POLL NUMBERS TANKING: Biden’s Bungles Spell Doom for Democrats’ Midterm Prospects [VIDEO]


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Republicans are feeling pretty swell and Democrats quite gloomy as President Joe Biden’s performance as chief executive continues to disappoint.

According to new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Republicans now hold their largest lead in midterm voter preference for next year’s midterm elections dating back 40 years – 51% to 41%.

While a year is a long time in politics, Democrats have a steep uphill climb to get back in American voters’ favor. They are dealing with a president with record low approval numbers, soaring economic discontent, and a general sense that Democrats are out-of-touch with what Americans really want.

Even some things that Biden could claim credit for isn’t helping him. For instance, the recently passed $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, which Biden had pushed for, is far more popular (68%) than the president is (41%).

And there’s a lot more dreary news for Biden in the ABC News poll. Just 31% believe the president is keeping his campaign promises, 35% say he’s accomplished anything significant, and a majority (59%) think he’ll do too much to expand the size of government.

With inflation the worst it’s been in over three decades, 70% now say the economy is doing badly, up from 58% a year ago, and 55% say they disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy. That’s 6 points worse than Trump was rated at this point in his presidency, and Republicans lost 40 House seats the next year.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. Yup…we all knew this was coming. The writing was on the wall as soon as Biden was “declared” the winning candidate. From everyone who was shocked at the outcome, Biden was the most shocked. And the most unprepared. He was hiding in his bunker with a big black mask , and as long as he didn’t utter a word, nobody knew how far gone he was.

  2. The Democrats want to turn the USA into a socialist country in which a handful of rich “white privelege” people will support 90% of the population who will happily collect unemployment and live on welfare, food stamps and who won’t marry and raise children. In a few generations, except for a few diehard fundamentalists both Jewish and non-Jewish, there will be no people left in the USA. This will solve the world’s ecological problems, global warming and population explosion issues as well.
    But don’t think that if the Republicans take over all will be hunkie dorie either.
    Worldwide antisemitism will not die away in the USA.
    It will also not solve rampant machlokes among us which is keeping Moshiach far away.
    It will not cure Chinese terrorism nor Covid that they brought upon us.
    And Iran will continue to develop nuclear capabilities.
    To normalize our condition we need to undergo an inner process of teshuva will translate to a deeper relationship with HKB”H and achdus amongst us. This will hopefully usher in Moshaich’s long-awaited arrival.
    Until then, be prepared for a lot of craziness.

  3. Yes, but in the meantime this filthy TREASONOUS Marxist America hating sewer rat is dismantling and destroying this once great country of ours right in front of our eyes.
    This gangster has three more years to do his dirty work, and will do a lot of damage.
    By the end of this DemonRats term, our country will not be recognizable, we will be become just another third world hell hole, like a Venezuela or a Cuba

  4. Why can’t every Rav,rosh Yeshiva and rebbe insist that his followers register to vote. If they can force bochurim to wear knickers or other dress codes why can’t they get them to register to vote. Instead of vax cards let no shul let you in if you are not registered to vote.