NYPD Brass Meet with Flatbush Hatzolah to Discuss Ongoing Cooperation [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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Flatbush Hatzolah officials met Thursday with NYPD Brass serving Southern Brooklyn and the Flatbush community to discuss their ongoing cooperation and to strengthen the deep ties between organizational officials and commanders.

Flatbush Hatzolah Coordinator Moshe Wulliger introduced the police chiefs and chaired the meeting, with Coordinators Zelig Gitiles, Jack Rothenberg, Avrumie Rubin, and Eli Fisher also in attendance. The Coordinators of Hatzolah of Canarsie-Mill Basin were also in attendance. The meeting was held in the new Flatbush Hatzolah Garage located on Lake Street and Avenue S.

The impressive meeting was one of multiple such gatherings held each year to foster a deeper understanding and working relationship between Hatzolah and the NYPD, who interact with each other numerous times each day over the course of Hatzolah’s 20,000-plus emergency calls each year.

Chief’s Michael Kemper and Ruel Stephenson had nothing but praise for Hatzolah, with Kemper relating how Hatzolah saved the life of his mother-in-law when she suffered a heart attack in the Catskills.

Many important issues were discussed, and the group pledged to keep up with their cooperation.

NYPD officials in attendance included: Commanding Officer of Brooklyn South Assistant Chief Michael Kemper; Executive Officer of Brooklyn South Deputy Chief Ruel Stephenson; Commanding Officer of Community Affairs Deputy Inspector Richie Taylor; Commanding Officer of the 60th Precinct Deputy Inspector James King; Commanding Officer of the 66th Precinct Deputy Inspector Jason Hagestad; Commanding Officer of the 70th Precinct Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito; Commanding Officer of the 61st Precinct Captain Derby St. Fort; Commanding Officer of the 62nd Precinct Captain Tao Chen; Commanding Officer of the 69th Precinct Captain Khandakar Abdullah; and Brooklyn South Community Affairs Lieutenant Ira Jablonsky.

The gathering was also privileged to meet the new Commanding Officer of the 70th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Alison Esposito.

Espositio was assigned to the “70” last week, and comes with an impressive resume. In her first week she managed to meet with nearly every major community leader and activist from all sects of the neighborhood. She was lauded and announced at the meeting by Chief Kemper.

Flatbush Hatzolah and the rest of the Flatbush Community are looking forward to working closely with her.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)