MAILBAG: I Voted for Trump. But Let’s Face It: He’s an Antisemite


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I am so sick and tired of the double standard we apply to our politicians, where if an elected official with an ‘R’ at the end of their name makes an antisemitic comment they get a pass, while those with a ‘D’ following their name who make insensitive comments are immediately cast as the devil incarnate.

Indeed, I was guilty of this. Being a conservative, I for many years saw Republicans in a more positive light than Democrats. And while being biased towards lawmakers who share your perspectives makes sense, there has to be a point where you can admit that even the politicians you admire are sick.

I voted for Donald Trump – both in 2016 and in 2020. But I must admit the reality: the man is an anti-Semite.

In a recent interview with Barak Ravid – an Israeli journalist who also works for Axios, a US news outlet – Trump made some comments that, if made by any Democratic politician, would sicken us.

In the interview, Trump said that if Jews really loved Israel, a larger percentage of them would have voted for him and said that “it used to be that Israel had absolute power over Congress” – a classic antisemitic trope used by Jew-haters for decades to justify their antisemitism.

If this were the first time Trump made such comments, I would probably wave them off. I would argue that it was a slip of the tongue, or that he was trying to bring out a general point rather than attacking Jews. But this isn’t the first time he’s made such comments.

In a June interview with Ami Magazine, Trump made similar comments, saying that if Jews loved Israel they would have voted for him, and in other interviews has called Jews who didn’t vote for him “disloyal.”

On another occasion, while speaking to American Jews Trump called Israel “your country” – another antisemitic canard which claims that Jews have dual loyalty.

Imagine for a moment if the person who made the above comments was Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar rather than Donald Trump. You think we would just ignore them? Of course not. We would come out guns blazing, slamming them for inciting hatred against Jews.

But now that it’s Donald Trump saying it, we have heard nothing from most conservative Jews. They won’t condemn him, make a public statement decrying his antisemitism or withdraw their support from him.

Why not? Because we share the same political views? If you agreed with leftist perspectives, would you also not condemn Tlaib and Omar? Of course not. You condemn antisemitism wherever and however it manifests itself, and Donald Trump should not be getting a pass any more than leftist politicians.

Donald Trump might have done a lot of things that conservative Jews like, but that doesn’t excuse away his clear and obvious antisemitism. That’s exactly what his comments were, and it’s time for American Jews to admit it.

I am done with Donald Trump and I hope you are too. There are many Republicans who will support the conservative Jewish agenda without inciting people to hate us – we don’t need Donald Trump. In fact, Trump as we all know is an egotistical maniac and will turn on Jews in a split-second if he feels they aren’t “loyal” to him.

Don’t be fooled by this antisemite. Trump is thankfully the former president and I only hope that he never gets near the White House again. And I hope you feel this way too.


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  1. That’s a opinion that he is antisemitic.. I don’t think he is at all rather he is surprised to see that so many Jews voted for Biden when he is definitely not a Jew lover.

  2. I a 100% agree. I always knew the man was an egomaniac and crazy but I still loved him. Now I realize the man is a wild animal, after what he did by congress that day and I would never trust the guy anywhere and for sure in the White House. He has no morals and everything he says no matter how much he is convicted of it, it is all his mood and ego. He says he does what is right even though it is not popular, that is all a way to get popular and he will change his mind in a milisecond from extreme right to lextreme left based on what he thinks will do better for him. Donald! We see through everything by now. I do appreciate everything you did for us but you never meant it for us, it was all for yourself. I am sorry Bibi you fell for him, so did most of us, but now we know the truth. I will not vote for you again, even against Biden which I honestly beleive is like being presidentless but none is better than you. You do not belong in the White House as the honored leader of our country. It is embarrasing to us to have someone like you as our “leader”. You were lucky you pulled our leg for that long, but not anymore!!

  3. He was the K’li Hashem used to set R Rubashkin free. Don’t throw rocks in the well you have drunk from. Washington is a sewer he is the only one to have attempted to drain the swamp.

  4. I think your comments are silly to say the least. Trump is 100% correct about what he said concerning American jews. I also think Trump has clearly proven himself to be our friend. Having said that, I think he was wrong what he said about Netanyahu. I also think that Trump will lose a lot of support because of his stubborn insistence of talking about stolen elections ad nauseum instead of taking the high road. At this point nothing is changing so why talk about it and keep holding grudges. If Stacy Abrams wins the governorship in Georgia, there will be a big backlash against Trump. If that happens the Republican party will split, and the next president will be a democrat.

