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FAKE NEWS Claims Terra Chips Are No Longer Kosher – THEY ARE

Fake news once again went viral on various irresponsible social media platforms. Today’s target: Claims that Terra Chips have lost their Hashgacha.

This is false.

YWN has spoken to the KOF-K who provided YWN with the following statement:

Thank you for providing the KOF-K the opportunity to clarify some of the recent changes at Terra Chips.

Terra Chips continues to be certified under the KOF-K. As per the opinion of most Poskim, chips do not require Bishul Yisroel. In the past to accommodate those that were Machmir the KOF-K implemented a system by Terra Chips whereby the requirements of Bishul Yisroel were met. Due to various considerations this is no longer practical. The KOF-K continues to certify Terra Chips as Kosher without this additional stringency.

For any further questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the KOF-K.

Best regards,

Rabbi M. Reich
Senior Rabbinic Administrator
KOF-K Kosher Supervision

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

7 Responses

  1. This is not fake news. There is a machlokes if this is kosher or not. If it requires bishul Yisroel, it is treif. If not, this is kosher. (Bishul Yisroel is not a chumra, it is a din. Pas Yisroel os a chumra.)

    The fake news is that Chof-k writes “most poskim”. Did they take a poll?!? I suspect the original Posek zt”l of Chok-K required these to be bishul Yisroel. He is no longer around. That is why the change was allowed.

    The emmes is, that Chof-k should have posted a bulletin announcing the status has changed so people would know. We shouldn’t need to find out this information from blogs.

    This is not the same shailah as potato chips (which are also a machlokes). These are different vegetables which are more complicated.

  2. Such Yellow Journalism! Why is this “fake news?” For those who hold by the chumrah, the chips are no longer kosher! And if Chof-K was accommodating the chumrah until now (while it was “feasible”), it obviously is pretty widely adhered to.

    It’s not a “small” change that one should be quiet about, it’s a huge change that Chof-K had apparently tried to make on the quiet, but they b”h got outed by the “fake news” on social media. Shame on Chof-K, and shame on YWN for reporting it this way!

  3. It may be fake news that that they ‘lost the Hashgacha’, they did not. But it might not be fake news that, even with the Hashgacha, they might not be Kosher. You need to ask your LOR. But we do need the facts first to do that. Not quite fake news.

  4. It’s sort of fake news. There are plenty of chips that don’t have bishul yisroel—should people go around saying they’re all treif?

  5. Annonymouschochom,
    You could say when you want but it was fake news! They never removed their certification. They merely pointed out that it’s no longer BY. If you have a problem and you wanted to be BY, that’s your problem and not anyone else’s. Thank Gd, more for the rest of the normal Jews.

    But for you to mouth off and say anything different, shows that you should change your name to AnnonymousAhmHaoretz.

  6. jersey “jew”,

    What do you mean “more for the rest of the normal Jews.” Have you spoken to any posek and asked about the ramifications of this losing it’s BY status? Do you realize BY is not a chumra, rather a din. Eating bishul akum is the same as eating chicken and milk together. The question is if thiese vegetables require BY or not.

    Obviously, the posek zt”l of the Chof K held they required BY, and that is why it was BY until now. He is no longer alive and now they are free to do what they want.

    A statement should have been released informing the public about the change so people can ask a competent Rabbi what to do. Apparently Chabad found out about it and advised their kehila it is no longer acceptable for them. Chof-k should have made a public announcement before Chabad broke the news.

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