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Wiretaps Reveal: Mumbai Terrorists Targeted Jewish Site To “Maximize Headlines”

Thirteen years after a horrifying terror attack at the Beis Chabad in Mumbai during which six Jews were brutally murdered, telephone wiretaps of the terrorists have been revealed in which they are heard specifically planning the attack on the Chabad house, The Jewish Chronicle reported.

According to the recordings, the terrorists specifically sought a Jewish site to attack as part of their plan to hit a number of different sectors in order to receive as much media attention as possible.

Israeli filmmaker Oren Rosenfeld was informed by Indian government sources about the recordings while shooting a documentary about the Jewish community in Mumbai.

“They’ve got recordings from the terrorists where they specifically mention the Chabad House as a target,” Rosenfeld told the JC. “When they crossed with the boat to Mumbai they knew where they were headed. That was one of the targets on the list.”

“They knew targeting Jews was going to make more headlines. The Jewish community in India and in Mumbai was never persecuted, the only reason anyone left was for financial opportunity or to go on aliyah.

“There’s a thriving community. It’s a great example of a country where Jews were never persecuted and in today’s world that’s really rare. It’s a city of 23 million people and it’s made out of many, many different religions and they all get along. The purpose of this attack was to shatter this harmony.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. The Indian authorities had recordings of the telephone conversations in which the terrorists mentioned at least one specific target IN ADVANCE of the attacks and failed to protect it? Is that monumental incompetence or am I missing something?

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