  5. I don’t buy it. He is definitely the most off the cuff President we’ve ever had in the white house, but what he has done for Yidden is second to none in the political world and we have to have Hakaras Hatov to him for that. I believe the problem lies in that he takes things way too personally especially having had the most attacked job in the world. He isn’t perfect but calling him an anti semite is wrong,it’s basically equating him with the likes of the kkk and their ilk. Especially, the fact that he has a FRUM daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren just doesn’t profile him as an anti semite, it just doesn’t add up…All that said though, we have to remember that Hashem runs the world and ALL politicians are just simply people, human beings with faults and flaws no matter how amazing they may seem.

  6. He is certainly not an anti Semite. Don’t forget that the vast majority of Jews in the US are not orthodox and the vast majority of Jews, including many Orthodox Jews, are liberal. He is not wrong for saying that Jews don’t care about Israel. Not to mention the “ultra” Orthodox Jews who divide “Eretz Yisrael” from the State of Israel, minimizing even further the number of Jews who actually are concerned about Israel (other than the daycare stipends to Yeshiva families). He had done many things for the State of Israel that should have impressed many Jews, he was the best president for Israel. He is not wrong to say his work was under appreciated. Frankly, Jews should take note of what happens when we don’t value the State of Israel as what keeps Eretz Yisrael a vibrant and growing home for Jewish people and the source and epicenter of Torah. Be it religious be it secular I don’t believe Torat Eretz Yisrael would be what it is today if not for the government and the army running and defending it. Hashem knows what He is doing, all we have to do is say thank you.

  7. Are you out of your mind?
    There has never been a president who has been such an Ohev Yisrael like Trump.
    Besides the embassy and the Golan proclamation, he had Israel’s back at every moment.
    It sounds like you are a true Democrat and will continue to vote with them until our country is totally destroyed.

  8. I personally agree 1000% with everything you written here. We shouldn’t tolerate any antisemitism even and especially when it’s coming from “our” side. Right wing antisemitism isn’t more benign to left wing antisemitism.
    The only thing I would like to add is that people should know this Barak Ravid. He is the worst kind of journalist. Doesn’t miss an opportunity to slander Israel in the American press. He is worthy of Haaretz.

  9. I don’t believe for a moment you voted for Trump.
    I would still vote for Trump not just because I’m a conservative but he is not an antisemite at all.
    What is he saying that isn’t true?
    Yidden who love Eretz Yisroel can’t vote for Democrats.
    Frum Yidden understand that the vast majority of Jews in the US are Jews second are what ever they identify with first. Trum is expressing an unfortunate fact that American Jews don’t support Israel. Where is the antisemitism in that?

  10. “Imagine for a moment if the person who made the above comments was Rashida Tlaib or Ilhan Omar rather than Donald Trump.”

    Trump has the action to back up what he said. He really did a lot for Israel. He was expecting American Jews to appreciate that, but so many of them are liberals first, Jews second – if not lower in identity.

  11. Where do I start… there’s no words. You must be one of the few who still live in the universe of CNN and the like –

    What Trump said is, as usual, the obsolete unspoken truth. This is what he said: “People in this country that are Jewish no longer love Israel, I’ll tell you, the evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country. It used to be that Israel had absolute power over Congress. Today, I think it’s the exact opposite, and I think Obama and Biden did that.” The comments were in relation to how Jewish people feel toward Israel, and according to Trump, they don’t seem to care about the Jewish nation. “The Jewish people, in the United States, either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel, I mean, you look at The New York Times—The New York Times hates Israel, hates it. And they’re Jewish people that run The New York Times. I mean, the Sulzberger family.”

    Every word is true. And besides, he’s rebuking Jews for not liking Israel, and somehow this is viral as ‘antiemetic’.

