicide near the Yeshiva Toras Chaim does not appear to be bias-motivated. However, if evidence is discovered that it was, the Denver Police Department will work with the Denver District Attorney’s Office on adding appropriate charges.

    “We continue to send our condolences to those who were impacted by these terrible crimes,” said Chief Paul M. Pazen. “The suspects were taken into custody after Denver Police investigators, members of our Crime Lab, the Denver District Attorney’s Office, and local and federal partners worked tirelessly during the past 36 hours to identify and arrest these suspects. Violence will not be tolerated in Denver.”

    At this time, the probable cause statements are sealed, and the booking photos are being held for pending lineups.

    For background on the incidents, please view the video of the press conference from August 18.

  6. Tragically, there are dozens of homicides every day in the US. If the news showed each one of these, they wouldn’t have time to even talk about the weather. It’s really so sad.

  7. I read Ywn news daily. I find their news at times slanted. I definitely do not consider them a “mouthpiece for hundreds and thousands of Orthodox Jews.”
    Neither is Heshy Tischler. No one should consider themselves a mouthpiece unless either elected or if they run a well established organization that hundreds of thousands of jews recognize. Hatzolah and Misaskim and Chaveirim come to mind.

  8. Not sure what’s your source that the FBI is not involved. During the first minute of yesterday’s conference the chief of Police said that the federal colleagues are involved.

  9. Oh so a “high level official” at the NYPD had what to say about a crime in Colorado?! Big talkers till it’s in their jurisdiction. We’ve seen plenty of times how the NYPD does NOT rush to label anything as a bias crime. So keep your mouth shut if there’s nothing particularly bright to add.

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