    Stop buying their cheap luckshen…

  12. Your so wrong I don’t even know where to start. So I’m not gonna start. He’s making a point that is 100% true. The liberal Jews are true anti semites. He likes the Jews more than they do. It’s obvious

  13. Actions speak louder than words. While president Trump tirelessly worked on legislation and ideas that benefit us in so many ways. Never was an action taken that had even a slight anti Semitic twinge. So what if he thinks that US Jews should for some reason care for their millions of brethren in Israel. Give me any other anti Semite who works tirelessly to protect our interests and they’ll have my vote too!

  14. You are so off the mark, it’s either pathetic or funny, Trump’s policies have been so pro Israel, he is absolutely right, if you didn’t vote for him you don’t care about Israel

  15. Thankfully nobody feels the way you feel!!! Trump’s own daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids are Jewish. Unlike most liberal Jews.

    He fought to open up Palm Beach clubs to blacks and Jews.

    He was the most pro-Israel president in history.

    Worst anti-Semite ever!?!?

  16. Disagree.
    If talib would have said what Trump said, I woukd say she’s got a point.

    I do agree that Trump talks too much. Says dumb things. But bottom line he does what he promises and he’s done good things for america, jews, and Israel.

    Show some appreciation for what he has done and stop overreacting to every dumb thing he says.

    Your being overly sensitive. I’m sure most others will agree.

  17. I voted for this one, I voted for that one is entirely a non Jewish approach. Hashem calls all the shots. In a large population of 300 million, voting for president is even in the realm of hishtadlus.

  18. I disagree with your premise.
    While Trump says crazy things, his actions have been pro Israel. I agree that he’s upset about losing and as a sore loser he’s blaming everyone.
    I also agree that he doesn’t think before he speaks ( or tweets).
    However, the big picture will always be Donald Trump was a great president, both for the US and Israel.

  19. “But he has a Jewish son-in-law”…..we hear that over and over and it means ZERO. This pathetic narcissist has shown he will throw even his own family and loyal supporters under the bus (and back it up and run over them again) if necessary to feedhis need for constant adulation. He is not only a threat to Yidden and EY but to America as a whole.

  20. thats not true. if ilhan omar would say it guess what? she’d b right. i and many other frum people have been saying this long before the donald mentioned it. hes dead right. thats regarding the double standard. additionally can you explain what is anti-Semitic about calling out jews who dont support israel supporting politicians for been anti-israel? you got me scratchin my head.

  21. You’re right about the general public and secular Jewish organizations who are busy denouncing people who say holucuast or just the word Jews but the reason we call some goyim antisemites and some we don’t is not because some ignorant comment in Twitter like representative green
    Democrats mentioned above have openly supported BDS and have criticized Israel for defending itself they blocked funding for the iron dome
    Bernie sanders voted on removing the embassy from Jerusalem
    It really doesn’t bother me when someone says Jews control the world because it’s true
    The same way it would not bother you if someone would say America controls the world it would not bother me unless it is said out jealousy and hate
    So I don’t see the problem here

  22. I don’t support him but I don’t think he’s Antisemitic as in he dislikes Jews. His problem is he’s incapable of deep thinking to see Jews as Republican, Democrat, Orthodox, Reform, Pro-Israel, Anti-Israel, etc. In other words a group like Christians that have a wide spectrum of beliefs.
    His thinking is so shallow that all he sees are “The Jews” No individuals just a nameless faceless mass of “Jews” who should all think the same. So if some Jews vote for him the ones that don’t are Traitors because their not going along with what he expects from “His Jews” He’s like the Kings of old Europe who in their paternalistic fashion knew what was best for “His Jews”

  23. The author of this article is a moron. You’re not a conservative and you didn’t vote for Trump. It’s obvious to all of us. We know the simple Truth a child can see. Trump is correct in what he said. His only mistake was in not pinpointing the culprits as LIBERAL Jews. Liberalism is a mental disorder and unfortunately many secular Jews suffer from this. Throw on top of that TDS and you get nonsense like this author.

  24. I think he is pretty much being honest with whatever he says there … The statements are True as well in my opinion. You obviously think they are not true and although you are entitled to an opinion, that doesn’t make him an anti-semite ..You my friend have a condition called antisemite syndrome

  25. You are foolish if you really believe this. The average American goy has personal views that would be perceived as anti Semitic. You are blind if you don’t notice the subtleties. You just need to look around you. I despise him for other reasons, but I truly don’t see how he is an anti Semite at least not any more than the average person.

  26. Never voted for him. A demagogue, a con-artist, a liar and a lecher (all which describe trump) will never get my vote. Israel will survive with or without him. I don’t need to help an antisemite get elected.

  27. Completely disagree his daughter son in law grandkids are Jewish. And maybe he has a point that American Jews should start caring a little bit more about our brothers in eretz yisrael

  28. Unfortunately Trump is correct. Most Jews in America are secular and don’t care much about Israel. Look at all the liberal lefty Jewish politicians who support the Iran deal from Nadler to Schumer. Look at their silence when Jews are attacked and open a big mouth for Blacks. Trump is the only sanity for America.

  29. When someone who SUPPORTS Israel says that Jews who don’t support Israel (or politicians who support Israel) are disloyal, he doesn’t become an anti-Semite.

    Yes, you have to look at the person in total, the entire context. He isn’t merely a conservative. He is a conservative who has showed more support to Israel than any other politician that I can think of.

    In case that’s not enough, his daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism and he still maintained excellent ties with her and her Jewish children.

    I happen to agree with every statement expressed by Trump that is quoted in this article. Am I an anti-Semite?

  30. Finally, someone with a sensible take!! The Trump worship of some frum community members is sickening. אין לנו על מי להשען אלא על אבינו שבשמים. We rely on HASHEM. Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Not Trump, not Desantis, not this one or that one. HASHEM. No one is our friend.

  31. Um yes exactly…because he is who is and what hes done we can beleive that what he is saying is not comkng from an antisemetic…it actually makes a lot of sense….

  32. This article must of had been written by a Democratic supporter and is trying to salvage the disastrous policies of the Biden administration thru false claims against Trump. Fortunately, we readers are more intelligent than the writer of the above article above and his naiveness is very obvious.

  33. This article must of had been written by a Democratic supporter and is trying to salvage the disastrous policies of the Biden administration thru false claims against Trump. Fortunately, we readers are more intelligent than the writer of the above article and his naiveness is very obvious.

  34. I agree that Donald Trump is past. But that he’s an antisemite? Comparing him to Tlaib and Ilhan Omar? That’s absolute garbage and you know it.

  35. It’s not always helpful to try and decide if someone is, or isn’t, an antisemite. People are complex and an antisemitic statement by an individual can often be “balanced” by pro-Jewish statements or sincere protests that the person in question bears no animus to Jews. Who can look into someone’s soul and discern their innermost motivations?

    You are on much firmer ground judging if particular statements or actions are antisemitic. We have all probably encountered thoughtless acts of antisemitism, which, when drawn to the perpetrator’s attention, see them retract when they realize what a terrible thing they have said.

    I have no reason to think that Mr. Trump goes to bed at night wondering what he can do to “get the Jews” tomorrow. At the same time, he has clearly used antisemitic tropes and has not walked them back. My guess is that he refuses to do so, not out of any deep seated hatred of Jews, but out of a lack of self reflection, arrogance and a black and white view of the world in which you are either his supporter or his enemy.

    Mr. Trump is a man of deeply flawed character who was catapulted into the most powerful position in the world. Perhaps he was placed there to be HaShem’s shaliach to do good things for the Jews. He would not have been the first person of low character to have been placed in such a position. As Jews, we should acknowledge the good he has done us without ignoring the negative things he has done to others. Perhaps his recent statements have been sent to remind us that the true source of the good thins that happen to us is from on High.

  36. חכמים הזהרו בדבריכם
    Most of those who supported President Trump, including his allies in the US Senate and House, always recognized that he is a very complex individual. They also realize that his manner of communication is not conventional. The USA, Israel, and the Orthodox community do owe him much appreciation for many things which he did.

  37. Trump is a dangerous anti-Semite.
    What he said in that interview should shake American Jewry to the core.
    If you still think Trump is good for the Jews, you have blinded yourself completely.
    What’s worse, if he gets in again, he clearly holds a dangerous grudge against the Jews for ‘not voting for him’ (can you imagine?!) and would be incredibly dangerous for the Jewish community and Israel.

  38. Can’t believe YWN printed this
    Trump a Jew hater??? Asinine. The man did more for Israel than the last ten presidents combined. He walked the walk and talked the talk. I don’t think he’s referring to the orthodox community loving Israel
    I think he’s referring to the vast majority of modern and non frum Jews. Many of those vote democrat.
    So you’re misconstruing his statement and using it to be an ingrate for all the good he ha accomplished. Yes there’s a lot of frum Jews who voted for him
    But we are vastly outnumbered by the ones who didn’t

  39. I agree completely with GH. As long as one agrees with his views, even being a white nationalist or other anti-Semite, is applauded by Trump because his NPD (narcissistic personal disorder) must be satisfied first no matter what the rest of his Jewish family thinks.

  40. This letter sounds like it came from a Modern Orthodox self-righteous tzadik. Starting with the OU and onward they were always present to take kavod at the White House and claim they are doing things for Klal Yisrael but wouldn’t utter a word to help Trump and attack him at every turn.

    The letter helps explain why so many hate us.

  41. Gadolhadorah, with your logic, does it make it a difference that Kamala’s husband is Jewish? Just checking to see if there’s a double standard.

  42. The part about liberal Jews not loving Israel is topic of many studies and it’s absolutely true. Most of them will put Jewish safety at the bottom of the list. Rush used to ponder this.
    The second part has bothered me as well. Not because of its untruth. Rather as usual his style of expression. It used to be absolutely unacceptable to not support Israel and now amongst democrats it’s not a given. The way it was said did tap into anti Semitic tropes but it’s clear to any neutral observer that he did not mean that in a hateful way.

  43. He’s talking about the unaffiliated Jews that have no connection to Israel. He meant controlling Congress with their votes not cash “Benjamins”. He has been the most Israel friendly President we ever had. He had a meeting with an all- Jewish fundraising event and showed much familiarity with that group. He is especially friendly with Orthodox Jews.

  44. The former president tends to speak in hyperbole. his thoughts often comes across as nonsense – but they usually contains elements of truth.

  45. The Israel Lobby dominates not just Congress, but state governments as well, anyone with eyes can see that. Same for the dual loyalty “canard”. You really expect you can do what ever you want and how dare anyone even notice? We are guests in this country.

  46. if someone is badmothing the heilige [medina htmeiah] doesnt become an antisemite if tlaib would have been president Rubashkin would not go out of prison end of story u better watch ur language

  47. He always spoke his mind. Unlike the sewer politicians like Schumer,Biden Obamanation. He is more pro Yid than any Satmar Rav. He has always been a pincushion. Keep sticking him and see what happens. Ignore the rhetoric he got the job done despite all those opposed to him.

  48. Why not? Because we share the same political views? If you agreed with leftist perspectives, would you also not condemn Tlaib and Omar?

    I don’t believe the author of this article is being truthful and the “argument” of “you only support them because they are Republican” is almost as common as the canard of “you only think this way because Hannity told you to” among left wingers/

    To answer the question the author is making. People like Tlaib and Omar have NEVER done anything for the Jewish world and ONLY expressed. Therefore no one would ever give them the benefit of the doubt if they made a questionable comment. People like Trump -hate them all you want- have done a lot for the frum world and Israel.(to refresh your memory- The Abraham Accords- the fact that Chamas didn’t start a single war with Israel while Trump was in the White House but as predicated rushed to do so after he left ETC.) Therefore equivocal comments of theirs are taken differently.

    To be clear . I’m no Trump fan. But even putting aside the hakoras hatov we owe him it is very wrong to start calling him an anti-Semite which will only send him in that direction.

  49. “Most of those who supported President Trump, including his allies in the US Senate and House, always recognized that he is a VERY COMPLEX INDIVIDUAL..”

    Don’t confuse “complexity” with a very simple and transparent case of what a first year psychiatric resident would immediately diagnose as ICD-10-CM F60.2 (also known as psychotic personality disorder whose essential feature is a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others through aggressive, antisocial behavior, without remorse or loyalty to anyone. Also characterized by stimulation derived from conflict with others, low frustration tolerance, inadequate conscience development, acute narcissism and rejection of authority and discipline.

  50. He’s a classic text book narcissist. Not an anti semite or even a real republican, it’s just all about whatever will stroke his ego. And woe to you if you insult him….

  51. In a June interview with Ami Magazine, Trump made similar comments, saying that if Jews loved Israel they would have voted for him, and in other interviews has called Jews who didn’t vote for him “disloyal.”

    Help me out with this one. What is anti-Semitic about this comment?

    I don’t think Biden is a racist even though he said a lot worse (If you don’t vote for me you aren’t black)

    Both Biden and Trump are jerks but the comments don’t indicate personal animus towards the groups being discussed. If anything the oppisite is the case. They are saying that I am so devoted to your causes that no one who cares about them can vote against me.


    TRUMP is 100% right on this one. LIBERAL JEWS HATE ISRAEL!!!!

    They may say otherwise, but they support the terrorist, they favor the Arabs over Jews, if NOT for them, NO ONE would’ve had the CHUTZPAH to suggest the phony OCCUPIED TERRITORY garbage… after all the wars and terrorist attacks by the Arab nations

    Unfortunately many Jews are sick (perhaps being in golus so long caused it, but unfortunately it’s the bitter truth)

    We have so much to thank Hashem for giving us TRUMP, he showed the world how PHONY the Palestinian threats were, and how PHONY the politicians are. He also freed Rubashkin and did many wonderful things. Had he not been BLOCKED by the EVIL CDC and FDA and their associates l, COVID WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER. Everyone would have gotten Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Zinc and other therapeutics…. And most people would have had strong natural immunity plus less people would have died from COVID or it’s “vaccine”

  53. It’s unbelievable, all the people above that are lambasting Trump—– Where is your Hakaras Hatov??? A Jew should not be a kafoi tov.period.

  54. How dare anyone of you talk bad about our fellow Yidden in what YOU think how they feel about the Israel. Shameful.

    One thing I do know is that Trump does not like the Jews, nor does he care about us. His loyalty is to the idolatrous Christians who are his base and he wants to appease them. Has nothing to do with Israel or us. Political expedience.

  55. “Had he not been BLOCKED by the EVIL CDC and FDA, COVID WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER…everyone would have gotten Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine Zinc and other therapeutics..”

    Fortunately for both America and klal Yisroel, the Ebeshter intervened and made sure the rants, raves and tweets of this idiot were blocked and the garbage he promoted stayed with him at the Mar a Lago landfill. Every other day we read of the petirah of another one of his chavrusah who relied on these unproven remedies in lieu of vaccinations which have been shown to reduce the likelihood of hospitalization, serious illness or death.

  56. From everything we have observed of President Trump in the highest office in this land, he is obviously NOT an anti-Semite. Freeing Rubashkin is but one obvious indicator of this.

    Abe Foxman (or some other similar “Jewish organization” head) also made the same comment that Jews (meaning Zionists) have tremendous power over Congress. While not directly related, note the immense boycott of Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever over their subsidiary merely deciding to not service the “territories” with something as silly as Ice Cream.

    Regarding the dual loyalty accusation, this one is trickier.

    Calling Israel “your country” is theoretically no different than calling Italy “your country” when talking to an Italian. It means the country from which you come or with which you “identify”.

    The problem is that Israel is not like Italy. Israel is not from where we come (at least not most of us) and Zionism and Israel are also anti-Jewish to their core and in their actions against Jews.

    But Zionists (the “religious” ones) are very proud to make Zionist idolatry, including a mitzva to love the Zionist State, identify with it (whatever that means), etc. into an essential and even overriding element of their faith. Many “Modern Orthodox” shuls have the Zionist flag in the sanctuary!

    None of that exists with Italy, et al. and, therefore, all that makes it very logical for a gentile to erroneously conclude that Israel is “your country”.

    Either way, it is absurd to use that as an attack against President Trump to consider him an anti-Semite.

  57. Sorry strongly disagree with the post. This article is like reading CNN mews about Trump!!

    Trump is not an Anti-Semite.

    Trump is trump and when he takes things very personal, and yes as everyone points out the liberal jews truly hate Israel.

    Very bad article. I think not one person got convinced here. The writer must of been desperate to smear Trump and now found an opportunity.

    Believe me when he runs in 2024 he’ll have ever a greater orthodox Jewish support.

  58. when his son-n-law came to the ohel of the rebbe before the election everything was fine now if he said that yy didnt like he is an antismitge shame on u

  59. The good news is that there will be many more orthodox Jewish voters as our ranks increase and from the reform secular Jews there will be less as they don’t marry much anymore and most are elderly. It’s just a fact. Trump will see many more votes from us real Jews and less of the secular voters come 2024. Time is on our side. Dump DemocRATs

  60. I don’t like Trump, never did, but I don’t see anything anti semitic with any of the things you referenced. Mostly even true which is unusual for Trump.

  61. This is what happens when you let secular sources dictate to you what is defined as “anti-Semitism”. The average frum Jew cares not about stereotypes that were “used by Jew-haters for decades to justify their antisemitism” but about results for the Jews. And under that benchmark, he is from the most friendly presidents to the Jews ever.

  62. Former President Trump’s comments have nothing to do with antisemitism. It has everything with him being a person with narcissistic tendencies. A narcissistic person expects everyone without exception to follow only his way from the beginning to the end. Trump’s personality has transformed him into a personage that demands total submission to his way of thinking, and anyone that disagrees with his way of thinking will feel his wrath. I am grateful that he felt a need to do good things for Israel and that he felt the need to free Rubashkin. I fully agree with the need for a strong border in the south and strict with China. But despite all of his accomplishments, he is not a role model in how he denigrates and verbally hurts people who dare to disagree with him. I do not understand people’s needs to build him into a cult figure. I know how politics can be fun to follow, and if one is astute, one can see the yad of Hashem in the political machinations that constantly take place. Still, why is there a need to lionize people like Trump? We have far enough role models in our Torah societies to adequately follow and revere. Let us hope Trump retires and let someone more balanced lead the Republican party. The divisiveness that comes from Trump’s selfish behavior is not a way we should desire. Let respect return to the USA, and may the crazy divisiveness because of Trump’s personality become a thing of the past.

  63. Don’t be fooled by this writer. I don’t believe a word he wrote. I certainly don’t believe that he ever voted for Trump, or that he has ever been a conservative.

    Based on some of the things he wrote I’m not even sure he’s really frum. For instance, he calls it antisemitic to say that Israel is our country; but it is our country, our only true home, and to say otherwise is apikorsus. America is *also* our country, but it’s only a temporary home; it is *forbidden* to regard it as our permanent home, and not have plans ever to move to Israel. So Trump was 100% right to say that Jews who don’t support Israel are disloyal. If this means we have a dual loyalty, so what? Those who say so are correct, and those of whom it’s not true are apikorsim and bad Jews.

    What Trump said was 100% right and not even slightly antisemitic.

  64. Very well said. The double standard regarding Trump is truly sickening.

    However, Trump is primarily an egotistical maniac. His main policy is his ego. If you are useful to his ego he will like you if not he won’t. That explains why he can barely condemn the antisemitism of his supporters but is loud and vocal regarding the antisemitism of his political opponents. It is all about what furthers his goals.

    Our community has been played by Trump for too long. It is nice to see people finally waking up to the danger and menace that this man truly is.

  65. We cannot wait for President Donald Trump to be back in the Oval Office from Noon 1/20/2025 thru Noon 1/20/2029, and we are definitely voting for President Donald Trump come 2024.
    Just in case anyone is still in doubt:- President Donald Trump definitely was duly reelected in 2020, and sleepy joe stole the election from a duly reelected president. Meanwhile President Donald is still my president, & I don’t recognize sleepy joe’s legitimacy.

  66. With all the respect. The Jewish community is an extremely paradoxical 1. On 1 hand we have the orthodox and observant community that is loyal to the United States as well as to Israel and is also a very strong proponent of prosperity and conservative values and the United States. On the other hand there is the liberal leftist secularist globalist community that wants to have nothing to do with Israel as well as with Judaism, and eschews traditional Jewish and American values. It’s hard for A person like trump to comprehend that because he is not from our community and he doesn’t understand the void created by not keeping Torah and Mitzvos. Just because he doesn’t understand it it does not make him antisemitic. Please.
    Let’s be real, we all know that we have allegiance to Israel as well as to America. But there is nothing wrong with that, Israel and America share very strong alliances and have many ideals and values in common. Why would dual alliance be a bad thing?
    The last thing you should be doing is calling Mr. Trump is an anti-semite, Particularly after the Herculean efforts he put for the state of Israel, rubashkin, Pollard, et al. Please consider removing this post. Pardon the typos.